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  1. Hiero!! You had ample opportunity there to see how much I sucked! I was basically powerless against any person regardless of their weapon. I got sloshed, splatted, inked, rolled, swiped, the full shebang. Variety is the best thing about Salmon Run! You never know where the next deposition point is going to be, you never know when the tide will be high or when it gets dark and the game is more about survival than collecting. It gets pretty terrifiying when you're confined to the ship part of that one map, and it's foggy and suddenly Steel Eel comes to murder you with its endless paint-raining body.
  2. Haha, yeah, that's an annoyance: no swapping gear in between matches without completely leaving the current team. That really messes with meta play and adapting to your enemies. Of course, you indeed don't know if you'll be teamed with or against your friend, which I don't completely mind though. It shakes things up. Of course I had a weird few matches yesterday where I hooked up with Hiero (maybe from here? I actually don't know!) and he was in a pool with level 30 Japanese masters. Insane battles. Maybe not very fun though. You really need to play with people your own skill, because getting steamrollered isn't much fun. I like that there's a steady map rotation thing, that makes it feel curated. Though I don't think it's good that Salmon Run isn't just always available. It's way too much fun to not be around half of the time.
  3. Yeah, I did that too with a friend of mine. It's a weird little system, but when someone in your list is playing, you can hook up with them without any communication going on and they'll just see you pop up in their next match. Hey, at least it's a very low-bar way of playing together.
  4. I believe I received it too! Yesterday I did tons and tons of Salmon Run, it's great. Those bosses are crazy. Especially Steel Eel (the showering snake-like boss) can rally demolish a team. I lost a lot of matches against him, especially when the playing field was confined to just the boat section of the level. Great stuff! Otherwise, I'm not a great battler yet, but the motion controls really click with me. I tried switching them off and found it just about impossible to play if I had to aim with the stick. Honestly. Right now I'm focused on gaining levels and upgrading my gear, though I've yet to understand the right path for it. Like, what's the optimum thing to do: unlock all the additional stats on gear and then scrubbing them to collect ability chunks? Do I invest in food and drinks from Crusty Sean (and I'm Sean Vanaman) for exp boosts or stat increase?
  5. Look, I forget his in-movie name. Don't give me grief on this or I'll fling you a Monsters Inc. line.
  6. Good point about the metaphor for millennials! Very apt, including the mildness that the babyboomer 'Spacey' shows at the end: stern but not unkind.
  7. I got it to-day, along with the Switch pro controller with the beautiful colors, and OMIGOSH IT'S SO MUCH FUN!! I was hyped for this, but even still I hadn't expected that playing rounds of Splatoon would be so attractive and addictive. Fresh from the start I got a few good kills [playing with other starters online], so it gave me a bit of a boost, and everything about the design is gorgeous. Did you see how hilariously the shops woosh by when you switch between them, and all the furniture bops and jiggles as if the stores are physically rushing along? God. I can see myself playing A LOT OF THIS.
  8. So far I've been using Discord for my online Mario Kart matches, but without headphones, so it's basically just shouting into a phone that's next to me on the sofa. It's not ideal, but vastly preferable to the Switch app, it seems. Mind you, it should be *relatively* easy for them to patch additional features onto the app, right? So it won't turn off if you switch apps or kill the screen? The voice thing is pretty awful, but so far the online experience has been great. Mario Kart is pretty smooth in putting together a party of friends, Arms features the superb party mode and I've just dipped into Splatoon 2 and it's been a breeze to go online there too (though I haven't tried playing with friends yet).
  9. I see broad recommendations for this show, which puzzles me after having seen the first episode. It was mediocre, poorly blocked and animated, and rather heavy-handed in its themes. Maybe it picks up after the inclusion of Belmont? I dunno, Dracula's story, though mildly fun for its cheesy romance, didn't grab me in the least. On the other hand, I went to see Baywatch yesterday, so my judgement is clearly shit.
  10. Baywatch: don't watch
  11. So that really was Ed Sheeran, huh? I mean, sure, if Sigur Ros gets in, why not Sheeran. We're heading in the least interesting part of the story now: the wrap-up where it has become increasingly clear some characters have started donning plot armor (COUGH JON SNOW) and we're actually doing the whole 'zombies versus dragons' thing that, while fun, promises to be so much less interesting than raggedy kings making a break for the throne. Even so, this episode was filled with fun stuff.
  12. It's really happening! Half-Life 3!
  13. Get LANDS OF LORE: THE THRONE OF CHAOS on the PC. Just find it, maybe it's on gog or whatever, and play it. It's good.
  14. I have no idea how well ARMS is selling, but everyone I foist it on when they come over has a blast. And then usually tells me they won't buy it full price. Which I understand! But it's a shame because it is just SO MUCH FUN.
  15. Most of the Arms playing I do is indeed local, whenever friends come over or with my partner. I can imagine that for Splatoon (2) it's way more essential to go online, since you need full teams to get the most out of the game. I'll be getting it, by the way.