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  1. Star Wars Episode 8

    We get it, Ben, you worked really hard on your Star Wars fan-edit. None of us said anything because we really thought it was better suited for the Plug Your Shit thread.
  2. AGDQ 2018

    Can't figure out how to add a run to your playlist (this is what I see): Unless you're offering to add any video we link to here, in which case:
  3. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    I read in an EGM that George Romero directed the commercial for Resident Evil 2 and I taped it off TV and watched it about 8 times in a row. I was so psyched about both Romero and that game. It wasn't until years later that I learned that he directed some Japanese-only commercials and the North American commercials were just hastily chopped together from that footage. And the NA counterpart: "THERE'S SOMETHING REALLY WRONG HERE." really creeped me out and I built this game into something so crazy in my head. Watching it again gives me real intense flashbacks to being 11 again.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Axiom Verge had terrible writing but it was really fun and stylish and one of the few Metroid style games I've ever been able to beat. I had to refer to a walkthrough a couple times when I was lost and traveling around every nook and cranny I'd already explored was getting tedious but for the most part I had fun retreading ground and collecting power-ups I missed. The weapons were really fun too. I mostly stuck with the short-range Kilver because a lot of the enemies were fast and I didn't want to time my projectiles but every once and a while I'd stumble upon an encounter that seemed impossible until I played around with my available weapons. I'm kind of interested going through again and trying to 100% it, see what I missed.
  5. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Cats Are Liquid is a platformer I bought on on a whim for a buck. It's very clearly made by someone teaching themselves a game engine (probably Unity but maybe Gamemaker or something else, I can't pick out engines that well) with bland amateur graphics (single colors and geometric shapes) a nonsense story that consists of text on the walls saying "The cat [that you play as] looked at this strange room and wondered how to get out." with little variation, over and over. However, there is a slew of movement options that feel a little wilder and looser than your average platformer and you can really get some insane momentum going on the early levels and whipping past whole rows of obstacles when it doesn't seem like you should is a lot of fun. However later levels are tighter and more demanding and when it becomes that game it starts feeling tedious. I think I got my money's worth from it, though.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I really didn't like Phantom Thread. It's an incredibly tedious movie with a boring great artist abusive to his muse plot, only to have a twist in the final 10 minutes that completely changes what it's about. Why PTA hides subtext necessary for most of the film to be at all interesting is beyond me. But I'm way in the minority on PTA and actually find him to often be a really bad screenwriter, so if you are a super-fan maybe you'll still like it. It seems to be getting a lot of really positive response. I think it's easily his worst film.
  7. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    I mean, this needs mentioning: Also:
  8. AGDQ 2018

    Tuned into the stream at random and caught the Mega Man X race, which was absolutely incredible. 3 competitors who all, at one point, are in the lead, with only about a 10 second spread all the way to the very end. Worth checking out the archive later.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Awesome, glad you liked it.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wouldn't call it one of Baumbach's best (it has basically the most boilerplate indie dramedy story imaginable) but it is still Baumbach and the first time I've liked an Adam Sandler performance.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I did not think this year was a strong year but I saw more new movies than any year previous, so I still saw more good movies than last year. 2015 and 2013 were amazing years, though. I think a big disconnect for me that happened this year is that 2017 was the worst year of my life, largely because of the cultural climate in America, and it felt like there weren't any films at all that actually addressed that. Obviously due to the nature of film production almost every 2017 film was in pre-production before Trump was elected but it still created a massive whiplash for me. Killing of a Sacred Deer was the only film I saw that felt it captured the feeling of living in 2017, even though it too was made before any of this and was almost certainly not a specific reaction to the cultural climate of America. That was a very cathartic film, I think I exorcised a lot of dark shit laughing my ass off.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I recorded a massive two-part 5-hour podcast about 2017 films with my friend and former podcast co-host Jim. In it we talked about our favorite films of the year. Part 1 Part 2 And my top films of the year were: 25. The Babysitter 24. Call Me By Your Name 23. Columbus 22. Snowflake 21. The Meyerowitz Stories 20. Mother! 19. Baby Driver 18. I Am Not Your Negro 17. Three Billboards 16. The Florida Project 15. Good Time 14. Blade Runner 2049 13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12. Lady Bird 11. My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea 10. Tragedy Girls 9. Dunkirk 8. The Square 7. Wormwood 6. Get Out 5. Personal Shopper 4. John Wick Chapter 2 3. The Crescent 2. Staying Vertical 1. Killing of a Sacred Deer
  13. Time for Another Pac-Man

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Nitro+ Blasterz Xrd HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is super satisfying but I have only played about an hour and I'm not sure what if any strategies I should be employing. The fun is that I'm flying by the seat of my pants (not unlike the original Pac-Man) but it feels like maybe there's more nuance to getting a high score than that, especially on the shorter time trials where the optimal route feels very obvious I'm not sure how I could do them faster.
  14. Star Wars Episode 8

    Apparently that iron joke was a true blue reference to Hardware Wars(?!?!?), which is maybe the purest distillation of Johnson's approach I can think of. Dude snuck a Hardware Wars reference into a real life main-line Star Wars movie.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have hearing loss and if I haven't seen a movie before I always opt for subtitles to be on, especially if there are other noises happening like the dishwasher going. However, if I'm familiar with a movie and know it well enough that making out every line of dialogue isn't necessary for me to follow the story I will turn them off because I do find them distracting to some extent. And Jennegatron is definitely correct about them ruining jokes in comedies.