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  1. Filmmaking

    I remember some festivals wanting films that specifically haven't premiered online yet, so yeah, don't make it public just to be safe.
  2. [DevLog] Cwine!

    Hey! I really wanted to work on this again. I've always thought it was cumbersome to get images into the project. You have to overwrite panels if you want to update them with a new image, and so and so. The solution to that would be actual local folder access, so that you'd point Cwine to a project folder and throw assets in there and always have acess to them and they'd update automatically. Doing this in a web version is a pain. I considered adding Dropbox support, or something, but it just sounded like a pain to implement. So, *naturally*, I decided to just rewrite the whole thing as a desktop app instead! It's still very early, but I've got a project folder browser operational, which was the big part! I tried out Electron at first, but I feel like trying to juggle all the different frameworks and shit to just make a simple UI layout and the canvas node view is just not worth it, so I decided to learn JavaFX which I'm finding super fun to use! Anyway, it's still super duper early, but here's hoping I have a functional version soon! Also, most importantly, here's the swanky, new logo!
  3. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    Thanks everyone! I spent the evenings this weekend on some hand-rigging practice. Was a lot of fun. Always wanted to figure out how to properly rig some cartoony, but sharp, fingers ala Wreck-It Ralph. Plenty of stuff to figure out still, but I'm happy with it so far.
  4. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Here's a handy tweet, if you want to try doing this by hacking a GBA bios and running it in an emulator.
  5. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    Thaaanks root! Been doin' some Blender sculpting practice! Here's good ol' Hellboy!
  6. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    Thanks you two! It's Now Get Busy which was released under non-commercial Creative Commons license for a Wired magazine CD.
  7. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    Hey! I decided to just make my own little thread for posting my 3D experiments, instead of clogging up the Plug your shit thread constantly. Here are some of the latest experiments. And my latest attempt at cartoon face rigging: And this thing, whatever it is: Anyway, STAY TUNED! for further attempts at 3D shit. For fun, here's my first ever 3D art ever posted online, back in 2002.
  8. Marvel movies

    Here’s a fun review from someone who has no Marvel knowledge at all:
  9. Plug your shit

    Ah, yeah, that does sound a bit like the Meat Circus music. The song I used is a cover of part of an old song called "Powerhouse": The cover was by The Underscore Orkestra. Ben, I was looking for it way back when I first started working on Tiny Tires. I had this idea that one of the tracks could be driving around a Rube Goldberg machine, with this track playing. Don't think I'll ever do that, but ever since I've been looking for any excuse to use it. Finally!
  10. Plug your shit

    Hey, I’m back again with my regular shit-plugging. This time it’s a Silly Loop:
  11. Marvel movies

    My god, if Korg returns with Valkyrie in Avengers 4 I'll be the happiest person ever.
  12. Marvel movies

    I liked it a lot! Was expecting a mess, but found it surprisingly coherent and easy to follow. And it was so much fun. Very solid laughs throughout the film. I'm someone who really enjoys almost all of these films so I guess I was always going to like this. But I thought they did a great job of spending just enough time on each pair-up that it never felt disorienting. The only one that felt really underused was Captain America, although he reminded me of why I love him when he meets Groot. A+ exchange between the two. I for one am super excited for Avengers 4 now. Thoughts on where Avengers 4 is going, based on some set photos:
  13. I am not a person who has a super high threshold (or time for) frustrating games. I was expecting it to be more frantic and frustrating (and at certain portions it can defintely feel a tiny bit frustrating) but it was actually very fun and rewarding and everything is finely-tuned so that you always feel like you *can* make it in 60 seconds.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, just looking at some of the highlights of S1, the only one that stuck out in my mind was the diner showdown. I might not be watching this very critically, it's such an easy show to just devour and have fun with because of the half-hour format. There's already one magnificent fluid-related setpiece in the new season that feels like a sequel to the Morgue. That is a great interview. What a bummer that it seems like DiGregorio had to fight the producer just to get the morgue stuff in, for example. It's a bummer the lasting impression of S2 was the final episode.. It seems like that soured what was otherwise a really fun season in my head.