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  1. Road Trip Recommendations

    Kyuss on repeat. If I was driving alone, I would probably queue up podcasts or audiobooks. On a roadtrip I would probably want people to take turns in choosing albums to play.
  2. Oh wow.. Things certainly gathered speed in this episode. I really hope that the glove guy gets to save the day with his super fist. I love how ridiculous that whole thing is. I have really liked the Sarah Palmer stuff so far, but I wish they had handled the "reveal" differently. For me, she became much less terrifying now that the mask is off (and unfortunately not just because the visual effect is so goofy). In the same vein, I could have done without the woman with no eyes being a thing the cops find. On the other hand, I loved how ominous things got when one of the women at the Roadhouse asked the name of the other woman's mother, and she replied "Tina". As far as the audience is aware, that name shouldn't mean anything, except that Audrey is not talking complete nonsense, right?
  3. Fantastic episode!
  4. Forum theme woes

    Yeah, fonts look normal on my PC in Chrome, Firefox and IE.
  5. Wet Hot American Summer

    I watched the first season because it was colorful and mildly amusing and I was hoping for it to get funnier but it never did. I had forgotten about the last part already when the new season aired and watched three or so episodes in a row. I guess I just don't like this series. I'm not entirely sure why this is, because on paper it sounds pretty fun. One aspect might be that it tries so hard to be "bad" and it feels artificial to me. I can't explain it very well. I don't remember much about the movie, but I recall liking it a lot more.
  6. Finally, a performance worthy of the Roadhouse! Fantastic. The timeline weirdness was definitely quite clear in this episode: Dougie's night vs. playing with son, Bobby's day, Sarah Palmer buying Smirnoff but drinking Vodka brand vodka (which, I admit, could be explained any number of ways*). At first I was almost certain that those were just mistakes caused by the way the show was shot and cut, but on the other hand they seem quite crude. Even if this was intentional, it is hard to know if the scenes are just shown in the wrong order, or if there is really some funny stuff going, as with e.g. the looping video and whatever Sonny Jim has going on in some of the scenes. We'll see, hopefully. Audrey's scenes definitely have a nightmarish quality. I also totally didn't realize that they were talking about that kind of gym set earlier. * E.g., by her leaving her groceries at the store. Whoops.
  7. Tacoma from Fullbright

    Oh! Totally missed that.
  8. Tacoma from Fullbright

    I liked the experience quite a bit. Playing and rewinding video logs is a surprisingly fun mechanic. I wasn't as absorbed by the story as with Gone Home, but it was still good. I felt that this game was the exact right length too. What was that? I might have missed it.
  9. Yeah, the name and the teaser seems to imply something like that. That might be really cool as well, because roleplaying as specific characters would create a selfishness vs cooperation situation that is not really present in the game if you are playing on your own.
  10. Ooh, ooh! I wonder what this is about. EDIT: Seems to be XCOM: Enemy Within playthrough. This could be really cool!
  11. My attention may have drifted every now and then during both the Twin Peaks and podcast episodes, but when Chris and Jake said that the show was being coy when Ben Horne asked about "the boy's parents", did you mean that they were trying to avoid saying anything about Richard's parents? Because I thought Ben and the sheriff were talking about the dead kid's parents whose names and whereabouts seem relatively unimportant. Maybe I missed something. Also, this is related to the previous episode, but I think you will find that what one of the Mitchum brothers ripped from the other's forehead was actually a band-aid, and not a scar. David Lynch actually tells a very interesting story from his childhood in the DVD extras of one of his movies where his brother gets mildly injured while they are playing outside, but then a stranger offers him a band-aid, and days later when the band-aid is removed, the wound is healed.
  12. Wait, really? Where was this? I just read the book but can't remember this.
  13. The Secret History dossier was recovered 17 July 2016 and given to Agent Preston on 4 August 2016. Does any of the episodes reveal when the show takes place? Also, my initial thoughts were that the scene was constructed like that just for the benefit of the people who hadn't read the book.
  14. Diane: Ok.. let's see if I can remember the coordinates written on the dead woman's wrist. "Co.. or.. din.. ates... + 2". Nailed it! Sarah Palmer was genuinely scary again. Otherwise this episode was pretty dull, in my opinion, especially after previous week's episode.