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-- Updated for 2014 --


Another Thumbs PAX panel means another poster! 




It's the one i'm proudest of, so it was great to see such a positive response at the panel. If you'd like to check out a hi-res, uncompressed version just use the download link below.


It's also the most complex of the three, and if you're interested in photo manipulation you'd probably find the PSD worth exploring. The Big Dog and Gramophone are smart objects, just double-click on the thumbnail for the layer to open up the full file.


2014 Download Links - JPG or PSD

-- Original Post --


In 2010 Idle Thumbs did a panel at PAX which at the time looked like it was going to be the last cast, possibly, forever.
To commemorate the occasion I decided to create a poster that I could print and give to them. Something I could get signed too. That poster looked a little something like this;


On finding out that we were going to get another panel this year I decided I would create another one. A small token of thanks for getting the gang back together, and something I could give out to people at the panel who liked it...

...and then I completely forgot to take the PSD off my desktop and with me to Seattle. Hooray for me!

So I'm now posting it here instead. While it's not quite the same as being handed an actual printed copy there's a link to the PSD down below so if you like what you see you can print it off yourself.


If you would like large versions of either of these posters then grab them here;
2010 - JPG or PSD
2012 - JPG or PSD

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Excellent work! :tup:

Last week I started sketching an Art Deco poster which somehow ended up Thumbs themed. Now that I have mentioned it here, there is at least some chance that I will finish it one day.

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I had no idea that posters were made for the live shows. Man, that typography. And that phaedrus bigdog. And that puffin wizard. These are incredible. Like, seriously top notch.


Edit: I just realised that the bigdog sitting by the phonograph is a reference to His Master's Voice. Top notch indeed.


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You're from the UK, HMV should be burnt into your brain!




Yeah, it should be! But for some reason it took me a while to get the connection.


Maybe it's because through hearing it so commonly, the name BigDog has for me become completely divorced from its component words and now just its own thing entirely. I no longer hear dog at all when I hear BigDog, so making the connection took an extra mental leap.  Isn't that weird? I guess the same thing happens with the word watchdogs.

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Fact whose fun-ness is in a state of quantum uncertainty: The dog that was the model for the original His Master's Voice painting came from Kingston upon Thames, which is just down the road from me and is where I do the majority of my cinema-visiting. Also a bunch of kings were crowned there like a thousand years ago (no hyperbole). It also has a completely nondescript stone.

Anyway, ace posters. The latest one is brilliant.

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Coronation Stone, the short lived spin off about the unusual pets of the residents of Coronation Street.



Posters are ace.

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