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  1. Amazing thread title. Also I'm not gonna play this.
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Not to start another Pizza Tonight debacle, but... (skip to 2:05) When Toadette clears a level she is saying "He-heee! Who cares!", right?
  3. Half-Life 3

    Having Half-Life 3 as one of your favourite games is very defiant.
  4. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    Just played with this for half an hour. It's really something.
  5. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    I built the chocolate! Yay.
  6. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    Great work as usual Nappi. Slick presentation and really mesmerizing gameplay. Now I kinda wanna try to make something like this in VR. A thing where you shape the flow of particles drifting through the air by waving your hands around could be suuuuuuuper trippy.
  7. This is freakin' sublime! I don't wanna say anything lest I spoil anything, EVERYONE JUST GO PLAY IT NOW! My highest score was 27.
  8. Netflix Originals

    So this POLAR thing, eh? I'm kinda surprised by the huge divide between critics and user-scores on this one. It has a 18% on metacritic, but 7.0 from users, and a 6.4 on imdb. It's a film where Mads Mikkelsen plays a retired hitman who gets pulled back in for oooone laaaast jooooob. Based on a comic book. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund who is best known as a musicvideo director(Madonna's "Ray Of Light", and Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" are among his more well-known videos). I watched it when it came out on Friday, and... it's kinda all over the place. It has all these weird characters, like it's trying to be funny, but without actually having any jokes. Kinda feels like it's trying to be a bizarro-John Wick. The actionscenes aren't Wick-level or anything, but they were still pretty entertaining. The tone is all over the place, from goofy to grim, but Åkerlund is no Tarantino, so it just feels weird. Mads was good, and had some nice little character-moments here and there. Overall, I didn't hate it.
  9. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    Thumbs up for the thread title. Only RE game I've played all the way through is RE4, only ever played the demo of RE2 back in the day. This new version does look neat tho.
  10. [Dev Log] In The Shade of the Puffin

    That's a damn fine gecko!
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Ah, didn't realize they were different games. The last 2D Mario I played was SMB3 circa 2002 and before that the GameBoy Marios in the early 90's. I'm also at the Soda Jungle now and I totally agree with you about the inertia. I replayed Celeste not long before starting up NSMB and the contrast is stark. I feel much more in control when playing Celeste. I'm still enjoying this though. Also this Tim Rogers video is good stuff.
  12. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Two of my favourite Wizard Jammers making a game? Consider me HYPED!
  13. [Dev Log] In The Shade of the Puffin

    Good Puffin content and welcome to the forums! I'm having kind of a hard time envisioning how this'll play. Mainly about staying in the shade of Puffins running back and forth, might it not make more sense to have the Puffins' flying overhead? So you'd see their wings-spread silhouette on the ground and have to stay within it? Anyway, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  14. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    When New Super Mario Bros came out for the DS in 2006 I said "boy, that name is sure to age poorly! It won't be so "New" in 10 years, EH?". Welp, seem Nintendo has gotten around that by re-releasing it every few years, first for the Wii, then Wii U, and today New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is coming out on the Switch. This game will always be NEW! IT WILL NEVER AGE!!! CIVILIZATIONS WILL CRUMBLE INTO DUST BUT NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I haven't played any of the previous versions so I picked it up for the Switch, looking forward to getting into it over the weekend.
  15. Netflix Originals

    Vulture has ranked all of Netflix's original movies. I've watched quite a few of these, even on the crap-end of the scale. I'd say around #120 they get to the stuff I'd call "watchable", like Ibiza and The Incredible Jessica James. In the top 10 I loved Shrikers, The Meyerowitz Stories and Buster Scruggs. Okja and Roma I liked well enough, but The Other Side of the Wind I turned off 30 minutes in. Gotta check out the rest of the top 10. Also I totally forgot that The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, a dramedy starring Josh Brolin and Danny McBride, came out this year, gotta add that to my top 10 list. My top 10 Netflix movies of 2018 (final list): 1. Annihilation (not on Vulture's list since I guess it was only primarly distributed by Netflix in Europe? I'm still counting it tho!) 2. The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs 3. Shirkers 4. Us And Them 5. Roma 6. A Futile And Stupid Gesture 7. Apostle 8. Ibiza 9. Manhunt 10. The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter