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  1. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    Thanks, I'm just using my personal Realm and will revert to that when hosting the Thumbs world is no longer useful. I don't expect many people to be logging onto it much following Nick's stream. Once I've got the glitches ironed out (missing chunks etc) I'll upload the 'final' version of both the Java and the Bedrock combined world, and if you have space on your server you could host the files there if you want. The files are about 2GB each.
  2. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    One of the pieces of software I was using is buggy and doesn't refresh it properly between maps sometimes, so when Ioaded 4 it still contained part of 3 so it looked to me like the same world. I've gone back and re-created the combined map, this time with all the worlds and with 7.5 placed last. According to Nick's calendar he'll stream Minecraft on the weekend.
  3. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    Aaand it's done. 600,579 chunks, nearly 40 billion blocks. All Idle Thumbs Minecraft worlds hosted on a Realm and playable on your Switch, Windows 10 or whatever else runs Bedrock edition. Epochs 3-5 appear to be the same world at different times so I only included 5. 7.5 came later than the others and was run by Evilskillit, I put it in the wrong place but I'm not going to go back and change it. You spawn in Epoch 1, to get to the others keep going East (increasing X coordinate). To teleport bring up the chat menu and type in the below. The middle coordinate is the vertical axis, I put in 100 just to make sure you don't get stuck in the ground. 1 /teleport 0 100 0 5 /teleport 3900 100 0 6 /teleport 15200 100 0 7 /teleport 23700 100 0 7.5 /teleport 31500 100 0 8 /teleport 37600 100 0 So far the only thing I've found that's broken is maps, eg. my cool visitor centre posted earlier this thread. Please let me know if you find anything else. I didn't convert the Nether, hopefully there was nothing major built there. Nick has said he might stream this at some point so if you haven't already, follow him at Thanks to @Tabacco and @Evilskillit for hosting these worlds and providing the backups.
  4. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    Thanks a lot I'll post again when I convert the others. I rewatched the old thumbs MC stream recently and am looking forward to checking out the giant robot and the tree tower for myself
  5. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    *Super bump* I converted my backup of this world to Bedrock edition and am now hosting it for anyone to join: Unfortunately this is the only one I have, and the old archive is long gone. @tabacco if you're still around do you (or anyone else) have the worlds backed up somewhere?
  6. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    @Problem Machine and I had a brief exchange on Nick's recent Jackbox stream whether it would be feasible to do a Jackbox-like for Wizard Jam. @Lokno releasing the code for the internalisation meter made me think it could be adapted for that purpose, then Twitch would handle all the network side of things. A lot of Jackbox games are really just text input and display, so not that far from the fundamentals of the internalisation meter. Any Jackbox WJ game would be best played on a stream anyway. I'm not much of a coder (esp not with Python) so just putting this idea out there in case someone else is interested. Internalisation code:
  7. I bought Korsun Pocket recently after hearing the 3MA episode, but haven't got round to playing it yet. I don't think you've ever done an episode on the best AIs in strategy games? Off the top of my head the ones I've heard the most glowing reviews for are Korsun, GalCiv I&II plus of course the Chessmaster series.
  8. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I check the forums fairly regularly but almost never post. You might call me a website watcher. People subscribed to Idle Thumbs are called podcast readers. If Nick were to refer to his streaming audience as Twitch listeners, the stupid circle would be complete.
  9. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Coincidentally, Nick streamed on Twitch today: I don't think he mentioned anything about podcasts but he is keen to stream some more provided work/allergies/other concerns don't intervene.
  10. Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  11. Examples of good group therapy in TV: The Wire S5 w/ Steve Earle, obvs Rectify S3 - I strongly recommend this show to Rob & Danielle
  12. I had an idea listening to some of these questions. What about a new short-format podcast answering questions about games development, inspired by the writing podcast Writing Excuses where each episode is 15 mins long and covers one topic. This means you can record a bunch at once making scheduling less of a hassle. Qs you could answer in 15 mins could be things like - how to network at GDC, other cons - what to look for when outsourcing music / programming / testing - how to get started with Unity or other tools - how to approach friends, family for financial or other help without taking advantage My suggested hosts are Jake, Sean and Steve even though Steve would need to be a telepresence. I admit this is partly because the dumb name I came up with for this podcast is "Talking Simulator."
  13. A somewhat negative look from @RobZacny (in his day job): 'Surviving Mars' Never Breathes Life into a Dead Planet
  14. How much do we have to pay on this patreon thing to have this episode re-released multiple times with professional voice actors reprising the part of Nick
  15. You & I need to pester 3MA to cover this series I never played the last one, The Ancient Art of War In The Skies. Such a phenomenally contradictory title.