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  1. anime

    I'm not saying that anyone has to like it for any reason at all, but I am saying that describing it as "rote shounen battles-and-friendship" is incredibly reductive, especially in part 4, where the "battles" become more about outwitting each other with clever solutions than they do who's more powerful. Especially the last "fight", holy goddamn. That's also true in part 3, but less frequently. The Dio fight is pretty incredible, but it is just "who's stronger". There's a decent amount of stuff up to that point, though, that isn't like that.
  2. anime

    This is only true on the most reductive sense in Diamond is Unbreakable.
  3. anime

    Phantom Blood is rough, but short. Battle Tendency is great. Stardust Crusaders is mostly good. Diamond is Unbreakable is fucking fantastic. It's a macho man show about macho men doing more and more ridiculous things. (Sometimes women partake, but usually they don't. At least so far. I hear Araki gets better and better at not treating his lady characters like shit. Part 4 has a good... if weird one. Sorta. I like her, anyway.) They introduce something called Stands in part 3, which change up the show a lot. At first I was against it, but man they get creative with how they work. ESPECIALLY in part 4, where the main dude's power is that he can repair anything by punching it with his stand. Leads to a lot of creative solutions to problems. And he has probably one of the LEAST interesting powers. My main man Koichi has the power of words. Quite literally. Does it get better? That entirely depends on your perspective. Part 1 is, as I said, rough. But it doesn't stop being about ridiculous dramatic poses and ridiculously over the top situations. It does stop being so gross (mostly), even with Dio, who becomes one of the better villains in a show like this. He comes back in part 3 and is pretty incredible, in no small part thanks to a very specific single moment, which is executed PERFECTLY in the anime.. Each part introduces a brand new cast of main characters. So if it's the characters that bother you, that might change. They do recycle some, but none from the first part, besides Dio, who, as I said above, is great after part 1. Watch more. :smug:
  4. Painting tabletop miniatures

    Ooookay I've finally finished painting my Extreme Dire Troll Mauler, which I started literally months ago, before I broke my leg and had to go to the hospital and recovered enough to start working again. PHEW. It's pretty harshly colored, but that's kinda what I was going for and I think it's okay? Part I'm least happy about is maybe the orange... protrusions. Whatever they're called. Trollbloods are weird. Anyway it looks more messy than I was hoping for. But it's not the worst thing I've done!
  5. anime

    Made in the Abyss starts or as one thing and becomes another and that change was shocking at first but I loved it in the end. Bad but actually good lady sucks so much, though. Unrelated: I really like this interview with the director for Land of the Lustrous. It's confirmed a lot of things I'm feeling about the show, and also put a lot of things in a new light. I'm very excited to continue watching it. Side note: anyone more familiar with Japanese than I know how they emphasis nonbinary gender in Japanese?
  6. when talking about wario on the latest episode and how wario is greedy: dan: "there's nothing wrong with greed" vinny: "ttthat's an interesting statement..." dan, clarifying: "wario likes money, i like money, everyone likes money!" jesus christ
  7. I would absolutely buy a single alternative JoyCon with a traditional D-pad. I have absolutely no interest in buying a pro controller, as it destroys my favorite thing about the JoyCons, which is two separate pieces. IMO it's the greatest thing Nintendo's ever achieved.
  8. Real talk Sunshine is a fucking great game and although the cave levels are garbage and the camera is pretty... subpar FLUDD contains exciting and unique mobility mechanics and anyone who shit talks Sunshine GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DONT @ ME I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR ODYSSEY TOMORROW HOLY SHIT
  9. Yeah I don't have or want one, so I'm out of luck. Was hoping it'd come out on PC. Alas.
  10. Nuts & Bolts WAS great and it's still a huge shame how much shit it got. I'd buy it again. Never did finish it. Got rid of my 360 before I could. But also good luck with that haha.
  11. There is no backward compatability. Nintendo does rereleases/remasters all the time, but nobody knows how likely it is Galaxy would be one of them. Virtual Console is a thing that doesn't exist yet but will probably(?) roll out next year with their full online service. Whatever that entails. Sales happen, but they're not one dollar for twenty game sales like Steam.
  12. They already have a season pass for Rabbids, so there's gonna be dlc. Death squares is pretty good but will have you yelling at your friends!!! NO DO THIS NO DO THAT
  13. anime

    grumble grumble no one watching concrete revolutio grumble grumble grumble grumble gorm always pestering me to write more in this thread grumble grumble i just finished space battleship yamato 2199, here's some random thoughts i wrote down in evernote just now (bolded stuff is the most important - one being my biggest complaint (sort of), and the other being my biggest anti-complaint (not sort of, absolutely, 100%, best thing ever)): my fav episode is the one with the gamilan robot and analyzer becoming friends and then the newly named "alter" being killed by analyzer at the very end because he's gone what amounts to dangerously insane and since he's a robot it's okay to kill him. ): i'm a HUGE sucker for ai being people and this was executed very strongly i think. and then they never did anything with it again! why! hell, even analyzer barely shows up from that point on, except as a drinking buddy for drunk doctor. i wonder if it was like this in the original series. like maybe it was more throwaway, and they made it better here, and then because they were trying to stay faithful to the original material, they never touched on it again. i don't understand norran's motivations by the end. he kidnaps mori because they think she's the iscandarian. okay, fine. he's loyal to gamilas. okay, fine. he takes her to gamilas and then is assigned as her protection and whatever. then she's nice to him so he... saves her? i guess? it's weird, i don't buy it all. yamato ship damage should've/could've been permanent. like battle scars i mean. how they gonna repaint the ship even if they repair. they used a 3d model so it should've been easy to just keep adding scars. bit of a bummer, but oh well. the female uniforms are awful. truly awful. the iscandarian robots are goofy as hell! that walk cycle!! there is a literal goddamn space submarine that dives into subspace and has a periscope that pokes out of subspace and fires torpedoes out of subspace. INCREDIBLE. series should've been one or two episodes shorter... like why did we need to see goer's rebel fleet wiped out? why did we need to see desler survive yet another obvious and unavoidable death? is he dead for real this time?! just feels like they stretched it out for some reason. which, i am told, this is an ova so they had however any episodes they wanted and didn't need to do 26. i dunno weirdddddddd. and then we got ghost older kodai, whose soul is i guess in the cosmo reverser. thinking about it more, the last episode was real good so i'll accept what happened. overall, though i fucking loved it. to be honest, i'd even say it fits comfortably alongside a lot of my favorite western sci-fi series. much of the same tropes and plot patterns. i mean that very positively, too. but i'm a unique butterfly when it comes to sci-fi tastes, maybe, probably not actually, but whatever.