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  1. Thanks for making me feel old by mentioning UT3, and making it worse by saying that it was "before Idle Thumbs".
  2. Checked out the first 10 minutes. It was not until I pressed F1 my mind registered the remastering of everything. Looking forward to the play the other minutes.
  3. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition This is basically a re-release of the original with GWFL replaced with Steam. Just like the first release it is still a fun game. Over the top action where at every kill you feel like a real bad ass, combined with over the top (dumb) dialogues. It's simply great. And the game still looks cool, except for the lip sync... that looks really dated. The large detailed and colorful scenery is still a really refreshing sight in FPS games. Because this version is now released by Gearbox they added a option to play as Duke Nukem instead. This is a basically a model and VO swap for the main character. Nothing really changes, except that the work on Duke Nukem is quite bad. It's best to play it with the original character.
  4. Stories Untold Holy crap this game is good. If you look at the media it looks similar to that Stranger Things TV series. It sort of is. I can't tell much more, it would spoil too much. Maybe The Stanley Parable but as 80s horror would be the best description?
  5. The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy A graphical adventure game. It's ok. There are some annoying standard adventure game mistakes in it, like lack of quickly exiting a scene and a lot of going back and forth between scenes. Also had to do a lot of pixel hunting to find things which I needed to complete the various puzzles (only later found out there's a `show hotspot` thing with the right mouse button). So a lot of wandering around trying to figure out what do to. You could say it's like those classic adventure games from the mid 90s. (Not as overly complex as them though). The game contains a lot of references to movies/games/... from the 80s and 90s. Sadly, in only a few cases you can look at them. Generally only plot elements are interactive. This might be to save cost on voice over work, but I wouldn't have minded just a text only description for minor stuff.
  6. Finished Torment: Tides of Numenera Took me about 21 hours to get through a single play-through. There was too much to read, too much narrative for me to enjoy. Also so many branching points, also unclear points where you had to make decisions. The parts where you were simply following a conversation tree and where you explicitly had to make a choice look alike. So sometimes I made a choice while I though I was just asking all the available info. I get the feeling there are really a lot of different playthroughs possible, although mostly narrative in sense and not content based. But I'm not going to find that out. The UI and controls are quite bad though. For example, you have a move and action in each turn (when you have an encounter), the action can also be another move. But how far you can move before consuming an action is a really tedious exercise. Traversing through the maps is also annoying, you have a map, but you cannot click on it to go to that place quickly. And the constant UI animations when you get into a dialogue thing... ugh. Anyway, it was an interesting experience. Being able to solve conflicts by not fighting was also nice. But I think they could have created a more interesting game for me by focusing less on the huge about of text.
  7. Finished Hue It's a 2D puzzle platform game where you can high parts of the world by selecting the same color. Usually games like this end in very time sensitive actions. But in Hue this is not the case. There are a few segments where timing is important, but that mostly running through a straight hallway selecting the right color. Usually plenty of time. In overall I did not have much trouble solving the puzzles. So I could easily continue without running into any walls. There was only 1 level which took me a while to figure out, once figured out I declare myself an idiot for taking so long.
  8. Nice, except most the area is protected, people cannot get the free stuff from the chests.
  9. Rituals An artsy walking sim. It has a story somewhere, no idea where. The controls are really annoying. On the plus side, it was short. TIMEframe A short exploration game where you have limited time to visit some places before the world is destroyed and you are reset. The time limit is quite a downer, would be better if you were able to explore all in a single visit.
  10. iirc the first Discworld graphical adventure game had Eric Idle and great idle animations, but I cannot find any videos of it.
  11. Hidden Folks A where is waldo game. Sometimes you have to interact with the world to find the objectives. Besides finding things it's also fun to look at all the little things going on. Not ever special thing in the "levels" is something you have to find. And the sound effects... you should watch the trailer, it's hilarious.
  12. Mirror's Edge Catalyst Running around a jumping. And a few fighting bits. The fighting parts were often annoying because I failed frequently in keeping my "flow". But in most cases you do not really have to encounter enemies, just try to run around them. As is common in platform heavy games you often fail a jump because the game decides you cannot really hold on to the ledge right in front of you. It was fun playing the whole story and side missions, so quite a bit of variety in the things to do. All the optional "race tracks" can easily be skipped as you do not really need the XP that much because you get plenty for doing the actual missions. Most of those optional tasks are quite challenging as there is little room for mistakes. I think it was a good remake of the original. Lara Croft GO (on pc) I like this one much more than the Hitman GO. There are more mechanics in this game unlike in the Hitman version where it is mostly just proper movement. I also thing it's much shorter, fewer levels, so you progress faster. So less tedious. However, most of the game is quite easy, the main story did not really have difficult puzzles to solve. The additional chapter was way more difficult, more of a challenge. So that was good. I think they are really nice ports of the mobile game.
  13. does this quality as an idle animation?
  14. oh man... a dot gobbler... we're going to need lots of wool