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  1. Looking forward to extensive discussion on analog glitches on Windows surface laptop in the next podcast episode. Still feel like I should watch a couple more episodes before trying articulate my feelings towards the show. Scattered thoughts: - Very atmospheric, most of the time. - I'm wondering if this series will actually introduce someone to relate to or root for or whatever. So far everyone feels very distant which is the polar opposite of the original run. - I like that they let Amanita Design design the Arm. - I hope there will be a bit less Red Room bullshit in the following episodes. - I wish the song at the end had felt either more or much less fitting for the scene. I think I would enjoy the song on its own quite a bit, but in the context it felt like a slightly overproduced tribute to Twin Peaks bar music (which I guess it kinda is). This wasn't helped by the fact that the song is very synth heavy, but no one was playing one. Unfortunately, this didn't create that jarring sensation Lynch is so good at conjuring up. To me it felt like a fan video made by combining a song and a sort of fitting scene in a TV series.
  2. I have a feeling that I need to watch a couple of more episodes before it makes sense to comment on the series. I'll just say this: The first episode definitely got the oppressing atmosphere right, but I hope they will introduce more humor and warmth in the later episodes, because that was what really made the dark bits of the original run so effective.
  3. The final episode of Car Boys was pretty amazing: The latest episode of The Adventure Zone not so much, unfortunately. Well, Travis' speech was pretty good.
  4. Haha.. I went through the exact same thought process.
  5. Yeah, I hope that even though Jeff, Jason, and Ben all seem to love fighting games, they don't play them during every Unprofessional Friday. I rarely find watching other people play fighting games fun unless they play at a very high level or the game is totally crazy.
  6. Nice! Congratulations!
  7. Did Roman Mars tweet back at you when you voiced similar concerns after it was finally announced that The Bugle would be part of Radiotopia?
  8. Judging by the latest GBE Megadate, Abby seems to be a great fit for Giant Bomb East, so I hope she will get to be in more stuff.
  9. Yeah, Nick's story combined with Chris' menacing Hoist 'im voice had me looking like a crazy person while having a walk. Good stuff!
  10. I finally watched the Seeso series. I liked it a lot overall, although some of the bits were definitely a bit awkward. Not surprisingly, I prefer their spontaneous humor to the more scripted stuff. It would be interesting to know what people who haven't listened to the show thought about the TV series. I imagine that the transformation from geeky TV boys to these super confident, well-liked live show hosts in the last episode must have come as a surprise to some viewers at least.
  11. The NyQuil-induced dream the reader had bears many similarities to the recurring nightmare I had as a kid during high fever. I do not remember what my exact medication situation was, unfortunately, but it is highly likely that I was on some kind of cold medication. I posted my experiences on the forums some time ago related to the discussion on the Tetris-effect.
  12. This is one of those games that I think I couldn't actually play (at least alone) because I would find it too stressful, but love watching other people play it. The Giant Bomb Battlegrounds streams, for example, have been really fun so far. The setting creates really interesting tense moments ("The doors in that building are already open." or "Oh shit, did you hear that car?"), and fortunately the game doesn't dwell on the gross Battle Royale setting.
  13. Haha.. I haven't listened to the episode yet, but saw Gävle mentioned in the description and hoped that the show would reference the ridiculous Christmas goat thing.
  14. I watched a few more episodes of the new season. I'm still not super into the disjointed, one-line riffing, but at least I have gotten somewhat used to it. There are some nice observations I would have missed without the commentary, but overall I would still prefer a more organic feel even if it meant half the goofs.
  15. I have never owned a Mario Kart game and only played previous games in the series a couple of times, but I'm excited to get in on that crazy Luigi death stare action. I'm about done with Breath of the Wild too (well, the story and shrines anyway; I will probably still return to it quite often). The only thing that is holding me back a little bit is that I probably wouldn't be able to play local multiplayer that often. I imagine that playing with friends on the same couch is the best way to experience Mario Kart, but is the game still fun when played single player or online?