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  1. I was surprised that Chris and Jake, and others here, interpreted the Candie on camera scene completely differently to me. If you look at the casino employee and the insurance guy while she's talking, they appear (I think) as baffled as the brothers watching via camera. Then when the brothers ask Insurance Guy what she'd said, he shrugs and says "ask her." I didn't see that as the response of someone who'd just been given vital information, and I believed her explanation to the brothers. She totally could have been talking about the weather. To me this was David Lynch reveling in a person's absurd and awkward behaviour during what should be a tense situation - see also old man shuffling slowly while Cooper lay shot. I would not be surprised if it never comes up again. Later, when the brothers are talking about having to kill Dougie, I got the impression that while they are criminals they might not have had to kill many people before. Belushi is getting drunk, and the other guy is staring ahead seething over the supposed betrayal. I saw them as psyching themselves up to give the order. When they mangled the 'fool us' quote, to me that was them clumsily coming to the decision together, reassuring themselves they were doing the right thing according to their twisted morality. Regardless of the interpretation, both scenes were amazing. I never expected a couple of Casino scenes to give me as much joy as these did this episode.
  2. I'm sure the Thumbs are aware, but for anyone who's not, former Thumbs Sean and Steve have been streaming PUBG: Also the Polygons including McElroys have a series, THE AWFUL SQUAD: EDIT: Also hbomberguy who should be well-known on these forums is streaming it RIGHT NOW: Speaking of McElroys, there was a video where Justin and Griffin play a similar game to PUBG (televised deathmatch) set on an island, but now I can't find it. It was more jungle-y and there were health dispensers dotted around. EDIT: Found it. The Culling: Speaking of games similar to other games Friday the 13th seems a lot like Dead by Daylight, which I never played but my brother did: I remember that game had a DLC with a famous slasher villain, like Michael Myers or something?
  3. Can we really say that for sure, I mean has anyone researched Lincoln's poetry
  4. On the podcast you have talked about deliberate use of "crappy" effects. It stood out to me in this episode with the huge contrast between the effects used in Bad Cooper's resurrection sequence (with the men superimposed over him) and the much more expensive rest of the episode. I wonder if this was intentionally contrasting the powers of the Black Lodge when manifesting in the "real" world versus the more spectacular manifestation in unreality. Put another way, in the "real" world, special effects are a poor imitation of the platonic ideal. I imagine they'll need a little more time than usual to gather their thoughts together but also to figure out how to describe what was happening on the screen so they can even comprehensibly talk about it.
  5. While watching, I kept thinking about this comment on your Youtube video for Ep. 2: I don't find this conversation very engaging because you seem to be more focused in technical unimportant details rather than trying to unravel the story. The total opposite of what Twin Peaks is about. I really want to be a fly on the wall when this person watches and tries to "unravel" Ep. 8
  6. I work for a family science museum. Borax and Elmer's glue is an old, classic slime recipe. I am happy to answer any slime-related questions.
  7. Edit: this might be too low a blow
  8. I forgot what my question was going to be. You're on your own, Mr Remo. This article comparing the two versions of Review is well worth reading:
  9. I got good marks for a short story plagiarised from a Footrot Flats comic. I renamed the dog Scruff-Wruff. I showed it to my Mum and she told me off. I don't know why I didn't think she'd notice, the comic had been sitting in the family toilet's magazine rack for years.
  10. I got a reponse from / My video settings were too high, and the game was running out of video memory. Lowering the settings fixed it. Now I feel silly for struggling with this for months without once thinking to lower my settings. Thanks to Andy at Thekla for his help and also to y'all, now I can finish the game!
  11. Thanks for the assistance in helping me realise I'm not stupid. I sent an email to just in case that account exists. I also posted on the Steam tech support forum even though my copy's not Steam because that was the only place I could find developers taking bug reports. I browsed through the first dozen or more pages and I think I might be the only person experiencing this bug... or if there are others, they're all assuming as I did that it's part of the game! Edit: I did find online that much later in the game (spoilers) - some people have reported this as a bug even though it isn't. I haven't got there yet but it seems really similar in feel to my actual bug!
  12. I thought of a question I'll send to questions@ for if you do watch it before next episode of IIT. I've now binge watched the first five episodes and have found there is a little continuity but it's very very subtle. No producer or other staff member ever appears (so far) so it's really not a show in a show as you describe. I like it but I suspect you won't like it as much as the US version. I suggest if you don't want to watch them all, find an episode with topics similar to some of the more interesting ones from the US version (eg. Ep2 features the divorce).
  13. I'm an Aussie but had never heard of the original Review with Myles Barlow. A fair few people seem to prefer the Andy Daly version as it delves into the character and continuity while the original is more a dark sketch show, but it looks like most of the Aussie series can be watched online for free. Maybe check it out for comparison or to be baffled by cultural references. I watched the first episode: Review With Myles Barlow - s01e01 Stealing Running Out Your Partner Dickheads Bushranging Risk Myles Barlow is a critic who reviews life experiences in response to viewer questions. Barlow reviews real-life experiences such as being a murderer and a drug-mule, the rush of pleasure as he pays for sex and the bleakness of living on the streets.
  14. Please help me. At a certain point in the game, puzzle screens started glitching on me. They'll change in between loads. Sometimes they switch back to the correct puzzle if I click on them, sometimes they don't. Thing is, it started right after I completed a significant area so even though it is annoying I assumed it was part of the game, given how much the game messes with your assumptions about how its world works. For ages I've figured I was just stupid but I have not seen anyone else mention this so I am wondering if it's a bug. If this is a bug - how the heck do I submit a bug report with all the logs and such if I don't own the Steam version? I can't find a support email anywhere. If it's not a bug, to avoid spoilers you can just write "it's not a bug" and leave it at that, and I'll continue stupidly on. Screens (from one area but it happens all over the island):
  15. Last Jam I had an idea but didn't get much done - a text adventure I Am Suspicious of Myself This time I will plan ahead better - not sure if I'll pursue a similar idea or something new.