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  1. The Fast and the Furious series

    Also, supposedly a millionaire after Fast 5, but somehow works under a small-time criminal ?
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Kerbal Space Program Making History expansion should be released very soon. How about Idle Thumbs community generated space challenges that Nick tries to beat?
  3. Bayonetta

    I beat this horny game! I think the difficulty was very nicely balanced throughout. I played on normal and only died a couple of time – once during the prologue (due to not knowing how I should fight big bosses) and once when fighting a regular enemy that somehow single-hit me into a baby (?). I got silver/gold from most of the chapters, but feel that I would have to put more effort in learning the fighting system if I was to go for platinum medals or beat the game on hard mode, which is something I'm not interested in but it is cool that it's there for those who are. Surprisingly, I ended up liking the boss fights with fast enemies the most. My least favorite were the ones where the monster was outside the play area or where you were floating in air, as I never quite figured out how I was supposed to approach these fights. I liked the sections where they varied the gameplay a bit and wished there had been more of those because running from combat arena to combat arena started to feel boring quite fast. In addition to some of the horrible looking and poorly paced cutscenes, my biggest disappointment with the game was that the setting, for the most part, was super dull. The prologue was quite exciting and I was hoping that the game would be taking place in "the real world" with angels and demons or whatever disrupting the normal course of things. Instead, I spent most of the time in really bland heaven-and-hell-themed locations. Similarly, the beginning of the game got me excited about all the wacky characters I would meet, but in the end the plot was nonsense (to me) and the characters I ended up spending the most time with were the least interesting. In any case, I feel quite positive about the game. Not enough to buy Bayonetta, because it sounds like it is rougher than the sequel both in terms of polish and difficulty, but enough to be looking forward to Bayonetta 3. I hope the setting will be more interesting, and they will not go budget on the cutscenes. By the way, Selene's Light is a complete waste of money. It gives a very short period of Witch Time and makes it much harder to gather magic points for special attacks. I could have spent that 100,000 to buy more of those crazy Nintendo costumes.
  4. That is like the various fake bomb detectors, which began their life as bullshit golf-ball-finding dowsing rods and ended up becoming much more harmful, but with current buzzwords.
  5. Inside

    I mean, a dozen Real Dolls melted together would be a perfect Inside collector's edition item.
  6. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Right. I end up skipping most of the battles in Total War campaigns by the end (partly because there are so many and partly because I prefer the turn-based stuff), but at least those games don't force me to watch the battles anyway.
  7. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I don't remember if that was available during early access, but that implementation sounds pretty weird.
  8. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Nicolas Jaar released a new, sample-heavy album under an alias A.A.L (Against All Logic). It is pretty dope! Music to wait the next The Avalanches album to. Presumably it will not take 16 years this time.
  9. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I bought Pit People on early access because I desperately needed to play a game like that at the time. I was playing Into the Breach when I noticed that the game finally got released. As I said on Slack, Pit People highlights really well how tight the gameplay of Into the Breach is, whereas Into the Breach highlights how wild and cool the art style of Pit People is. Even when I first played Pit People on early access, I found it strange and simply not fun that the enemies took so many turns to kill. Now that I'm way into Into the Breach, I doubt I will play the final game for a good long while. It does make me wish that Into the Breach was visually more interesting, though. Edit: Pit People has real-time auto-resolve for combat. Oh my..
  10. Good work Nick! Gotta love that commitment.
  11. I have played a total of less than 6 hour according to Steam with 6 attempts. I think the one where I played through all the islands and beat the game took a bit less than 2 hours. Nine hours sounds a bit long, but on the other hand, it is clearly working for you, since you beat the game!
  12. I'm really looking forward to hearing your comparison of the different versions. I have only played the PS4 remake, and I loved pretty much everything about the game apart from actually playing it. The final fight was 100% against the camera and janky-ass camera-relative moving controls and not the actual boss itself.
  13. Bayonetta

    I've been slowly playing through Bayonetta 2, basically one chapter a day after work. I just fought my second white-robe dude (end of chapter 7, I think), and I had a lot of fun dodging and attacking. I'm still not, dodge offsetting much, but even so, I have done quite well, i.e. have not died since the very beginning and do not have to rely on lollipops too much (still use the healing ones occasionally though). I did not expect my biggest gripe with the game to be the quality of the comic style cutscenes. I don't mind the use of (basically) still images, but I don't understand why they have to look so bad when during gameplay things are so much sharper. Also, even simple conversations drag a lot, which feels a bit jarring considering how fast-paced the action is.
  14. I played two games on Easy on Blitzkrieg Squad, and beat the game with 2 and 4 corporate islands completed. Although, easy is quite easy overall, one still gets in interesting situations with the enemies. Like osmosisch, I wasn't very efficient with the pull tank, and at first, I mainly used it to block emerging enemies or to continue the circuit for chain lightning strikes. However, when I bought the cannon that shoots in two directions and upgraded it to do 2 damage, I was basically unstoppable. I have unlocked Rusting Hulks and Blitzkrieg squad so far and wonder what I should go for next. I have 3 coins so far, so I could just go for Zenith Guard immediately or wait a bit and unlock one of the other ones. Looking at some of the achievements, I'm not sure if I will be able to unlock every squad without having to go for some of the annoying challenges (e.g., "Finish the first 2 Corporate Islands in under 30 minutes." Ugggh..), so I would like to unlock ones I that I find interesting first. While the combat does not have much randomness (apart from enemy spawns), I still feel that a good run on Normal requires quite a bit of luck. With Blitzkrieg Squad, for example, things become much easier once you get a couple of power cores and are able to upgrade your Lightning Mech to chain through buildings without them taking damage and increase the damage 3. I think I will keep playing on Easy for a bit more to unlock and familiarize myself with the different squads, and then switch back to Normal. Not sure how much I want to grind to get a perfect run, though. I like this game a lot more than most games with roguelike progression mechanics. However, I would still love to see a campaign mode with permanent progression (in terms of abilities or maybe even squads), with handcrafted challenges.
  15. I played four rounds (I think) on Normal, yesterday. In the first two, I died before and during the boss fight of the first island. After that, I got a couple of missions in on the second island. Finally, I started on the second island, completed it, and then died on the boss of the first island. I unlocked Rusting Hulks (which got me the furthest), and Blitzkrieg (which I'm yet to try). I think I will switch to easy next and focus on unlocking more squads and familiarizing myself with the different units. I'm not a fan of roguelike progression mechanics, but the turn-based puzzle combat gameplay is right up my alley, so I will probably spend a lot of time with this game. I love how little randomness there is in the game. I was also positively surprised how different the various squads were. Too bad that many of the squad and overall achievements seem like they could become pretty frustrating once you are actually aiming to get more coins, and not just unlocking the easy ones accidentally. I also think the art style could have been more interesting considering the mech theme, but that is a really minor complaint. As I said, I love the gameplay, and it has already infiltrated my dreams.