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  1. I suspect it was Tales for the L33t. If you want to feel super old, you should know that this was made in 2000 - it's almost old enough to attend university.
  2. Confused about Social Media...

    I think the rise of the big players certainly changed things a bit, but then again, we had Yahoo Groups (which were weird) and usenet. What has changed is that usenet groups used to be laser-focussed on their specialist topic, and it was the community around those topics that mattered. New social media seems to put the individual above all other things. You have to follow people not topics. In doing so, you lose that focus - instead you get to hear everything they're talking about, from video games (cool) to what they had for lunch (boring) to their political opinions (oh fuck no). As for alternatives, there's Reddit, but its voting/threading system is dire. Sometimes I wonder where "the real stuff" is.
  3. Recently completed video games

    So I finished Gunpoint last night after discovering it was in a bundle I bought ages ago. A really fun little game, there's no one way to solve the puzzles. Also the writing's hilarious. Looking forward to trying Heat Signature in the future!
  4. Confused about Social Media...

    Never heard of Mastodon until now... learn something new every day. Good point about being on the platform where your contacts are. I suppose it's only worth signing up for something if the people you want to talk to are there. How do (or did) you all find the people you wanted to follow? Was it IRL relationships (work, friends) or a connection through another network (e.g. the Idle Thumbs Slack is obviously related to these forums and the podcast itself), or something else? I ask because Twitter/Tumblr/Insta are so vast, it's not so easy to find people.
  5. The whole conversation about "wanting to get into sports (particularly football) but being unable to" really resonated with me. A little sports knowledge can open so many doors. Where I work, talking about football's a social lubricant, it's ingrained in the culture here. It's also a safe topic for small talk. However, I just don't get it, and that means I'm the one sitting there with nothing to add to the conversation. It feels like there's a whole world of opportunites closed off to me. So it's good to hear I'm not alone!
  6. Confused about Social Media...

    How are people building communities these days? Forums like this one seem quieter than they were about 10 years ago. Is it that poeple have moved over to new platforms? Like Discord - how does that work - how do people find the interest they're looking for? Or is it other social media platforms? How do communities (gaming and otherwise) get built in ths new landscape? Of the ones I know about: Facebook's for people who already know you, not for finding new friends. There are groups, but IME they have a local focus. Twitter seems geared up for companies, bands and celebrities to yell at their fans. Like, I understand if you're a game dev or a business trying to make announcements, a general-interest platform where anyone passing by could see you is great. But for the little guy, what's the point? Do users on Twitter connect? Snapchat confuses me. Tumblr I don't get at all. Same goes for instagram - I take it the point is to follow good photographers and have nice pictures to look at each day, not to form groups? Does anyone even read the comments under the pictures? Sorry for the stream-of-conciousness, but it's been bugging me for a while. None of these platforms seem as good for social networking as what went before, or whatever it was our parents' generation did. People seem to be getting something out of each of these platforms, so they must be good for something else. It's that something else that escapes me. Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. So help me out here. What platforms do you use, and what do you get out of it?
  7. Star Wars Episode 8

    Thanks, this is a really interesting take on the movie.
  8. Star Wars Episode 8

    I'm interested to know what you thought the theme of the film was. To me it felt like the theming was all over the place - the many plot threads didn't feel united. I keep thinking about ways the film could have been better, rather than dwelling on the bits that were good. Sure sign that the film didn't hit the mark for me.
  9. Star Wars Episode 8

    I also watched it. My hot take was that it wasn't very good.
  10. GOTY of the Year

    Totally - there's usually at least one game released in December that should be a candidate for GOTY (*cough*TalosPrinciple*cough*). Here's what came out last December. Myself, I only played one game released in 2017 due to a busy schedule. That game was West of Loathing, and it's worthy of a mention here. Mostly because it's hilarious, but the stick-figure art had a certain charm as well. Also if you're not playing with "stupid walking" set to "on" you're playing it wrong.
  11. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Sounds like a version of Pi for the modern age.
  12. The threat of Big Dog

    From the academic behind "" posted upthread: Robots may have led to Trump’s presidential win They really are trying to kill us all.
  13. It's way more action-focussed than Thief. You have superpowers! I really loved how the weapons and abilities meshed together, it gives you a lot of options (some of which you'll see in the video above). Getting caught usually just means that it's time to break out the good stuff. Or of course you could teleport across the rooftops and make your getaway. Really mean to get round to playing it again sometime, my last playthrough was too cautious and stealthy...
  14. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Currently wishing this mining boom could be over so I can afford a midrange graphics card. Need to upgrade, but prices have been crazy for the last 6 months or so...
  15. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Playing Lawbreakers' Blitzball mode for the first time yesterday, and I laughed when I found out the ball has the same voice as Morty.