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  1. Lookin for a player for a game of The Sprawl to run Wednesday evenings GMT (7pm-ish start) HMU
  2. That elusive was bloody hard compared to the last one. Mine went more than a little south, but I still attribute my failure in getting SA to stumbling into the director on the way back to the restaurant after taking out the surgeon lady.
  3. evilskillit says server is down for a bit
  4. Picked up the game when it went on sale couple weeks back. Man are people good at this game. Had to really learn how much my guy would poke out of cover at any given moment to survive more than ten seconds. First shooter I've played in maybe ever where leaning all the time is this mandatory.
  5. humbly requesting another big ole overview screenshot
  6. at the weird stage of having a bunch of space i want to fill within my walls but no idea what i'm going to put there
  7. just the odd screenshot or two every so often would be tops
  8. shoutout to that chapel that someone made right near spawn. im a big fan
  9. Its interesting how they seem to be leaving areas in the maps specifically for extra content. The office in sapienza being used in landslide, and the whole top floor penthouse for that elusive, which is completely empty normally, aside from that one guy.
  10. i would play creative definitely and survival probably
  11. Would have got silent assassin on the latest elusive, only I got suspicious from the bloody guy at the counter on my way out. Did have to look up where the safe was, tho, so it was a bit of cheatin hitman
  12. Oh wow I didn't know he looked so much like 47. Great vid. ...why didn't they use him instead of bloody Timothy Olyphant in the films?
  13. Pulled some wicked moves in my ongoing attempt to SOSA Colorado that I feel the need to share. Ezra Berg is alone on the stairs outside the basement, out of line of sight of anyone for a short interval as he leaves the house. What I did was: standing at the top of the railing behind the box, I flicked a coin behind me into the backyard. This distracts the guard that will soon walk into line of sight of me, as well as make the guard next to the railing turn and face that way. As the railing guard is turning, I walk around behind him, just as Ezra is leaving the house. As Ezra climbs the stairs, I push the guard over the railing, which will only pacify him, so he lands behind Ezra. Thankfully, this is silent for some reason. I then shoot Ezra in the head, and he falls just below the top of the stairs. All of this takes about six seconds. I take a deep breath, and save my game, after maybe the 20th attempt at figuring out how, let alone actually doing this. It isn't yet over, as a guard is currently walking from the basement towards the door leading to these stairs, and if he so much as peeks either of these bodies, I lose my silent assassin rating. So. Grab the basement key from Ezra, pull the guard I pushed over the railing up the stairs a bit away from the door, open the door from out of sight of the guard as he approaches, then flick a coin in through the doorway to land behind him. As he turns, I dart in, and position myself behind the boxes to come out and baton him as he moves again to approach the door, the second guard thankfully moving up to look through the glass where the prisoner is held. Baton the second guard, pull the bodies from the stairs into the basement, and clean up. Phew. This took a couple or so attempts. One out of three down!
  14. wasnt worth the time tbh
  15. Say, how come hitmans signature suit doesn't come with his signature black hitman gloves