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  1. [Release] Cool Blob Future

    Fixed the blob movement loop and added a sort of stylized loop for the big dog. Might work, might not. If we get it animated I'll create some mechanical footstep sounds. Also what kind of sound are you looking for with the human death sound? (other than the Wilhelm scream idea which scares me to even think about ). Don't know other than the vocalization what the rest of that sound should be like. As in what materials should I make it sounds like he's falling into. Or is the human vaporizing. That sort of thing.
  2. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Hey I'm a sound designer and would love to help out with audio assets for the game if you are planning on getting to that point by the end of the jam! Let me know and I can send you ideas that I have!
  3. Wizard Jam 2016 Team Building Thread

    I'm a little late to the party but I'd love to help out with sound effects and/ or music for something! Here's an unedited (there's a bunch of silence at the beginning) demo of some of my sound design. Here's some of my music though this is mostly my hip hop stuff. What you bring to the team (Art, code, music, etc). Sound Design and Music What you need for your team (Pixel art, C# code, 8-bit music, etc). A team The best way to contact you. (PM, E-mail, Slack, Twitter, etc.) Twitter: @AlexBarnhartMA Email: Optional: Your timezone, for easier collaboration. EST Optional: If you know what engine you're using, that might be handy for folks to know. I vaguely know Unity
  4. [Release] World of Blanks

    Hi, I know I'm a little late to the party but I'm a sound designer/composer and I'd love to help out with the audio portion of this. I heard I believe it was Nick talking about this on the podcast and it sounded really fun. Let me know if you're interested!