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  1. My favorite part of that scene is the way he holds on the R in "motherfucker", so it's just "You motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Weird. Also, that clip probably doesn't do Deep Cover justice. Deep Cover is an amazing and smart movie about drugs. Blazing angry and intelligent blaxploitation from actor/director Bill Duke. It just also happens to be kinda trashy at points.
  2. I wanna follow a bunch of random teenagers on Twitter because I am super out of touch and wonder what youth culture is like these days. What is the best phrase to search on Twitter to guarantee finding a teenage Twitter user?
  3. Boo! This is not actually a bad episode but holy shit, The X-Files could have literally had a jump the shark moment during an actual water-skiing scene and I am kinda mad this doesn't exist.
  4. It's definitely the sort of movie James Spader made a dozen of in the 90's.
  5. Have any of the Thumbs seen Mr. Frost? It's kind of a trashy movie, but Goldblum plays the devil (or is he?) taunting a psychiatrist. Surprisingly buttoned down Goldblum, considering the role, but he's got a great intensity. I sometimes wonder what kind of career he would have had without Jurassic Park, how many more trashy low-rent thrillers we would have seen him in.
  6. Jake (on some podcast): Remember when people thought we were gonna do a Jurassic Park podcast? Crazy.
  7. Oh shit, really? That's awesome.
  8. CONTENT WARNING: rape, sexual assault A lot of people I know consider Elle to be one of, if not the, best movies of last year. They are smart and thoughtful people whose taste I trust. That said, I turned if off 40 minutes in because I found it completely fucking awful and offensive. I figured there was some sort of big reveal that would come and make sense of things, but the whole film acts as if a home invasion/violent rape has about the same emotional impact as, say, someone keying your car. The victim is totally unaffected by it, she tells her friends and they don't seem to concerned (one of them she has a relationship with corners her in her office trying to have sex with her and when she tells him she doesn't want to, she was just attacked, he shrugs it off like she's telling him she has a headache) and all in all I just thought it was gross and trying to be provocative for the sake of being provocative. Also Verhoven doesn't have a great track record with women and sexuality, and between the misogynist* Basic Instinct and his "wacky sex comedy where rape is played for laughs" in Turkish Delight I just don't have faith that Elle pulls it out in the final hour and change. I think it is supposed to be more a deconstruction of rape revenge movies than have anything to do with real life but I find even that choice to be repellent. *Again, some people consider Basic Instinct to be satirical and feminist, but I don't see it at all. ---- The Love Witch, on the other hand, is amazing. I wrote a long review here, but suffice to say if you have any affection whatsoever for 60's sexploitation, it's a must see.
  9. I'm surprised it took this long to hear what Jake thought of the Nintendo Switch. They talked about New Donk City when all that stuff was coming out but, unless I'm mistaken, the system hasn't actually been discussed at length on IT before this episode? Something I've waited a while for, it was worth it.
  10. Season 7 opener continues the nonsense. It's all summed up via Wikipedia's production notes on the episode: You know. That everyman Jesus.
  11. I get not wanting to collect CDs (100% agreed on cases feeling cheap and junky), but I think they are one of the best ways to discover albums now because the market for vinyl has driven up used record prices while used CDs are cheap and sound as good as they ever have. Also, the only decent speakers I own are connected to my TV, which is connected to a blu-ray player, so that's the only way I can listen to music not through bad laptop speakers or earbuds. *That is to say, albums by professional musicians, as I also just download a lot of whatever's new on the "lo-fi" tag on Bandcamp.
  12. I spent 10 minutes trying to remember what the hell this could be referencing before I remembered that there's a feed with ads. Nice glasses!
  13. Something that was said and unexamined that I was curious about is Chris's assertion that he'd "feel stupid" buying albums. Why? He clearly likes physical media to some extent (not just holding onto the Sony Walkman, but he's talked about buying blu-rays of Twin Peaks and Batman) and we're in an era now where record collecting is more popular and mainsteam than it's been in decades (I heard there's even an Idle Thumbs vinyl). I wonder what Chris's personal reason for feeling dumb buying albums is.
  14. Season Finale of Season 6, Biogenesis, is all my least favorite X-Files Mythology tropes rolled into one. Why is Mulder the only one affected by the SPACE RADIATION (tm) and why does Chris Carter love ponderous voiceover so so much? I've seen the show through season 7, but 6 is where I started to skip the mythology shows entirely.
  15. On a Julian Barnes kick, so I just finished his latest novel The Noise of Time, a historical fiction about the life of Russian Composer Dmitri Shostakovich, as explored through three time periods in his life where he was challenged by powers that be and how they wore hm down. Typically great writing and definitely in the contemplative style of The Sense of an Ending, with a little thematic overlap as well. Certainly bracing to read about the life of artists under fascism now. I don't know anything about the history of life under Stalin or even Shostakovich (despite the fact that he's one of the most famous composers of the 20th century, I never heard of him before) so I can't speak to it's accuracy (though there's an epilogue where Barnes lays out all his sources) but I'd highly recommend it if you like The Sense of an Ending.