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  1. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I spent quite some time thinking which game to buy on Steam sale and play over the summer, but then I remembered that I had not finished Hitman and redownloaded it instead. I played through the main missions from Marrakesh to Hokkaido this week, and yes, this game is still fantastic. I love that it lets me experience the missions however I want to, that is, I can choose the hint level and save scum to my heart's content. This makes the game weirdly relaxing for me, since I can spent most of my time in disguise and things only get hectic for 15 s at a time. Based on the various gameplay videos I have watched, it seems that the game is relatively good about letting you recover after being spotted, but that is not the way I personally want to play, so I just load a save instead. Being able to walk from the scene of the crime with no one chasing or looking for you feels really good, something which surprisingly many games ignore in favor of ending the mission in an escape sequence. I'm excited to get into the bonus missions and the Patient Zero campaign. I'm usually not very interested in replaying levels in video games, but the challenge assassination's are so fun that I might replay the regular levels soon as well. I can't wait to play Hitman 2. It sounds like it will be nonepisodic, which is nice for players that breeze through these games. Nevertheless, I still hope that they focus on larger playgrounds and do not add any unnecessary small/linear in-between missions (looking at you Hitman: Absolution).
  2. [Released] häx_processer

    Thank you very much for playing and streaming! Your training in data plotting has clearly paid off! It was really interesting and helpful to watch you play through the levels. For example, it confirmed my suspicion that the second to last level is pretty annoying: you get the correct shape by rotating by 45 degrees around both axis (in correct order) and enhancing by two, but if you can't guess the sequence or the values it can take really long. I was hoping to play more with 3D geometry, similar to the last level, but simply ran out of time and energy.
  3. SGDQ 2018

    Holy shit, Henke! That is awesome!
  4. [Released] häx_processer

    Thank you all! In case anyone tried to play the game on Mac or Linux and couldn't, I updated the game yesterday. Hopefully those work better now.
  5. [(Somewhat) Released] Build the Nublar Evolved

    Nice work with the prologue. Looking forward to playing the final product too!
  6. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    The controls feel really natural and the gameplay mechanics are pretty fun. Rings may not be the best way to visualize throwing arc when viewed from the first person perspective. That is a very minor complaint, though.
  7. [Released] Our Weird Monstrosity

    I love the simple paint-ish graphics and especially the vibrating outlines! The character editor works very nicely as well.
  8. [RELEASED] In Space

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses. I played with it a bit, and it seems that not all of my mouse clicks are registered. Is this intentional (e.g. some sort of cooldown for item placement) or a glitch.
  9. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I loved the beginning of the game - very cinematic! I like the small touches like the shaking UI as well.
  10. [Released] Buried Treasure

    I like the minimalistic visuals a lot and the ending was extremely good. I disabled the blur. I think it could be used to enhance the visuals somehow, but right now, it is a bit too much.
  11. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    I love the visual style and the music! The start screen was very clever as well*. I had some difficulties with the controls as well, but I think I will try this again some time with a gamepad. * I was definitely not about to report that the credits are cut by the edge of the screen
  12. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    I like the gameplay a lot! The art direction fits well with the game too. It took me a turn (of failing) to realize what I was supposed to do, but after that, the goal was clear enough. I also wished there was an undo button and a bit better indication of how my actions affect the board, but the game is very enjoyable as it is too.
  13. [Released] George Fan

    Perfectly paced!
  14. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    I watched a fair bit of Frasier when I was younger, and it was really interesting to see how much the randomly generated sentences resembled the characters despite often being complete nonsense. It really felt like the dozing in front of the TV while the show was on. The decision to mix things up a little after a while was a good one too. Overall, a hilarious concept and good execution!
  15. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    The concept is really clever and seems to work well too. I also think that this could make a nice mobile game once polished a bit. I too found it hard to make words that are longer than 3 or 4 letters, which is fine, but nailing those longer words just feels so satisfying. I don't know how to improve the situation, though, maybe some blank/joker letters or something.