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  1. I feel like such a jerk for being worried that Michael Cera was cast in this show, because that scene was amazing. So hilarious and just spot on for all those actors. Damn.
  2. Speaking of revealing stuff, the Showtime app is really bad with spoilers. I am rewatching old Twin Peaks episodes on the app, and before some of the episodes play, they run an add for Twin Peaks: The Return. That ad is usually just a shot of the Laura Palmer picture or of older Cooper, but occasionally the ad that runs has the a image of the season 2 BOB in the mirror with Cooper scene. Seems like a pretty huge spoiler to run in your ad for people watching season 1 and season 2.
  3. I'm having a really hard time keeping the episodes straight, haha.
  4. Baseless speculation on the teen horror sex scene! No spoilers for episode 3 and 4, but maybe a spoiler for episode 2? Edit: Both scenes with the glass box really terrified me. That was the most freaked out I've ever been watching an episode of Twin Peaks; from the second that box is introduced, you just know something awful is going to happen and I dreaded absolutely every second it was onscreen.
  5. Well episodes 3 and 4 certainly up the comedy. Cooper eating pancakes was one of the funniest and saddest things I've seen on Twin Peaks. His face when he drinks the coffee was pure joy/terror. It's a really impressive bit of acting.
  6. Might want to spoiler this stuff, I'm pretty sure a lot of it happens in the third and fourth episodes.
  7. We else noticed Jacques Renault in the background at the Bang Bang Bar and got super confused?
  8. I want that scene between Ben and Jerry (lol) to be only time we see the Horne brothers. It was so perfect and hilarious and I don't need to know anything else about what they're doing or what they've been up to. Seeing the two brothers together with a similar dynamic to their original show relationship, but with clear progression of their characters in the intervening 25 years, was a beautiful and comedic moment. These men have changed and grown up - at least Ben has - but they still have that old Horne brothers spark. It was such a human moment that was laced with a goofy pot joke. I loved it.
  9. Well, I'm pretty sold on it. The tone of the first episode was what I was expecting; a continuation of Fire Walk With Me. I'm sure that was off-putting to a few people, but I'm glad to see quite a few of the people I follow on Twitter were really into it. Also, thank goodness David Lynch and co were brave enough to really, really limit the nostalgia in the first episode. That restraint alone gives me hope for the rest of the season. Twin Peaks is showing all the TV and movies that ripped off it's supernatural, weird aesthetic how to actually do a weird vibe and I'm 100 percent here for it.
  10. Yeah, I suspect it'll either be Invitation to Love or nothing. This is one of the few revivals/sequels where I'm not too worried about the modern world creeping into dialogue. No one will talk about Uber or Twitter or Netflix. Someone may have a smart phone (hopefully not though) and that'll be the extent of it.
  11. I don't think we'll get Windom Earle, which is a shame. That character had potential and in some cases was used really well. In some other cases...not so much. But I imagine most of the "lore" in the second season will get dropped or only very, very indirectly referenced. My biggest question is whether or not Invitation to Love comes back. I kind of hope it doesn't; the soap opera has fallen so far from the place it had in the early 90s, it doesn't make as much sense for a TV show made now to have such an obvious reference to a form of television that is no longer relevant.
  12. I'm pretty hopeful for the show. I've seen a lot of people compare season 3 to the X-Files reboot but those shows are very different. The X-Files was Mulder and Scully (which is why the show flopped so badly when they tried to replace Mulder and Scully in season 9) and no reboot was ever going to recapture that former glory. As much as we think we want to see Mulder and Scully back at the FBI after decades away, there's something that's sad about these people doing essentially the same thing they were doing in the 90s, just now they look older. Twin Peaks won't have that same problem, because that show is a lot more than any one character. So the reboot nostalgia backfire shouldn't apply in this case. That said, maybe we're in for a Ridley Scott/Prometheus situation here.
  13. Am I more excited for Twin Peaks Season 3 or for new eps of Twin Peaks Rewatch coming back? (Probably the former, but I'm pretty pumped for the latter as well, let's be real)
  14. There's a line in the epilogue about how Gilead just borrowed ideas from other fascist/theocratic regimes and that nothing in Gilead was new. I wondered if that was Atwood commenting on how most of the tropes in here book were also borrowed from other dystopian novels.
  15. Maaaaaan. This was very good.