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  1. Great Games You Can't Quite Get Into

    I'm sure I've had tons of these experiences, but nothing readily comes to mind. There are some genres that I just don't care for that much (brawlers, beat 'em ups, sports), where I understand something is quality but I simply don't like that gameplay. I think the biggest one of those is Smash Bros Ultimate. I enjoy playing it, but I will forever feel it's not really 'my' game, because I'm not good enough at it for any sort of real mastery. Hours in, I'm still just noodling away pressing buttons. I'll never get the hang of it, also because I won't invest enough time in it to git gud. As a result, I feel I'm only scratching the surface. Double feeling, since I do enjoy my time with it.
  2. Life

    These thumbs are idler than ever!
  3. Star Wars Episode 9

    It'll be fine. I'm incredibly surprised people are genuinely still upset about The Last Jedi. I'm at the same time very happy that they're taking a break for a while, but I bet it won't be long and there'll be another deluge of Star Wars content before long. Are we getting nostalic yet for the time when it took 20 years of waiting for another movie to come out?
  4. Star Wars Episode 9

    Those were definitely things that happened in this Star Wars teaser!
  5. anime

    As coincidence would have it, I just watched the premier ep of Sarazanmai. It was about what I expected coming hot off Yurikuma (which I loved, by the way, but as a caveat I'll state that it was also my first introduction to the creator - so what felt incredibly fresh to me might have been old hat to others). The same feeling permeated Sarazanmai: one that I was already familiar with all these elements. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely: the great animation, the surprising interludes, the swift scripting...
  6. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Rumors abound that there's gonna be a Direct somewhere this week, and with that hopefully the Metroid Prime Trilogy HD will be announced!
  7. Recently completed video games

    Three times in a row?! I'm surprised you had the appetite for it. Surely the third time through a sense of repetition sets in? Rare is the game that I want to play again right away, and even rare when I actually do it. Usually I opt to wait a few years for the experience to digest, so I can start it with a fresh sense of wonder. Haven't finished it yet, but probably nearing the end of Spider-Man for the PS4. It's a pretty neat game on all fronts, but there's a weird thing going on with it that though I see how insanely detailed and good it is, I simply cannot stop comparing it unfavorably to Arkham City/Knight. It's probably the best clone there has ever been, but the closer it gets to that level of perfection, the more it screams at me that it's the same thing, only slightly less all around. I'll certainly finish it, of course, it's quite enjoyable.
  8. Watched the trailer now (I also look at trailers), and it looks great! Good job, you guys, brillo.
  9. Hey, I look at screenshots! Insulted again, by Ben and Dan!
  10. Looking for TBS recommendations

    Listening to the 1994 retrospective by 3MA in their latest podcast, it struck me what a radically different gaming landscape we have now. RTSses were THE SHIT in the mid-90s. Unfathomable that they'd ever unceremoniously leave the scene. At the time, I thought TBS was so old-fashioned, but I've come around completely on this.
  11. Half-Life 3

    It's APRIL FOOLS DAY and the HALF-LIFE 3 topic is resurrected! This can only mean ONE thing: IT IS HAPPENING IT IS REAL AND IT'S COMING
  12. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I think it boils down to having more experience in games as a medium/art form. You understand the cues and signals better. You read situations and bosses better. You're able to put yourself in the head of the developer and understand what challenge they were trying to put you through. You see the big picture, connect the dots better. And I like that that's the case. It's not about physical skills, twitch-based skills, how many times you can click on a button per second. Instead, it's about experience and understanding.
  13. Ooooohhh, that;s precious! "Wax house, baby!"
  14. Once we get to 1995, 96 and 97, there had better be some adventure games in these podcasts! Broken Sword, Toonstruck, MI3...