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  1. They really went to a place there!
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    This is such a left field thing. I love it purely for its bonkers concept and visual style. This is something LEGO would normally do and feels like a good fit for Nintendo.
  3. I'm apparently one of the rare people that loved Bioshock Infinite, because I am just a sucker for loopy twisty bendy stories and this game legitimately Blew My Mind ( in its later stages. BUT, if you're not feeling it due to a lack of more freedom, I don't think Infinite will ever deliver on that. For sure, there will be some cool fights in larger arenas with ziplines and stuff, but never to the point where either the original vision for the game is attained or you really feel like you're let loose on this world. Maybe only one area near the end. So, knowing that, just enjoy the crazy scenery and how this game unfolds like an excellent origami flower.
  4. Came across the Polygon interview as well and wanted to give it an idle thumbs up!
  5. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    New Mini Direct out, with the following things: - Dark Souls for Switch! We had guessed this one was coming of course. A Remastered version with all the add-ons and Artoriases. So if you feel like kindling and dying and gitting gud and praising the sun and jumping here while on the move, this is for you. - Luigi is coming to Odyssey! That's a welcome thing. Not really as a playable character though: there's a new kind-of-multiplayer mode called Balloon Fight, where you first hide a balloon in a level, and then another person can race to find it. And yoy can find other folks' balloons. - Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is coming to Switch. Now all we need is Captain Toad and Tokyo Mirage Sessions and there won't be a single good game left on the Wii U that isn't ported. - On that note, Hyrule Warriors is also coming. Which I think is a good move. I have seen Fire Emblem Warriors in action and it looks so dreary, graphically speaking. The humdrum engine they use for this series fares much better with the simpler and more colorful Zelda stylings. - Some add-ons for some existing games, hooray!
  6. anime

    Read it! I've come out at the other end of Endless Eight, and it was delightful through and through. Watching new episodes felt like wrapping myself in a warm, comfortable blanket: I knew what I was getting, I was interested in the minutiae and sure I'd enjoy it. At the start of the final episode I finally guessed how it would end, which was fun. This whole thing made me think about how pleasant it is to see something deeply familiar in structure, yet created slightly differently. It's the Teletubbies-effect. Repetition isn't just for babies, it appeals to us as well on some deep level. And in the deepest irony - looking at the historic people who desired 'new' episodes of Haruhi rather than the Endless Eight extravaganza: the following three episodes were new and very boring. An ill-conceived three- or even four-parter about filming a school movie. Man, this show is the worst sometimes. Whenever it tries to do slice of life, it's just utterly boring by the grace of the sf-stuff being so much more appealing. After Endless Eight, a regular old school life arc feels like a dud.
  7. Deponias

    I've played (and greatly enjoyed!) the first two, have yet to start the third [or fourth]. Deponia (1) was my introduction to Daedalic and the whole new renaissance of German point 'n click. I can't help but love it for it. As a tangent, I realized when I played it that my memory of adventure games strayed a little from the reality of adventure games. In my head, the [Lucasarts, Sierra] classics had always been like Daedalic's games: stuffed to the hilt with puzzles and interactivity. When I revisited a lot of them years later, to my surprise that wasn't the case most of the time. Screens would have a handful of observable points, maybe one or two items to pick up. My youthful imagination had filled in the rest. So it was a treat - or indulgence - to play Daedalic's fare, which tends to do exactly that: push the amount of puzzles and stuff per square centimeter to its breaking point. I loved it. It felt very true to Deponia especially, situated as it is on a garbage planet. Deponia 2 was more of the same, which isn't bad! Perhaps a little better paced (Deponia 1 had a lengthy early-middle section leading into a swift denouement). Where I enjoyed Deponia, I fell in love with The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav though. That bears mentioning. There was something extremely moving about that dark, wistful, German fairytale, where everything was just a little different from the usual polished fantasy setting. Its sequel, Memoria, had its moments, but didn't come close.
  8. anime

    Your Ides of March
  9. I don't think there's a Truman Show thing going on there. The robots, who are obsessed with flowers and gardening, have created a fertile oasis in what is clearly a snowy mountain region. It seems to me they've constructed a biodome to keep out the cold.
  10. anime

    Your post prompted me to look up some A.D. Police clips and my god. I had forgotten that this was indeed how (adult) anime looked in the late 80s and 90s. It is so utterly, completely different from how anime looks today! I had just coasted along with its development, but seeing this is a shock. It seems so alien. A nice thing: I've been asked to give a little lecture/speech kinda thingy before a screening of Your Name in January. Hey now!
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'd not gotten around to buying the Wii U boxed set of Steamworld Dig & Heist, and now I have no reason to! Looking forward to this, probably even more than playing Dig 2. (Though I should prolly play both anyway.)
  12. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    The post-game of this game is long, people! They add so many new moons to collect. One has me wondering if I'll be able to 100% it though, the
  13. GOTY of the Year

    It has a motorcycle that Link rides on now. GOTY forever.