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  1. Tycho, award jail is still a jail for criminals. You guys went on a days long hiking/camping trip plus at least one person knew the Wyoming wilderness pretty well. How are you/did you tackle getting to know the setting this time?
  2. Again, the same youtube channel has videos (with spoilers) about it.
  3. Hey here's a guide to what this game is, people who haven't played it yet
  4. It only took me and njoos all our placement games before we won a single round. Then we went on a 4 game 3:0 winstreak in bronze division.
  5. I got no idea what my buttons do, this is a fun game.
  6. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

  7. Noclip did a profile on playerunknown. I had no idea he was from Ireland!
  8. StarCraft (2)

    I added you, since it's f2p we can play on NA without having to buy 1 to 3 extra copies of the game each!
  9. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    GG did not cause trump to be elected.
  10. Here's another retrospective on Crysis
  11. DOTA 2

    The patch notes are out! http://www.dota2.com/duelingfates/ Patch is out tomorrow!! There's so much stuff in here. It feels like it's 50/50 between new insane stuff and going back to battle.net lobbies called "dota 6.35b -apem no noobs no dl fast host". It's more like 90/10 but still. APEM is back! All pick easy mode! With the added benefit of buying items anywhere. Creeps can sleep again after years of tireless vigil. I wonder if they fucked up and made the golems sleep. They used to be narrower ramps about 10 years ago so that's good that they finally changed it back. All these talents and items are really cool, you can finally upgrade urn, there's so much stuff. There's a hammer that summons a meteor that deals damage to buildings! Highlights of some of the new hero changes are WISP gets autoattacks off tethered ally?! https://gyazo.com/936f32c10830ad5961a89fc5ba721bf0 Puck lvl 25 can machine gun with dream coil?! Techies mines can MOVE?! https://streamable.com/qup5p Also there's 2 new heroes, they look neat but who cares those. Join the pangolin fan club in #dota on the slack.
  12. Dishonoured has a way different feel than any Thief game. You're not a flimsy thief trying to steal, you're some kind of magical assassin that can kill anything that moves or just teleport around no problem. I don't think the game points this enough: YOU CAN SLIDE, out of sprinting I think. I don't remember the parrying being that precise, it's not needed much anyway, there's no boss fights or anything like that. Probably save watching this 360_no_scope_montage until you finish the game or are done with it, it does have some spoilers.
  13. OH it was with my brother I think we had cheats turned on in the end. Or respawning.
  14. The only time I played SS3 was split screen, on a PC with dual monitors, two keyboards and two mice. It worked fine.