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  1. Another option that felt equally obvious to me: sell them at cost (edit: but that negates the supposed fact of life that companies will never do anything that doesn't benefit themselves... that's also a problem with the charity angle. I can already see the reaction: "These people are selling racist videos at a loss, all to *rake in the PR praise* for their charitable donations!?!? How cynical and evil!!! Set hatred to *MAXIMUM POWER*."). Yeah, I really love that feeling of going from "This exists?" to "Of *course* this exists..." in about two sentences of implicit explanation through conversation. It's also an instance of wanting something, but not knowing the magic jargon to type into google. After a few test searches, knowing the term "skip lists" feels like a (lame but awesome) super power. (Skip Lists are also neat and efficient, being a cool somewhat-obscure data structure, but that's neither here nor there)
  2. Danielle, *please* share that Farscape skip list. I've been meaning to watch that show for ages, was never able to stomach going through all of season one.
  3. Anyone have a link to that account? I could add it to my other humorous-and/or-fascinating patch note readings, such as keeping up with dolphin and the rampage. (warning, clicking either link will lead you to the inside-est of baseballs in two very different fields) edit: vague googling didn't find the account, but it did find this which is a more than nice consolation really.
  4. Feminism

    This comment from an archeologist is worth reading from that article about Vikings. It discusses the findings, making it clear that 50% of *settlers* were female, not 50% of vikings buried with weapons (though the point the findings were trying to make is that they are finding a significant number of women with those as well, if I've done my math right, a little under 20%). It's a long comment, but his conclusion is so great I'll quote it in full: "First, we're just talking about graves (because that's what survives for archaeologists to dig up). Just because a woman is buried in an apron, does not mean she wasn't a warrior before she died. There was no rule (as far as we know) that warriors had to be buried with their weapons. What if they wanted to leave them to their daughters instead? And who says a warrior woman can't wear a dress to her own funeral? There might be many warrior women who are invisible because they were buried in 'traditional' female outfits. Second, we can't be sure that everyone buried with a weapon was a warrior. We find infants buried with weapons sometimes; they clearly weren't fighters (though perhaps they would have been had they grown up?). Weapons were powerful ritual objects with lots of magic and social power, and a woman might be buried with one for a reason other than fighting, such as her connection to the ruling family, ownership of land, or role as priestess or magical healer. Third, we shouldn't rush to map our modern ideas of how gender *should have been* onto the past. We should study the past for what it is, whether that's good or bad. Archaeologists who ignored evidence that Viking women weren't all housewives caused great harm, but going to the other side and saying that men and women were equal on the Viking battlefield isn't really any better. It minimizes the reality of gender inequality that Viking women had to struggle against, much like the inequality faced by their modern counterparts."
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    (yeah I concur, this was starting to feel a little derail-y) In other news: this is parody*, right? I am serious when I say that I cannot tell. Poe's Law is out in force with this stuff. *I just linked to the post instead of quoting to keep the image from taking up huge amounts of space *twice* in this thread
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Did I ever say hi? I don't think I ever said hi. Hi! (contribution to this thread's ridiculous length accomplished)
  7. PAX Posters

    Enjoying! Hadn't seen the others either, the whole series is fantastic.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I've read your comment several times and feel like I'm only grasping part of it. But hopefully this reply is meaningful to it. I don't see how you can purely interact and experience when you're actively trying to act differently from how you normally would. Those concepts seem incompatible. You also seem to be implying something egotistical about projecting your "true self" (key word projecting). That it's somehow more natural or honest to not even worry about or notice such things. I don't get that either. It's not really about projecting anything. It's about being who you are. Living your life as yourself. Social interactions just happen to be part of your life.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I think that's being too cavalier. Studied and measured social responses based on rules you read in a book seem too much like wearing a mask, faking normalcy, pretending to be someone else. It seems like putting considerable effort into not being yourself, in hopes that doing so will get you accepted by others. Are there simple ways to describe a socially effective person? Absolutely. However, what are the consequences of altering yourself, parroting back things that supposedly resemble effective social behavior while silencing the parts of yourself that break those rules? I think there is no simple answer to that question, and whether you struggle with it or not can be completely orthogonal to "growing up."
  10. I'm nothing if not thorough. Except for when I'm not thorough, which is definitely sometimes.
  11. Firewatch PAX Panel (Demo+QA+Trailer)

    I didn't see a link to today's Firewatch Panel. Luckily there's already a vod up for it. Entire Panel Also, here it is split up into sections, which seemed a handy thing to do. Intro (7m) Demo (13m) Q&A (33m)
  12. The Great Twitch Purge of Three Weeks From Now

    Archive Team is being pretty targeted with their grabs, at least for the moment. You can find what they're grabbing here along with a ton of other info: Idlethumbs content isn't anywhere on those lists, though everything except ~5 videos or so seven videos exactly, listed below, should be grabbed if they make it to archiving everything with >100 views. edit: There are 7 idlethumbs videos with <100 views. They fall into a few categories: 1) Content-less snippets involving stream restarts, audio problems, etc. Things in that category: 2) A few short Spelunky runs. 3) This. Which defies categorization and is kind of great.
  13. The Great Twitch Purge of Three Weeks From Now

    To aid others who might be backing things up, here are the URLs to all the archived streams to date (should work with youtube-dl): And here's another file with the video names attached to let you pick through the URLs and grab what you want: A quick stat or two: There are currently 135 archived streams. 70 of those don't involve Spelunky. There are currently 89 highlights (videos that will actually be saved). 40 of those don't involve Spelunky. Total running time: 131:47:18 (I estimated removing Spelunky runs would take off about 35 hours, and I was pretty close: 99:26:33 sans-Spelunky) Total space required to backup archive (at 800MB per 30 min chunk): 211GB (160GB sans-Spelunky)
  14. The Great Twitch Purge of Three Weeks From Now

    An update: highlights policy has been changed in response to the backlash. No more time limit. So saving the videos (from the Thumbs' perspective) would now involve just making highlights out of all the VODs that you want to save. (edit: changed list to reflect this)
  15. So, perhaps due to an incoming Google acquisition, disturbing things are afoot at Twitch Interactive. was completely shut down with all videos and accounts deleted. Twitch VODs will now be auto-muted if they match Audible Magic's audio fingerprinting. And in three weeks all old VODs will be deleted, with only highlights shorter than two hours in length being saved. (edit: the highlight time limit has been removed, thus saving things as highlights looks to be the easiest way to fix this) (Relevant Twitch Blog Links: here, and here) Twitch hopefully just ceded major ground to whoever refuses to impose these limits. But what this means for is that many cool videos are going to be deleted relatively soon, unless they're exported to youtube by the Thumbs, turned into highlights by the Thumbs, or publicly archived for posterity by the readers. Things on the chopping block include: "Special" Streams: * The Post-Kickstarter Stream * Video of the Ruinationcast * Bioshock with JP * Bioshock Demake with JP * DayZ with Evan Lahti * X-Com with JP and Evan Lahti * LucasArts Memories "Regular" Streams: * Tennnes * Stream of the old Minecraft server * Pikmin 2 * Maybe some of the Crusader Kings II saga? (there's so much of it, it's hard to tell if it all got exported to youtube) * Foiled * The Yawhg * Super Pole Riders * A lot of Dota * A good bit of DayZ * A soul-crushing amount of Spelunky I think that's everything not highlighted or on youtube. Did I miss anything? If somehow worst comes to worst and nobody particularly cares about this stuff (I would be astonished), I'll be using this list to grab all of the above and put torrents up if no better plan to save the content materializes (read: any plan other than this one, as my upload is ~30kbs).