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  1. I am not a person who has a super high threshold (or time for) frustrating games. I was expecting it to be more frantic and frustrating (and at certain portions it can defintely feel a tiny bit frustrating) but it was actually very fun and rewarding and everything is finely-tuned so that you always feel like you *can* make it in 60 seconds.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, just looking at some of the highlights of S1, the only one that stuck out in my mind was the diner showdown. I might not be watching this very critically, it's such an easy show to just devour and have fun with because of the half-hour format. There's already one magnificent fluid-related setpiece in the new season that feels like a sequel to the Morgue. That is a great interview. What a bummer that it seems like DiGregorio had to fight the producer just to get the morgue stuff in, for example. It's a bummer the lasting impression of S2 was the final episode.. It seems like that soured what was otherwise a really fun season in my head.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Nice! I think S2 has some awesome setpieces but it falls way too hard into its own lore butt.. Look forward to hearing what you think of the season by the end. Maybe I’m misremembering S1.. weren’t there any fun, gross, inventive setpieces in it?
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Huh, I might have to rewatch it, because I *felt* like the balance was heavily in favour of practical deadites/creatures and gore-effects, impacts. I just remember being happy when they summon a big demon from the underworld and it's actually a nicely-made costume creature. They do dip into CGI creatures later on, which mostly look rubbish.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I don't think it improves much. I really liked the first season. I don't particularly feel like it looks cheap.. I guess I just *really* love seeing practical effects work/makeup stuff at a time when TV ususally goes for cheap-looking CGI. The second season was fun but sort of lost its way half-way through. Third season just started and it's fun, but I feel like I'm basically just watching it for the fun, creative practical effects by now and the occasional well-timed gag. I do like the half-hour format, meaning it doesn't have to pad out the plot too much to get from A to gross, fun, practical fight scene to B and rarely feels slow-paced.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Don’t you mean soft distinction?
  7. Plug your shit

  8. Plug your shit

    I edited together all the random 3d stuff I've been doing for the past year.
  9. Plug your shit

    3D frog! 💖
  10. Plug your shit

    Doing some 3D tracking tests recently, here's one!
  11. Marvel movies

  12. Star Wars Episode 8

    Yes. This. That's what I was trying to say way back when I said the theme was "failure", but I guess I wasn't clear enough about it.
  13. Plug your shit

    Haha, thanks SuperBiasedMan, forgot to link the actual tweet!
  14. Plug your shit

    I'm doing face avatars again! If you want one, just drop me an e-mail with a picture of your face to and I will send you paypal link you can pay the $15 dollars to and then I will draw your face! Retweets on the tweet about it are much appreciated. ❤️