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  1. I guess, except we've never seen Mr. C assault anyone else. He clearly has sexual relationships with women, and his killing of Daria was sexually-charged in part because of how she was dressed, but so far his interactions with women have not screamed 'rapist.' The way Diane's scenes played out before and after meeting Cooper, it felt more like she went from being angry to being afraid once she spoke with Mr. C and saw how he clearly is missing something essentially human. It's not until after seeing him that she gets really upset, whereas if she'd been assaulted, you'd think she would have displayed more trepidation/fear beforehand. The way that scene played out, it made me feel that she'd never even met Mr. C and was referring to the last time she and the real Cooper met face-to-face, and was frightened when Mr. C couldn't remember that meeting.
  2. Wow, gotta say, I'm still not really picking up the assault subtext. Maybe I see it with Diane, but definitely not with Audrey. I probably will be proved wrong in the next few episodes, but here's hoping that I'm right.
  3. Maybe it's because Twin Peaks: The Return is not doing Westworld or even True Detective numbers, but I haven't really noticed any feverish speculating with this show. Sure, we've played an innocent guessing game of "is Albert looking for Diane?" but that stuff is fairly tame in comparison to the frenzy that surrounded these other shows. I suspect that if this show was more of a mainstream hit, we'd be seeing a lot more of that. But also, there's no way the show in its current form would ever become a main stream hit, so there's no reason for it to become part of the Internet speculation machine.
  4. Ahhh, they're close enough, although the FWWM man's beard is obviously a lot longer. Also, someone on twitter pointed out that Laura gives her diary to Harold before she has the dream about Annie. Does anyone remember if that's true or not?
  5. Creepy hobo is up there with the monster behind the diner from Mulholland Drive. Both are so viscerally scary. Does anyone else think he might be the long bearded man from this scene of Fire Walk With Me? (sorry for low quality)
  6. It was the song playing when his first victim was introduced in the previous episode. And then it played again when he killed her.
  7. DIANE!!!!!!! Gotta say, it's really nice to hear Albert say "fuck."
  8. Did anyone take it to literally mean that the bar creep actually raped that girl? I assumed not, but the way some people are referring to that scene makes it sound like we're meant to believe that her and her friend's inability to do anything kept going even after the scene cut.
  9. Interesting! Seems that Mr. C also has powers of prediction, but I initially attributed that to BOB's influence. Maybe it's BOB taking advantage of something in Cooper though.
  10. Was he empathizing? I read that scene as a part of the real Cooper realizing what it means to have missed the past 25 years of his life. It was truly heartbreaking.
  11. Jacoby scene is the new Invitation to Love. Makes total sense that the paranoid Youtube ravings of an aging baby boomer would become the new show everyone in town watches. Amazing. I'm so on edge for real Cooper returning. It makes me actively nervous while watching the show, which is why I'm so glad they exploded that Chekov's car bomb sooner rather than later.
  12. Let's start the discussion on our June book, A Sight for Sore Eyes by Ruth Rendell.
  13. Diane would be a good person to help Cooper remember himself though... What if they made a big deal out of casting Laura Dern and then it turns out we never see her? Maybe we'll only get her voice as Diane on the other end of a recorder. Would people be annoyed if the woman who Albert/Gordon are looking for turns out to be a completely new character? It has to be someone who was significant to the real Cooper 25 years ago, so presumably she'd be a none character. And since Albert and Cole know her, it makes sense that she'd be tied to the FBI. Guys, I really want a new episode
  14. I'm the dumb one who posted that Laura Dern comment minutes before it was mentioned on the podcast.
  15. Does anyone think that Laura Dern is going to play Diane?