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  1. Mordheim - XCOM meets Flail

    I tried this as well for a little bit, but it didn't click with me.
  2. There's a couple minutes of silence in the episode after 14:00.
  3. Recently completed video games

    Just finished POLLEN (~4 hours long). Playable in VR or regular monitor-o-vision. It's a sci-fi adventure where you're a technician sent to a remote spacebase but when you get there all kindsa weird shit has happened and you have to figure out what. There's audiologs, puzzles, mystery, all the usual stuff. One thing this game does very well, is object interaction, and setting up logical systems for how it's world works. Sometimes these objects and systems are used for puzzles, but very often they're simply there to make the world feel more real. In the below video I discover that a panel in the control room actually controls the locks on every door in the base. Game progress does not rely on using this panel to open any of the doors, but it was still fun to see that this system existed within the gameworld. Later on, down in the cargo bay there's plenty of tools you can pick up and use. Totally not necessary in any way, but the fact that when you hit the use button while holding a flashlight it actually flicks on and off is a small thrill. Being able to pick up and interact with non-essential objects is of course something that's been around for a long time, but this stuff feels especially nice in VR. So how's the game beyond just tinkering with random objects? It's ok! The touch-control implementation is a bit janky, but useable. Storywise, it gets off to kind of a hectic and messy start where it's difficult to take it all in, but once it slows down and starts letting you uncover the mystery at your own pace it's good. The ending was pretty great too.
  4. Road Trip Recommendations

    "Best Of Creedence Clearwater Revival" CD
  5. Yup, those levels do a good job of teaching the mechanics, and were enjoyable to play.
  6. Whatever z_bill's working on [Devlog]

    Oh no I got the bad ending, I think! I killed the captive and then the cowboy and got gunned down. I liked it tho!
  7. The Big VR Thread

    Oh cool, thanks for the feedback! I'm kinda surprised it worked at all. Did the in-car view work as well? It didn't put the camera on top of the car or anything? And when you run it does it start up the SteamVR pop-up thingy? Not sure what might be causing nausea with the chase-cam. I'm quite prone to VR-sickness myself but I haven't felt it with this.
  8. Recently completed video games

    I'm probably in the minority but I greatly enjoyed the Syndicate FPS, enough so that I even played through it twice. It's my 3rd favourite Starbreeze game, after Riddick and Brothers. That's right, it was BETTER THAN THE DARKNESS. There, I said it. And the dubstep version of the theme is... bad ass. Agreed on the story though, it's a buncha nonsense. Have you played Satellite Reign, Kolzig? I played through most of it in singleplayer, and am currently co-opping through it with some friends. Strongly Syndicate-influenced in it's look, tho it plays more like Commandos, which I'm perfectly fine with.
  9. The Big VR Thread

    Hey folks I'm making a VR version of my Wizard Jam game In Search Of Paradise and I need testers! In Search Of Paradise Beta v0.4 (86MB) Works with Oculus Rift. Mayyyybe works with Vive? I checked Oculus and OpenVR SDKs when I built it, dunno if that actually does anything. Would love if someone with a Vive could download and see if anything happens at all when you launch it. But I suspect I'll eventually have to make a separate build for Vive. In it's current state the game is complete, with a beginning, middle and end. Only major issue is that vehicle velocity does not reset to zero when loading a checkpoint or restarting, so it'll have the same momentum as it did before the load and thus might end up flying all over the place after you've loaded. Working on a fix for this. Also of course there's plenty of spit n polish I still need to do, gague texts, better sun flare, gas station text issues, etc. But let me know if you find anything major. All suggestions and feedback are welcome!
  10. Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9

    Oh wow. Btw, if anyone is interested in picking this game up (for some reason), it's currently in the BTA tier of the Saint's Row bundle. I thought the LA Game Space bundle turned out ok. I had fun playing Alphabet and Perfect Stride, but best of the bunch was definitely Videoheroes. Wish they'd expand it. Might work great as a VR game actually.
  11. Recently completed video games

    Hey I played through The Beginner's Guide last week as well. Tho I'd spoiled it for myself by watching an Errant Signal video, I still liked it a lot. Actually liked it better than the Stanley Parable. Just finished Lone Echo. A VR game where you play an android aboard the Kronos II spacestation. Your captain is Olivia Rhodes, and in the days leading up to her reassignment to another station, a catastrophic spaceevent happens, she goes missing, and you set out to find her. This might just be my favourite game of the year so far. Partly because the story is gripping, well-paced, and the characters are great. Partly because of the gameplay and locomotion-systems. I love spacegames where you're more of a bluecollar space-worker than a commando, and this is exactly that. The tasks you perform are quite menial, but the zero-G movement system makes them a ton of fun. By mapping movement to your hands, which are motion-tracked, instead of more abstract movement-by-thumbstick, the developers have managed to produce a locomotion system that both feels incredibly natural and is completely nausea-free. In my playthrough I did encounter a bug or two, and one point where the game kept crashing until I cranked graphics down to low. So, while I'll absolutely recommend this to anyone with a VR headset, perhaps wait a week or two for the first patches to iron things out. I see a lot of reports of the game's length being 4 hours, but mine ended at just under 6 hours, and I know I missed a lot of optional content near the start. Anyway, wonderful game.
  12. Orbit Golf

    Oooooh, this is a good idea! I like this kinda physicsy puzzle stuff, and you can just tell by looking at this that it's going to be fun to play with. The input here seems simple enough that this could even work as a smartphone game. If you need a beta tester, send me a PM!
  13. The Big VR Thread

    I went on itch.io to search for VR games and look what I found! LOOK! It's a reverse-Super Hexagon in 3D! In VR! And it's free! https://bitsurfer.itch.io/intrascend-vr (although give the dev a few bucks if you like it) I also found this pretty cool VR FPS called Compound.
  14. The Big VR Thread

    Since launch the Vive has slimmed down a bit in weight a bit to more closely match the Rift, and Rift has added touch controllers and room-scale, so at this point they're more or less identical, hardware-wise.
  15. The Big VR Thread

    Oh that's a shame. I played a bunch of the Echo Arena beta, both this weekend and the earlier one. Never had any trouble getting into matches either. Anyway, it's great stuff in a kinda Rocket League-ish way. I have a lot of fun playing it but whenever I get my hands on the disc I'm too excited to do anything useful with it.