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  1. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    Nice, thanks for setting this up Dinosaursssssss. Looking forward to seeing folks.
  2. PAX Posters

    Added the 2014 poster to the original post. Enjoy!
  3. I was never allied with V Games, at the point we were fighting I was trying to convince Bargo and Colossus to come and fight you as well. It was fairly obvious early in I wasn't going to be in contention for the late game so I just did what I could to take out a few of your ships. Turns out I get annoyed when people quote Moby Dick at me. Also you still owe me $30.
  4. Game Three - An Idle Galaxy
  5. Game Three Update We're at 7/8 players. If you're the one we're waiting for and you haven't recieved a PM with the game info let me know, otherwise i'll be opening this up to other forum members at this time tomorrow.
  6. I don't believe so unfortunately, I think it just begins when the final person joins. I can see the option to force start, but that would either then close the game to just the current players, or leave anyone that joins late at a disadvantage. Edit: You can set up your first moves and spend money now though to make sure everything starts right away when the game begins.
  7. Game Three I decided it was easiest just to set this up myself. So i'll be PM'ing everyone a link to the game, the password and a google spreadsheet with names to pick from. Just put an X next to the name you pick so other people can see it's taken. I'll give it a couple of days for everyone to join, otherwise i'll open it up to other forum members.
  8. Okay, so third game is; 1. illeria 2. cleinhun 3. niyeaux 4. chajusong 5. Ross 6. Codicier 7. rm5 8. BenLuke Can someone else act as our intermediary? I'll get Premium today and then give that person the password to send out along with names. If people want to PM me possible names today i'll submit a name pool that this person can pick from.
  9. I don't mind getting Premium if we make it to 8 people and no one else has it.
  10. I'd like to get myself added to the list if possible.
  11. Wanted to commemorate 100 episodes, so I pulled all the episode art into a poster. Congrats guys. Medium (for screens) | Huge (for printing)
  12. PAX Posters

    -- Updated for 2014 -- Another Thumbs PAX panel means another poster! It's the one i'm proudest of, so it was great to see such a positive response at the panel. If you'd like to check out a hi-res, uncompressed version just use the download link below. It's also the most complex of the three, and if you're interested in photo manipulation you'd probably find the PSD worth exploring. The Big Dog and Gramophone are smart objects, just double-click on the thumbnail for the layer to open up the full file. 2014 Download Links - JPG or PSD -- Original Post -- In 2010 Idle Thumbs did a panel at PAX which at the time looked like it was going to be the last cast, possibly, forever. To commemorate the occasion I decided to create a poster that I could print and give to them. Something I could get signed too. That poster looked a little something like this; On finding out that we were going to get another panel this year I decided I would create another one. A small token of thanks for getting the gang back together, and something I could give out to people at the panel who liked it... ...and then I completely forgot to take the PSD off my desktop and with me to Seattle. Hooray for me! So I'm now posting it here instead. While it's not quite the same as being handed an actual printed copy there's a link to the PSD down below so if you like what you see you can print it off yourself. If you would like large versions of either of these posters then grab them here; 2010 - JPG or PSD 2012 - JPG or PSD
  13. Thirty Flights of Loving

    I created a few Steam banners, if anyone wants to use them. A few alternates;
  14. Woah now, let's not be too hasty with that strikethrough! Is the ruinationcast going to take place between now and the 18th, or are you holding off on it until the site launches? Because you should totally do it this Saturday. For reals. So happy you guys are coming to PAX. I actually asked if you were going to make it as part of my runitation question, so it's super nice to have it confirmed now.
  15. Hey Chris/Jake/Sean, is there a deadline for when you need the Backer Survey filled in by? I'm in the $200 tier and am still trying to figure out what topic/question I should write in with. Ideally i'd like to wait till after E3 is done and the dust has settled to see if anything worth discussing came out of it that you might not normally cover.