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If ever people want a modded minecraft server, I could create a modpack that people could just download, or it could live on technic or curse or something as a private modpack. I was just thinking today that there is some quality of life stuff that I miss, and that there might be a good balance between the kitchen sink approach and vanilla where it's just fleshing out the late game, maybe adding stuff after iron tools that isn't just magic (I think enchanting tools and making potions being the only late-game tech is bullshit) to increase productivity. 

So if it's ever just a matter of it being a pain in the ass to install mods, I know a way where it's just a install button on a mod loader, and you don't have to worry about updating mods or anything. I used to roll my own modpacks because I used to have very strong opinions about mods, it's simple once you know how. I'm told that modded minecraft on a server is a ton of fun, it can allow people to specialize more than in vanilla, where eventually everyone has the exact same stuff and it's everything.

Also, thanks to whoever magicked those name tags into my inventory, pigmen watch continues. I will save him.

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Well, for me, the main issue with mods is not the ease of installing them en masse,  it's the fact that I have to downgrade to get access to the best mods - which means sacrificing the shiniest features from the latest version. It may be a dumb thing to worry about, but it's always been the point at which I give up.


THAT SAID: client mods.


Last time I tried to do this was like two video cards ago, but I installed Optifine HD and Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, and my god the game looks completely different! (I also installed my favorite texture pack: Jolicraft. Never could stand the default textures.) Arguably it goes a little too far, but I'm really enjoying it. The shadows are so smooth! The lighting! Oh boy!

I spent a lot of hours trying to finish step two of my project, but was JUST short of enough sand to turn into glass to fill in the holes. ):


Once I finish that, though, I might do some dungeon-diving. That used to be my favorite thing to do in Minecraft, and now enough of it is New since last time I did it, I think I might like it a lot again. Also it's just been a long, long time.



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Honestly, I don't think there is a single feature I've found in vanilla after a years long absence that isn't either replicated or done better in a mod for 1.7.10, except perhaps some of the more baked-in world gen stuff. Playing vanilla now feels incredibly limited to me, which is interesting in its own way.

There are a number of mods that have made the jump to the current version, not nearly as many as there are for 1.7.10, but a lot of those are basically abandoned anyway. The Microsoft sale did weird things to the mod community, but it's recovering now.

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I completed the construction of my tower!



There's not much inside right now, but I did make a decorative design on the first floor to welcome visitors. Don't worry if your eyes start to numb when crossing it, that's probably just your imagination.



If you climb all the way to the top, there's an observation deck, with a view of the draw distance surrounding area.




And to keep the hordes at bay, the setting of the sun activates a protective lava flow.


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My box canyon mosaic work is mostly completed, at least from the intended viewing point. It features basic knitting patterns and a slouchy tryzub, but it's somewhat impressive. My main goals there now are finishing out the dirt embankments, planting realistic looking trees around it and possibly topping it off with glass, though I don't like that idea so much.

I also redid the spawn area, making it more of a fully featured base/community use area. I moved the enchanting table from the farm area and made an enchanting room/anvil room inside, added a bunch of chests for newbie stuff and stocked them as best I could, just needing more food and torches at this point I think. From here all I want to do is add an observation tower, a link to a future subway hub, and some general interior decorating.

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just FYI for y'all: by default F1 will remove your item bar and whatever you're holding in your hand. useful because F2 takes screenshots of everything on screen and you can get clean shots of everything. F3 will pop up location data in XYZ format and you can screenshot that as well if you want to remember where someplace is and are afraid of dying/forgetting/getting lost. Spawn point is around -19X, 252Z.


this was neat to find from where I was exploring.



it casts this beautiful shadow.



1 hour ago, neonrev said:

My box canyon mosaic work is mostly completed


this is really neat and reminds of Nazca lines or Celtic chalk figures.

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