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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    If you have ever been sucked into a true crime series like The Jinx or Making A Murderer, then the new Netflix comedy series American Vandal is definitely worth watching. Simultaneously a really sharp parody of the true crime genre, true crime culture, and high school culture and it passes the mockumentary sniff test of "Do I believe what I'm watching is a real artifact from the world it's depicting?" with flying colors. Very smart low-brow humor with some really good performances.
  2. mother!

    I thought mother!'s "great artist" narrative was childish and distasteful, the way it was tied into the ludicrous biblical structure eye-rolling, and Aronofsky's claims that the whole thing is supposed to be an environmental allegory laughable. Aronofsky seems to have an obsession with "perfect" art, characters reaching "perfection" and the idea that everything that happens in the wake of that quest (including, here, emotionally abusive relationships) is justified because it has to be that way for Great Art to emerge is gross. On the other hand, I think mother! is an absolute blast. You never know what's going to happen next, or what the shape or structure or reality of the film you're watching is going to end up being. I love being surprised in films and I thought I had a pretty good handle on it as a psychological thriller, but from the moment the wake slid into absolute irrationality I had a big dumb grin on my face all the way to the end, even at the end when things get violent because at that point suspension of disbelief goes right out the window. I seriously had to bite my lip to stop from laughing when If it had a script that wasn't dumb as dirt and all the same formal choices I would be over the moon about this, but as is it was just a really good time at the theater. It's basically a version of Son of Saul that I feel less guilty about enjoying because instead of turning the Holocaust into a roller coaster ride*, this turns the Bible into a roller coaster ride. This is like one of those Bible theme parks where they try to teach kids that humans walked with dinosaurs and one of those Bible haunted houses where they try to teach kids how scary Hell is all rolled into one. But what remains is definitely the childishness. Any way you slice it, seeing this in a packed multiplex is a real trip. It's this year's Antichrist. A movie that is fun to see with an audience reaction, a movie that is laudable for it's divisiveness and willingness to push the limits of good taste AND cinematic language, but one that I probably will never see again. *This is reductive and there is a depth to Son of Saul that mother! can't touch, but at the same time I definitely felt ambivalent about how "exciting" I found Son of Saul. Either way, they totally operate on the same cinematic principle of "sustained close-ups of character's faces as they run through perilous situations = intense and exciting experience.
  3. Mario Bava - Godfather of Italian Horror

    Then this thread was worth it! I'd also say Planet of the Vampires and Danger Diabolik are must-sees, the former being a very moody sci-fi horror that inspired Alien and that latter being a completely nuts pop-art comic book spy movie. Bay of Blood (AKA Twitch of the Death Nerve) is one of my all-time favorites but mostly because I love slasher films. It doesn't have the atmosphere or striking high-contrast shadows or gel-lighting of some of Bava's best work, but it is a very bleak black comedy with a bunch of fun slasher movie kills that were almost all ripped off in different Friday the 13th sequels. If you feel prepared to dive into a Bava hole forever, Tim Lucas wrote an irresponsibly large 1128 page book about his life and work called All The Colors of the Dark. The hardcover is hundreds of dollars, 12 pounds and almost impossibly unwieldly, but there is a digital version of the book that is only 30 dollars and is multimedia with trailers and videos.
  4. Filmmaking

    What do you want to learn?
  5. I threw on an episode of The Katering Show out of curiosity and oh my God it is so amazing I immediately watched 4 more.
  6. Strike

    Same! (Warning, scene of real animal slaughter)
  7. Jurassic World Evolution - Nick's 2018

    Already played it. Great music!
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Crazy! My partner just saw that last night. They loved it!
  9. Mario Bava - Godfather of Italian Horror

    My words fail me with Kill Baby Kill! It's a mindblowing rainbow nightmare that legitimately freaked me way out in a way I wasn't expecting. Creepy kid movie meets gothic witch movie meets hallucinatory color. I don't know where to begin but everyone should see it. The unfortunate thing about Kill Baby Kill is that a hate rock group has taken the title as it's name so now whenever I search it on the internet a bunch of nazi fuckheads pop up. Oh well. The movie is still amazing.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Well this is the only one that comes to mind but if you are in the mood for cheesy action, it's a classic.
  11. Yeah, the problem is that I find he's had less and less enthusiasm over the course of this year, and there's been more and more Jason who makes every game he's ever played sound like the same thing.
  12. Yeah, it's definitely not what I'm looking for. Also, I have listened to AN episode of it and the hosts kinda put me off, though that's not a judgment on their thing as much as a sign of how fickle I am when it comes to podcasts.
  13. I actually have listened to and wasn't that into Besties, but I had forgotten all about Polygon Show, which I listened to the first 2-3 episodes of and really did like a lot. It's not really what I'm looking for, I don't think (as you said, it doesn't have the breadth of coverage) but I'll probably give that another shot anyway. Thanks for reminding me!
  14. Sometimes I feel they play bad for show, because it's funnier that way. At this point I think I only listen to the Bombcast because I like staying abreast on the industry and it's the only podcast I know that cuts so wide a path between news and games they've been playing and emulation stuff and I like when Jeff talks about video game history. If someone can recommend another video game podcast that has the same approach but less of a tendency to reduce all games to "You upgrade your weapons, there's a skill tree. The shooting feels good. It feels tight. The netcode is ok." I'd check it out. Waypoint is good but more focused on a few topics per episode and I can't really get behind any of the episodes where Austin isn't there, which is disappointingly frequent (if understandable). And then Beastcast has Dan. The only other non-Thumbs video game podcast I've listened to is Crate and Crowbar, which had bad audio and seemed to focus exclusively on PC Games.
  15. Mario Bava - Godfather of Italian Horror

    Knives of the Avenger is a 1966 barbarian/fantasy film that Bava got assigned and shot in about a week. Barbarian movies have never been my thing, and this very low-budget small-scale story is no different. Maybe if there was more of a magic element other than an oracle/witch in the opening scenes. The rest of the film is just sword fights, grappling and a whole lot of knife throwing. Weirdly the trailer is in black and white, even though it's a color film. It's color choices are honestly the most interesting thing about it. Everything is orange! The eponymous Avenger has a bizarrely orange head of hair and it seems like every scene there's an orange fire or an orange sunset or an orange article of clothing.