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  1. [Dev Log] Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

    Real life note taking, nice!
  2. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Cool concept and the art is looking real nice. I like how the eyes follow the mouse!
  3. Rollin' With The Pope

    All I can think of.
  4. [Dev Log] Tactical Gamer Chair

    Will this be horse bag compatible?
  5. In this game you play as the Kerfluffles. Your goal is to infect all humans and turn them into Kerfluffles. The plan is to have a open world neighborhood you can move your Kerfluffle army through and infect all humans and add them to your ranks. There may be some light puzzle solving such as dealing with armed humans, humans refusing to get out of their cars, humans in pools (Kerfluffles can't swim), etc. This gif is a very early test of animations and the basic mechanic. From here, I want to implement flocking behavior to allow a whole swarm of Kerfluffles to move around semi realistically, starting to design the environments, and getting the humans moving around. Based on
  6. [Dev Log] The Death of Nick Breckon

    wow chris goes wild in that clip
  7. Tone Control 24: Bennett Foddy

    Bennett Foddy is so interesting.
  8. Wax house baybeeee. also, thx jake
  9. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    Took a bit longer than I was expecting but the game is out now. I think Frog Fractions ended up as a major influence. I was also playing Getting Over It recently so the concept of a B-game was in my head. I feel like I have a strange idea of humor and may come off as very random. I don't want to spoil too much about the game, but I feel pretty good about the amount of content I was able to put in, but of course I still wanted to add more and expand. I don't think I will be adding anything soon, maybe if there's a sequel. Thanks for playing! - Kevin
  10. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    Maybe for the 3D remake. But Olly Moss is a major inspiration.
  11. I had a real game I was planning to make but that doesn’t matter now. You press tab to dab. The more you dab the higher your dab score. I plan to add a story campaign in the next few days. It’ll be a real garf.
  12. What if someone made something alive appear as what they wanted as food?
  13. Far Cry 2

    I started Far Cry 2 today. It's pretty cool.