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  1. Cairne Bloodhoof? He's awesome, two Chillwind Yetis for the price of one! Take heart young ones
  2. The thing is that the original Warcraft series characters are pretty derivative. They all pretty much fit into the tropes established by D&D and fleshed out by pulp novels and Warhammer and so on. Sure, once you make a thing and trademark it you can do what you want with that specific character, but it's not like they came up with the world's most amazing characters.
  3. Anyone Remember?

    That's it
  4. Anyone Remember?

    Ok I just made a shitpost that reminded me of something interesting, does anyone remember the discussion where they talk about domain names? Like the domain name registry being opened up to a bunch of random crap instead of just the .com etc. Or it might have been one of their discussions about hover or something, I forget. Also the episode where they talk about a bunch of old DOS functions to get old games to run, that was pretty amusing.
  5. Who Registered
  6. Dota Today 10: Dunkin' Bro-nuts

    Ability Draft seems like it should be a good laugh, but it totally isn't. There's always some guy who picks the most broken combination of skills and is like a 1000 range dragon form Mirana with blink and crit stun or something and it's just stupid. Meanwhile via sod's law your team is picking 4 passives each and doing nothing. Also why can't you team chat during the draft phase? It seems like some communication would be nice so your teammate doesn't steal the skill you wanted etc.
  7. Video Game mechanics to retire

    The thing with the regenerating health is so stupid. I think Halo was the first game to do it, but it made sense because he literally had a shield that absorbed a certain amount of damage which then had to regenerate before going back into battle. It also had health underneath that which you had to get medpacks for, in Halo 2 I think they dropped that and just had the shield. And then one of the Call of Duty games came along (Modern Warfare 2?) and lifted that mechanic straight out and pasted it into their game, except it made zero fucking sense. I guess it's a cute little mechanic for a fast paced shooter, whatever, but it's still fucking retarded. I hate that stupid series.
  8. Chris you haven't read/watched Game of Thrones? Huwhaaa? You really should. Borrow season one off a friend and just dive in from the start, i'm pretty sure it's impossible not to be hooked. It's easily one of the best shows on tv at the moment, especially if you like a bit of fantasy and power-games between great characters. Maybe you have some esoteric reason as to why you haven't seen it yet, but I think you should just forget that and watch it.
  9. Anyone Remember?

    I used to work in a camera shop and had this co-worker who would always do that whenever i'd try and talk about games. He'd be like "do you get to beat the boss? Did you beat the boss yet? It must be a good game if you can beat the boss." Was so annoying.
  10. Double Fine - Kickstarter - MASSIVE CHALICE

    I'm kind of over Kickstarter as a thing since it's become obvious they'll allow any project on there since they get a cut of it. That Susan Wilson thing with her 9 year old making a game from RPG maker, and this ridiculous second kickstarter by PA I pledged to like 3 or 4 games in that initial excitement rush a few months ago and i'd kind of rather just wait for them to be delivered than give more money for new games. It's not like there's a dearth of indie titles available to buy and play right now, rather than buying and not getting for a year or whatever.
  11. Games with dogs (pets)

    Dogmeat in Fallout 3 was a pretty cool bro. And you do walk a lot in that game.
  12. Feminist Frequency

    It's because she got a hundred and fifty grand to make the videos and so far it's indistinguishable from any other random Youtuber talking to camera about the topic with a budget of zero.
  13. Feminist Frequency

    Jake and Chris, I think you guys are really selling yourselves short comparing Idle Thumbs and its Kickstarter to Anita Sarkeesian. I mean does this even need saying? You make a fun, entertaining podcast where you talk about games with knowledge and passion, it's a great thing to listen to every week. Being slow with the reward tiers wasn't really a big deal since most people were just paying for having the cast back on the air and the stuff was just bonuses. You also did things like the progresscasts which were great. Anita spent like eight months to make a twenty-minute video where she basically reads a tv tropes article to camera in a dull monotone delivery with no enthusiasm or anything interesting to grab the viewer and put her points across in an engaging manner. Now yeah this is just one episode of the series and maybe it will get better, but it doesn't seem great so far.
  14. FTL

    Hull repair drone is amazing, especially on the final sector where you usually don't get to repair between stages of the boss. It also saves wasting scrap on repairing at the shops.
  15. PL4YST4TION 4

    Yeah it looks like it could be a little status screen or something. Also what's the blue lighty bit on the top? Maybe they embedded Move functionality into the controller?