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  1. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    I wouldn't poo-poo that, it's useful stuff. There's ~700 games coming out on Steam every month, someone's gotta wade through all the crap to find the things worth paying attention to.
  2. WIZARD JAM 9 -- Welcome Thread

    I probably won't be taking part, but Nick's recommendations look like they could make for some great games.
  3. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    I agree with most of what you're saying, but I don't feel like Polygon's ratio of clickbait-to-good-stuff has changed that much over the years. It's always been like this. I take it just as part of the sad reality of trying to run a website funded by ads. Ben Kuchera's output is always the worst of it tho, and I wish they'd just get rid of him. I rarely make my way over to Kotaku, but I do like their youtube stuff. Particularly Highlight Reel and anything by Tim Rogers.
  4. Game Pass

    Yeah TNO was great, play it! TNC does have an extensive recap at the start, but I'd say you'll appreciate some of the character stuff more if you've played the first one.
  5. Game Pass

    Yeah I also picked it up when it was cheap. Got it until mid-September for just 2€. I'm on PC. I've played: Void Bastards - loved it. My GOTY so far. Wolfenstein 2 - I'm playing this right now. Liking it a lot. The writing maybe isn't great, but it sure isn't boring either. Some of the most insane plot-developments I've experienced in a game in a while. Sea of Thieves - I've done a couple sessions with a buddy, and I like it a lot, especially the sailing. Forza Horizon 4 - played a bunch of this when I tried the gamepass briefly last year. Wonderful driving physics. Also poked a bit at Metro Exodus, Gears 4, State of Decay 2, and Recoil, but they didn't do much for me. Next I'm gonna play The Messenger and Astroneer. Maybe I'll give Vampyr a go too.
  6. Recently completed video games

    Y'all still playin GAMES? Ya better believe I'm playing games. Here's some I've finished recently. Void Bastards - Probably my GOTY so far. Looks and plays great. Darkly funny. Lots of clever design choices. Feels kinda like Teleglitch or Strafe, so if you liked those, play this. American Fugitive - Like a modernized, rural, GTA 1. Great vehicle handling and "running from the law"-mechanics. Kinda likeable characters but forgettable story. I liked it tho! Clam Man - In this adventure game you play as a clam man named Clam Man who gets fired from his job at the mayonayse factory and then begins uncovering a vast conspiracy. It's good! Also finished since my last post: Return of the Obra Dinn, Titanfall 2, RDR2, A Short Hike, Momodora, COD:MW Remastered, Tacoma, and Beat Saber. ALL GOOD!
  7. Only listenened to ep 3 yet, but I like this! Fave recent trailer trend: letting one scene play out for most of it. IT 2, like you mentioned, but also Frozen 2 did this. In both cases I really like the part where it's just the one scene, and then kinda loose interest once it gets more generic trailery after that. Worst recent trailer trend: the 5 second mini-trailer for the trailer at the start of the trailer in every recent trailer. I get why it's there, with youtube letting you skip after 5 seconds and all, but I still don't like it.
  8. Yeah, Skyrim's requirements are very low though. Might wanna look at the requirements of some more modern games as well, in case you're planning on playing any games released this year or last.
  9. The Big VR Thread

    The biggest advantage of PC VR for me is that it's more open. Bigger game library, free games from itch.io, the chance to make my own VR games, use it for 3D modelling, and of course mod support. In the case of Beat Saber, the custom songs mod has extended the game's longevity HEAPS.
  10. The Big VR Thread

    Just like that, there's 3 new VR headsets just over the horizon. Thoughts. Oculus Quest: 449€ for 64GB version, 549€ for 128GB, ships: May 22 I think the Quest might be kind of a BIG DEAL. Self-contained, easy to use device with lots of great games. If any of these devices are going to take VR mainstream, this is the one. Oculus Rift S: 449€, ships: May 22 I'm not so sure about this one. A step forward from Rift in some ways, a step back in others. No external sensors means less cables and setup, but it might also mean less accurate tracking, especially when you swing your arms behind your back. Valve Index: 1079€, ships: latest June 28th If Valve are ever gonna release one of those 3 BIG VR TITLES they've been talking about, now would be the time. Not about to shell out of for this one, even though it looks like a decent step forward, but I look forward to seeing what new software comes along with it.
  11. This is turning into the Horizon Zero Dawn pile-on thread, but yeah I didn't like the characters either. Most of all Aloy herself. She's just too perfect. She's supposed to be this outcast but in all her interactions with people she's the smartest and most emotionally intelligent person in the room. A character with no flaws is just boring as hell. Even tho I didn't like GoW, at least they made Kratos feel like a real person, with real flaws. The moment that endeared me most to him wasn't any of the badass fight scenes he's in, but when he tells a story to his son.
  12. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Finished the main story last Thursday and the epilogue a few days later. Initially a bit disappointed that the epilogue (or the epilogue to the epilogue, for that matter) didn't feature Anyway, after that disappointment wore off I really enjoyed the epilogue, perhaps even more than the main story. It's much more focused and straightforward. Anyway, after the end credits rolled I wanted to let our hero settle down and take it easy, but I wasn't prepared to give up on my ramblin' ways, so I booted up the Red Dead Online, and thus begun... The Adventures of Loretta (and Lil' Horsey) So far I'm really enjoying Online, tho I don't interact with other players much, I'm mostly just treating it as an extension of the SP, doing missions on my own. The story isn't overlapping with the RDR2 story in any way I've noticed, but I was glad to see some familiar faces from RDR1 that don't show up in the main story.
  13. Oh I got a lot of these. From the past few years: Uncharted 4 - Played Uncharted 3 first, liked it a lot. Then 2, which felt kinda stale in comparison. Never played the first game. When 4 rolled around I mainly played it because of how much I'd loved The Last Of Us and wanted to see what Naughty Dog would do next. It never grabbed me. I dragged myself through the entire story, bored the whole time. In retrospect, I think one Uncharted game was enough for me, should've stopped after the first one. Horizon Zero Dawn - Yeah yeah it's pretty and competently made and all that, but it just feels like a repeat of a dozen other open world stealth-action games I've played in the past. Also the human stealth-bits aren't as good as in most other games of this style, and I'm not really into the whole monster hunter aspect of it. Dead Cells - It looks great and has been hyped to hell and back, but I'm just not feeling it, man. I don't think this kinda Spelunky-esque procedurally generated platformer thingy is my kinda thing. Speaking of which... Spelunky - Yeah I didn't like this either. God Of War - It's just that I don't like the combat and I don't like the parts inbetween the combat. I do like the characters tho, but not enough to keep playing, so after I failed the big round elevator-bit like 4 times in a row I was like fuuuuuuuck this and uninstalled.
  14. I initially just thought it was some kinda youtube-content-creating joke-game, but the more I see of it it does actually appear to have some tactical depth. I wanna play it myself now. RE:Tactics/Strategy: I really should've called the thread "looking for turn based tactics games", as that's what I'm more into.
  15. Half-Life 3

    Y'know Valve just announced a new VR headset that'll be releasing in June AND they've been talking about THREE BIG VR GAMES they're working on. It's not inconceivable that at least one of them will release alongside the new headset. We could very well be getting a new Valve game in June. I mean, probably not HL3, and it is in VR, but still. It's something.