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  1. [Help Needed] Change the Name to Game.

    Ah, shucks. Life has a tendency to get in the way. Haven't had time to work on this all along since last update. And with Wizard Jam ending today, I don't think I have enough time to finish stuff.
  2. [Help Needed] Change the Name to Game.

    Interesting ideas. I'll see if I can't add some of those. Slight update, back from work and done with Level 2 as well as some mechanic work for next levels.
  3. Starting from Name, the goal is to find a way to change it to Game. With only the first level done, I am a long way from a complete game but I believe I will be able to make at least a dozen levels if I don't start missing ideas by then. (Which I am.) The game will be basically a point-and-click puzzles, where you need to find the Name and change it to Game, with whatever method is available. Help needed I need help to complete this in time. There is two categories of help basically. I need artists if possible, to help me live up the levels. (As they are bland right now.) I also need level ideas. I have enough to do only half a dozen levels for now and I hope to do much more than that. If you have ideas for levels (and/or hints,) post them here or send me a pm (bonus points if the hints are references to other episode titles) Cheers!
  4. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    Nice progress, Future. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
  5. Wizard Jam 2016 Team Building Thread

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, finally made an account this morning when I listened to Idle Thumbs and heard Wizard Jam was going on. Loving challenges, I wanted to join a team for the rest of the Jam What can I bring? Unless we desperately need art, I can provide code in a very short time. Contacting me is quite simple. Either a PM or adding me on Skype (same username), with a mention of the jam in the comment. Timezone? What is that? (In all seriousness, I am currently running on EST.) As far as the style goes, I can work on pretty much anything, as I either have experience with it or am always looking for new grounds to explore. For any example of my work, just head on volvary.tumblr.com where everything I do is posted. Don't hesitate to contact me for infos. Cheers