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  1. OK I JUST PRESSED THE BIG BUTTON! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1133590/Stilt_Fella/ And with that, this thing I've been working on for the last year is now a thing which people can buy on Steam. I'm exhausted. I need to go for a walk and clear my head.
  2. I've set a date, February 26! Get hyped and wishlist plz: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1133590/Stilt_Fella/
  3. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Nice. I did give it another go with the new update but I think I only got +4 or so. Oh, one small last change I thought of: pressing "continue" with spacebar, that way the whole round would be playable with keyboard.
  4. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    And that is how it's done.
  5. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Ok this is a remarkably solid golf game. The gameplay is tight and I love the commentary. My first round. I didn't quite get a good grip on the controls until hole 2. edit: played another round, on Intermediate and got a score of +1, just below Par! Suggestions: -change clubs with up/down arrows. -when putting there should be a minimum distance that the ball will always go, even if you just double-tap the shoot button because you're really close to the hole and don't wanna over-do it. -add 9 more holes and release it on Steam. I'll definitely buy it! The Thumbs would probably be cool with lending their voices/likeness to the game if you asked nicely.
  6. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Ooooh yes, I remember some other game having this issue as well. I'm using Swedish keyboard. edit: ok yeah, the new version works!
  7. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Same for me. :/ Output_log attached, in case that's of any use. output_log.txt
  8. [Release] Pause Screen From Battletoads 2!

    Hey, this was featured on Alpha Beta Gamer, congrats! Just gave it a whirl. Very inventive! I got stuck in the 3D part tho.
  9. [Dev Log] The Eyes In Search of Paradise

    Very cool! This sounds fun, and a good re-use the RM tech. Those clouds look gorgeous. I could send you a model of the guy from A Good One, if you want. Do you need him posed as sitting in an airplane seat? Or are all the characters just hanging out in the cargo hold or whatever? Hell, maybe Tennis Toad should come along for the ride?
  10. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    HOLE-y shit that looks great.
  11. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    OH YEAH MAN I WANNA BE HOLIN' IT WITH BEPPO!! Seriously, I like 2D golf games so I am hyped about this.
  12. Netflix Originals

    Updated list: Marriage Story the best 2019 Netflix original. Tho I haven't seen their latest one, 2Popez. Shirkers was indeed an original as well, a 2018 one. I recently rewatched it, it was great. Wonderful soundtrack too.
  13. Remember when I said I was gonna release this before the end of the year? I LIED! Now that I'm a professional game developer there's nothing I love more than LYING TO CONSUMERS! MUAHAHAHAHAHA it makes me feel SO GOOD! Seriously tho, turns out making games takes longer than you'd think. Currently aiming for an early 2020 release, here's a new trailer. These past couple weeks I made some big improvements to the physics. The game feels better to play now and I managed to get rid of some annoying glitches that's been haunting the game for a long time. I also added the IRON FELLA mode, where you must play through the entire game without falling once! Still to do: -a few more levels. -some sound improvements. -localizations. -SUPER SECRET FEATURE THAT MIGHT NOT WORK OUT -Final marketing push (me shouting at people on forums to buy the game) It's close. Real close. Stay hyped and wishlist on Steam!
  14. My appologies to Mington in that other thread. I thought he was being overly doomy and gloomy, but he was right! Man, this Valve open structure thing. I'm sure it's great for people who work there, but it doesn't seem especially great for maintaining focus or actually finishing projects.