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  1. I don't have that much, let's see. Stuff I'm totally gonna play at some point, promise: ABZÜ Hard West House of the Dying Sun Kona Life is Strange Overgrowth Project CARS Renowned Explorers Stuff I might get around to eventually, we'll see: The Beginner's Guide MX vs ATV: Supercross Moon Hunters Subnautica Zombie Army Trilogy I'm probably not gonna play this: Stardew Valley Technobabylon
  2. Hey I hope the Jam is still gonna happen at some point! Tho actually I don't think I'll be making a game of my own this time, but I would like to make 3D models for other people's projects.
  3. After all the hype it got ITT, I went and poked at Medium a bit, and ended up spending a lot of the weekend with it. It's a lot of fun, and I was surprised by how enjoyable the tutorials were. There's something so mellow and relaxing about those VR sculpting classes that I'd recommend them even to folks with no interest in 3D modelling! Anyway, I've mostly just been making food. I also made breakfast, which was a bit more complex, but that video's not viewable in the US because of the Hank Williams tune I soundtracked it with.
  4. I've also been poking at VRTK for a few days. This is what I've made so far. Really pleased with how well the scope works.
  5. I've started VR development as well, integrating support into my Wizard Jam game In Search Of Paradise. Not sure yet on far I'm gonna take it. Might just add it as a free update to the existing game, or maybe I'll turn this into something more ambitious.
  6. Alrightey, I've had the Rift for 3 weeks, and finished 3 games. Reviews time! ADR1FT In this you play an astronaut whose station has had some sort of catastrophic accident. As you prepare for evac you'll need to travel to different parts of the ruined station. Along the way you find audiologs detailing the events leading up to the accident. The story and the voiceacting are very good. The gameplay is a tad monotonous with a lot of just floating slowly through space and the objectives are basically just a series of fetch quests. I did appreciate the complexity of the flight system though, with full controls over pitch/yaw/roll. The VR implementation is both good and bad. On the good side, it looks amazing, and really makes you feel like you're in a space movie, like 2001 or Gravity. On the bad side, this is one of the more nauseating games I've played with the Rift. I couldn't play for more than an hour at a time. Robo Recall There were times while I was playing this, when it felt like the most revolutionary action game I'd played since Max Payne. The very act of shooting things in VR is cool enough on it's own, but Robo Recall heaps so much added complexity on that core mechanic. It allows for experimentation on a similar scale as Epic's earlier Bulletstorm game. And I was initially skeptical of the teleportation movement, but after a while it felt like an obvious part of the game. Not a limitation of VR, but an essential power in your arsenal. That's me, kicking robo-butt. Yet, for all of that, Robo Recall is missing something. It's amazing as an experience, but not so much as a game. My play sessions rarely went for longer than a level at a time, and I was never really dying to get back into it. The story is too lightweight, and so is the challenge. I don't think I ever died in this game, only failed missions occasionally because I didn't recall robots fast enough. And though it initially looks like a AAA game, it's not. The entirety of it's 10 levels are spread out over the same 3 environments(which all look very similar). Reportedly it had a budget of under $10M. It's impressive what Epic has done here, and it shows the way for future VR shooters, but it's not the VR killer app we'd hoped for. Chronos In contrast to Robo Recall, this doesn't do much with VR(besides the occasional neat trick), but as a game it shines, at least if you're into Souls-alikes. Started playing this late last week and I've been spending several hours with it every day since, finished it last night. Unlike Dark Souls, you don't drop souls when you die, instead pressure to not fuck up is provided by the fact that your character ages one year every time you die. You start the game at age 18. I played on Medium and was in my mid-40's by the time I reached the end, but apparently you can play until your late 80's before it's over for good. The combat is very Souls-like, but it has considerably less complexity to it's systems. Only 7 weapons(IIRC), and 4 stats to level up. Also there's more focus on adventure gaming and puzzles solving. The story starts out so-so but gets increasingly interesting the further you get, and the ending is a real mind-fuck. Overall, yeah, I loved this.
  7. I watched the new Ghost In The Shell and I liked it GOD DAMMIT I've seen the '95 anime probably 20 times. It was a big inspiration on a young Henke who wanted to grow up to be an action movie director. It of course influenced lots of people, including the Wachowskis who cited it as a big influence for The Matrix. But beyond it's fantastic action scenes, it wasn't a perfect movie or anything. The plot was often slow and parts of it felt like you had to have read the manga to keep up, also the ending was pretty limp. While the new movie is so generic it likely won't influence any future generations of filmmakers, it does at least improve on the pacing and storytelling of the original. ScarJo does a great job and I felt much more connected to the Major's story here. The actionscenes? So-so. Visuals? Great. Overall it's a solid sci-fi action movie.
  8. I think if he was gonna get fired for the shitpost thing it would've been back when it happened, not half a year later when it's died down. And the Zenimax court case isn't really because of anything Luckey has done(as far as I can tell).
  9. What makes you think he was "thrown out"? The article doesn't say much about why he left.
  10. The Gaaaaame shack is a little ol' place where we can get togetheeeeerrrr GAME SHACK, BABY (game shack ba-hey-beeeee) I haven't listened to the episode yet.
  11. Ooooh, I'd forgotten about that one! Seems there is a hack to make it work with Rift. Gonna have to try it out when I get home today.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I ended up splurging on a GTX 1070! Just played a couple levels of Robo Recall and it was super smooth and SUPER GOOD!
  13. I got a Rift+Touch earlier this week! Woop woop! However, my GTX 960 isn't really up to the task. Some older games with VR support work fine (Assetto Corsa VR is very smooth even on high settings), but newer games like Robo Recall is LAG CITY. So, I'm in the market for a new card. RX 480 looks like very good value for money, or perhaps I'll spend a bit more and get a GTX 1070. What are cards are you using, fellow VR-ers, and how's the performance?
  14. Here's that flamethrower drone:
  15. Yeah I play GTA Online with friends every so often. The heists are great. The adversary modes are great. The downtime between missions are usually filled with fistfights and madcap hijinks. And after our sessions, I'll often start up the Rockstar Editor and make a video out of some captured snippet of action from one of our missions. Love that replay editor. More games should have them.