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  1. Swap it to easy if you can and get through to the end if you just fought the ghost, so you can at least see the ending.
  2. Second Language Acquisition with Games

    Do you mean in what context or how this state of things came about?
  3. Second Language Acquisition with Games

    I'm not a native English speaker but I learned a lot of English and German growing up from TV and games. I had 12 years of English and 4 of German classes in school as well as an extra curricular course in English. All those classes always felt very easy, knowing by ear things like the gender of words in German or the nonsense adjective order "rule" in English helped a lot. Learning what exactly different tenses were called and how to sort different sentences into them was much harder in comparison. It's much easier to immerse yourself in an English environment if you're playing an all English game with no subtitles in your native language, or if you're playing it online and the expected language is English. There's also two other things, even when I'm talking about a game with other Slovenes or playing MTG we'll all use in-game terms instead of Slovene words, it'll be invisible not neviden. The other is that younger people will very often just throw in English phrases in every day conversations. Do you sometimes hear your students throwing in some English phrases when they're talking to each other?
  4. Honestly the entire game is downhill from the moment you get handed the baseball at the start.
  5. I saw this interesting video about it haven't played either the new or old one.
  6. why do the forums have statuses?

  7. The Last Guardian

    I saw this video but honestly people, why the hell do we need to post about shadow of the colossus in a thread called "The Last Guardian"??
  8. I feel the list of games I completed without cheats or walkthroughs in the 90s wouldn't be longer than 3 items.
  9. There's this interview with Bennett Foddy https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/312553/Designer_Interview_The_aesthetics_of_frustration_in_Getting_Over_It.php
  10. My advice above is garbage, I forgot to swap to max sensitivity on the mouse and just sped up the mountain to the orange. I've gotten past the orange once but (spoiler for the bit above the orange but before the hat) speaking of the hat, I saw my brother get a present dropped there, has anyone else found that? This isn't too spoilery right? It feels vague enough
  11. Star Wars Episode 8

    It was an alright movie, I enjoyed it. Here's some articles about it that haven't been posted yet I think: https://www.tor.com/2018/01/04/luke-skywalker-isnt-supposed-to-be-nice/# https://slate.com/arts/2018/01/the-last-jedi-is-a-star-wars-movie-about-fandom-and-the-lure-of-myth.html
  12. AGDQ 2018

    Burnout Paradise 100%! 4 player L4D2 might be good Ultima VI: The False Prophet ? Human Campaign of Warcraft 3! Baldurs Gate 2: EE, in 26 minutes, what the hell skips are there here?
  13. Turning on track pad mode for my actual mouse and maxing sensitivity in game, in windows and the slider on my mouse helped a lot.