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  1. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Playing Lawbreakers' Blitzball mode for the first time yesterday, and I laughed when I found out the ball has the same voice as Morty.
  2. Mouse Wrist Pain

    This might be a bit drastic, but you could try using your left hand at work? Took me some getting used to, but it's saved me using the mouse in the same hand all day.
  3. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Resurrecting this thread once more to mark the PC open beta, which started today. Played the introductory story mission - wow! Reminds me of Halo a bit, the part aboard the enemy ship especially had flashbacks to the Truth and Reconciliation. Gunplay feels pretty good, everything handles well with mouse and keyboard. Wish the UI would show key bindings for your abilities though (like Overwatch does) as I spent plenty of time in the menus trying to work it all out. My modest PC (AMD 7950...) gets a decent frame rate, so it's well optimised. Like others on here I'm also not liking the forced banter. Cayde isn't half as funny as the script thinks he is.
  4. The threat of Big Dog What's next, liquid metal?
  5. That part about the wipes... so good! Reminds me of this meme:
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    Oh good, they've built one of these:
  7. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Good to see the return of the music thread! Been listening to this on repeat for the last few days. I never played the game, but I sure like Nero:
  8. If Mario has access to a time machine, how does that change the Idle Thumbs Unofficial Mario Canon? Cappy could be riding a dinosaur thanks to the wonder of time travel (no need for Mario to be 65m years old!) Dead By Daylight was the game that sprang to mind when the Thumbs started talking about Friday the 13th. Proof that good ideas tend to keep coming back to the surface.
  9. Recently completed video games

    Talos is fantastic. The DLC, Road to Gehenna, is up to the same high standard and well worth playing. I'll quote what I said about it in this very thread:
  10. The threat of Big Dog

    According to that, I'm pretty much safe from robots (2.5%). Those at risk could become HR managers (0.55%), nurses (0.9%), elementary school teachers (0.44%), clergy (0.8%) or photographers (2.9%). Working with humans seems to be the best bet. Pretty much everyone else is totally screwed. Sadly there is no entry for "President of the United States of America"
  11. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Taking this derail further, I was quite surprised when the Quake Champions beta required that I download the Bethesda launcher. How long is it before each publisher has their own platform? Also suprised that Activision didn't rename to something less Blizzard-centric when they had the opportunity. Management must have known that Destiny 2 was coming?
  12. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Gameplay reveal trailer dropped today: and there's a twitch stream of the gameplay here: Looking pretty good so far. In other news, the PC version is going to be run through the Battle.netBlizzard launcher (Eurogamer). So hype.
  13. Quake Champions

    So what do we all think of the beta? About 2 hours in, it feels like a refresh of Quake 3. That's a good thing! I'm also struggling to keep up with how fast it is - That's also a good thing! The abilities don't seem to make much difference, but in a last-stand situation, they can get you out of trouble. Not that they get much use - people seem to prefer fragging the old-fashoined way.
  14. It's not just you, I've had to wait before launching the game a couple times. How's everybody liking the PvE? Even on Normal difficulty it's been a challenge. I think you need co-ordination which you don't get with randos. All you get from them is abuse when the team fails (and my teams fail often). I'm not sure how to play Tracer well, and I can't take the pressure of being Mercy (you're single-handedly responsible for keeping everyone alive, plus people get SUPER angry if you're not psychic enough to know when they're going to charge in, so they die while you're off healing someone else). The "all heroes" version is pretty good though. Lucio tears it up!
  15. Fake Games

    I'm pretty sure The Last Patient was a ripoff of the Unity "Horror Hospital" resource pack - it was mentioned in the video I linked upthread. Also mentioned was Uncrowded, which is pretty much a straight lift from the UnitZ Unity resource pack. As Tycho said, the developer basically compiled the demo code and sold it. Digital Homicide, a developer who is notorious for making games cobbled together from asset packs, churns out dozens of games in a year. For an idea of what a game developed in a few weeks looks like, see this let's play of Galactic Hitman. All the art assets are purchased, there's little to no QA (how can there be if the game was made by two people in a few weeks?), and the game is just unfinished. The Jim Sterling video has footage from Chariot Wars (let's play), which is 23 Euros. Yes, €23. The problem with these is that they hide behind the "early access" defence. It's easy to say that they're using placeholder assets. Of course, there's no intention of ever finishing the game, and it's effectively the final product. It's bad enough that the game's a cynical cash-grab, but it's making things worse for all of us. The steam store is full of garbage, and there's no way to work out if you're buying a "fake" game or not. Sure, you can get refunds, but you'll never get the time you wasted back. Makes me nervous about taking the plunge on a title I've never heard of. Developers with honest intentions suffer becuase they don't get noticed in the sea of crap. Kotaku lays the blame firmly at the feet of Valve. This is definitely Valves issue to fix - it shouldn't be a viable proposition to churn out bad games. Reviews are no good (they're mostly fake, stupid, or both) and the curation is pathetic. The Explorers program doesn't seem like the answer to me.