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  1. I did a little digging into the games PS4 Pro support (There isn't any right now as far as I can tell) and it sounds like this is very much a port from the PS3 to the PS4 and that it shows in spots on the PS4 so I'm guessing it's fine. I haven't seen any real complaints and most of it's Japanese audience would have likely played it on the PS3 so I wouldn't worry too much.
  2. Either way had they consulted just about any trans person on the planet they would have known better then to write that scene like they did. I understand they weren't trying to be hateful but they were a least somewhat hurtful. And I'm certainly not calling for a boycott over it but I feel it needs to be brought up at least.
  3. I will say this ME:A hasn't hit any of the highs of the previous games yet. And it's lows are for the most part a tad lower. Still the outfits for the women on your crew are less baffling on the whole (Seriously what was up with Samara?) and it's nice to finally have a good number of female aliens in the series. It stumbles pretty hard with it's token trans NPC and the game has some issues with colonialism but it's nice to not have to stare at every women's cleavage and/or ass in a Mass Effect for once.
  4. That's basically where I am with it. It helps that this is by far the most likeable crew Bioware has ever had at least for me. So far I would put this below ME2 and on par with ME3. ME1 hasn't really held up so I would call it the weakest of the bunch. Also as spotty as the writing has been I've yet to see anything as cringe worthy as EMBRACE ETERNITY.
  5. Apparently the theme of Persona 5's music is Rad elevator music and I'm all in for this:
  6. This is for single player. For multi I'm using a shotgun that shoots grenades and a sniper rifle.
  7. I'm not actually sorry I like scanning I was just going for overdramatic humor. Also what's generally considered the better SMG the hurricane or the hornet? I want to say it was the hurricane in ME3.
  8. I would assume so. The PC is bound to have more hacking problems so I don't know why they'd combine all instances.
  9. I have been waiting for Persona 5 to come out since I was younger then it's main cast. O_o
  10. I'll be sticking to the PS4 for Destiny 2 I think. It just plays so well on a controller and as soon as you allow for keyboard and mouse using anything else will just get you yelled at in Raid groups and PVP. Don't get me wrong I'm glad there will likely be a PC version for those that want it it's just not for me.
  11. Yeah I imagine not all of them are intentional but then why send out posters at all? If it doesn't come out in til September do you really need posters out 5 month ahead of time? The EU market is pretty big so maybe they do just really want to make sure they hit those stores at the same time so as not to give the impression they're prioritizing the US market over the EU.
  12. These days I don't know why you would put out posters like that unless you wanted to soft announce it. You have to know it's going to get leaked but I'd be willing to bet they also know that if they make it seem unintentional that people are more likely to share it like it's some big scoop as opposed to announcing a countdown to a countdown of a countdown.