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  1. Masculinity

    Just dropping by to promote the latest Waypoint episode which talks about this, featuring our own @Danielle. It's a really good summary and analysis without veering into speculation.
  2. That's fair enough feedback, and the Idle crew may want to take it into account. The problem *might* be - I'm by no means an expert - that iTunes makes it difficult to have a successful podcast that isn't categorised as games only (or one thing only). I expect it is very much like every other big, shitty platform like Youtube or Facebook in that they are constantly tweaking algorithms to target the 'right' content to the right people, and content creators have to cater to those algorithms or sink. This is only a guess. The Idles should also be grateful you left feedback directly here rather than leave a low-star review on iTunes because that would also help lower their visibility. Somewhat related: The Facebook Mom Problem Is Real
  3. fellintooblivion is that you
  4. Yeah I noticed Ed's reflection also
  5. I interpreted the Bobby scene as him and the sheriffs dept. having already visited the location directed in the capsule as scheduled that day and finding a bunch of other material his father had left for them. I figured nothing supernatural happened apart from finding the stuff, and that later episodes would have them digging through it. Not the most exciting interpretation I'll grant you.
  6. According to the credits - in case anyone had any doubt - the song was written by Badalamenti and Lynch and performed by James Marshall (Hurley). Wiki says he's a musician. The reveal of the two backup singers was pretty funny to me because I'm sure it's meant to duplicate Donna & Maddie from the original series. I thought their clothing a bit odd and wondered if it's the same as what the actors wore in the original scene but it's not: The scene this episode seemed to make that much more explicit, or at least that she's living in some sort of dream state.
  7. I guess if you became a patron and asked it as a ruination question he would be forced to answer, but I think part of it is he didn't like the streaming set-up via PS4. There seemed to be a lot of frustrations particularly with audio quality.
  8. I just spent a half hour trying to find a review of a live show I wrote around that time on but I think now I must've written it on the Caca Volante fan page's mailing list, long dead.
  9. Mr. Bungle - None Of Them Knew They Were Robots
  10. Here is my Dougie / Mitchum brothers fanfiction, though Chris' theory it comes from the name Sonny-Jim is clearly superior: [[[[ M: Dougie, are you a family man? Do you have a kid? D: A kid. M: I got this boy, he's great. This last weekend I spent hours playing with him, on his gym set. D (sounding lost): Gym set? ]]]] M: You mean to say your kid doesn't have one? No gym set? D: No gym set. M1: Even our fucking' orphanage had a gym set. M2: Every kid should have a gym set.
  11. I dont't know how oftern you check Youtube comments, but this one relates to discussion above, and the link is worth reading:
  12. I was surprised that Chris and Jake, and others here, interpreted the Candie on camera scene completely differently to me. If you look at the casino employee and the insurance guy while she's talking, they appear (I think) as baffled as the brothers watching via camera. Then when the brothers ask Insurance Guy what she'd said, he shrugs and says "ask her." I didn't see that as the response of someone who'd just been given vital information, and I believed her explanation to the brothers. She totally could have been talking about the weather. To me this was David Lynch reveling in a person's absurd and awkward behaviour during what should be a tense situation - see also old man shuffling slowly while Cooper lay shot. I would not be surprised if it never comes up again. Later, when the brothers are talking about having to kill Dougie, I got the impression that while they are criminals they might not have had to kill many people before. Belushi is getting drunk, and the other guy is staring ahead seething over the supposed betrayal. I saw them as psyching themselves up to give the order. When they mangled the 'fool us' quote, to me that was them clumsily coming to the decision together, reassuring themselves they were doing the right thing according to their twisted morality. Regardless of the interpretation, both scenes were amazing. I never expected a couple of Casino scenes to give me as much joy as these did this episode.
  13. I'm sure the Thumbs are aware, but for anyone who's not, former Thumbs Sean and Steve have been streaming PUBG: Also the Polygons including McElroys have a series, THE AWFUL SQUAD: EDIT: Also hbomberguy who should be well-known on these forums is streaming it RIGHT NOW: Speaking of McElroys, there was a video where Justin and Griffin play a similar game to PUBG (televised deathmatch) set on an island, but now I can't find it. It was more jungle-y and there were health dispensers dotted around. EDIT: Found it. The Culling: Speaking of games similar to other games Friday the 13th seems a lot like Dead by Daylight, which I never played but my brother did: I remember that game had a DLC with a famous slasher villain, like Michael Myers or something?