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Ben X

Wizard Jam 2016 Team Building Thread

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Sorry I hadn't checked the thread in a while so I missed this, but yes that's nice! I'd like it to start quitely tho. I want it slowly wafting in on the breeze as you drive through the desert, building up until it has the kinda intensity in that demo. :)


Looking forward to the jam starting in a couple days. I might be busy on Saturday but I'll get cracking on Sunday.

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Hello! I've never made a game or participated in a jam, so this is all rather New and Exciting™. I'd be interested in audio primarily, but I'm willing to help however I can (art or writing would probably be other fields?). Admittedly, I'm inexperienced in all of this, but no better time to learn than now right? :)


Timezone: Pacific, GMT -7

Contact is probably best via Slack (knight), what with notifications and all, but PM would probably work too!


I might try my hand at coding, probably something in Game Maker, but nothing solid on that front. Just an FYI.


Cheers! :)

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UPDATE: I signed on to work with a few folks, so probably can't take on any more at this time without overcommitting myself! Thanks!




Hello, I am not good at coming up with game ideas by myself but might be helpful to a team?


Best way to contact me is email: (my username) at, or PM


Timezone: Pacific


Skills: I'm a 2D artist and programmer.  I have a lot of programming experience, but am new to Unity.


Art examples: 

Unity examples:

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Hello everyone. Long time lurker, finally made an account this morning when I listened to Idle Thumbs and heard Wizard Jam was going on. Loving challenges, I wanted to join a team for the rest of the Jam


What can I bring? Unless we desperately need art, I can provide code in a very short time.


Contacting me is quite simple. Either a PM or adding me on Skype (same username), with a mention of the jam in the comment.


Timezone? What is that? (In all seriousness, I am currently running on EST.)


As far as the style goes, I can work on pretty much anything, as I either have experience with it or am always looking for new grounds to explore.


For any example of my work, just head on where everything I do is posted.


Don't hesitate to contact me for infos. Cheers

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I'm a little late to the party but I'd love to help out with sound effects and/ or music for something!


Here's an unedited (there's a bunch of silence at the beginning) demo of some of my sound design.

Here's some of my music though this is mostly my hip hop stuff.

What you bring to the team (Art, code, music, etc).

Sound Design and Music 

What you need for your team (Pixel art, C# code, 8-bit music, etc).

A team

The best way to contact you. (PM, E-mail, Slack, Twitter, etc.)

Twitter: @AlexBarnhartMA

Optional: Your timezone, for easier collaboration.



Optional: If you know what engine you're using, that might be handy for folks to know.

I vaguely know Unity

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Howdy! I'm writing a puzzle game with a number of variable endings and one big twist. I'm thinking less endings than Stanley Parable, but more than Life is Strange, you get me?


Pitch: You fade in on a top-down puzzle on the screen, a little man sprite on one end and a box on the other. You're applying for a job and they're using this puzzle to test your logic skills. A company representative talks to you over Skype to make sure you're doing okay, but you soon find that everything is not as it seems...


What I bring: Writing (dialogue, plot lines), voice-over work, some sound effect work (but need help with writing it into the code), puzzle design (but want this to be collaborative)


What I need: Designer, coder. Could be same person, but basically I need people to design the artwork/world/sprites and to write code. Aside from Python I can be little to no help here, but want the whole game development process to be collaborative.


Contact Info: Best is email (, but also Twitter (@sharkeqlsburger)


Timezone: Pacific (USA)


Engine: Depends...going top-down, so there's some good options out there but I'd rather the person who deals with engine most make that decision

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