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  1. Man, this show is always eye-opening. Loved the discussion about looking critically at entertainment. I'm totally on the non-critical end of things. I take stories as just stories, and characters' values as just their values, not something that should apply to my life/worldview. But Rob's talk about how cop-shows influence public perception of police rings true. I'm glad someone is looking critically at this stuff. I have a hard time buying that this would be a preferable way of consuming entertainment tho, mostly it just looks like a good way of talking yourself out of enjoying things.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very pretty game. And also I just finished it. Both the stealth-action and the actual tomb raiding are an improvement on the 2013 game. The story is... so-so. Overall it's a good time!
  3. The hilarious Human: Fall Flat

    Naah I think it's well-balanced. It's viable enough to be possible if you absolutely can't do the puzzle the proper way, but if it was any easier to just bypass any puzzle the whole thing would start to feel a bit meaningless.
  4. [Dev Log] Get Hoisted

    I'm very excited to play this. It's looking great.
  5. The hilarious Human: Fall Flat

    Plenty of the puzzles allow for different solutions! There's quite a few I've done one way then seen youtubers do it another way and go "ooooooh was that the correct solution?" Here's me and a couple buddies doing the Aztec level.
  6. Xbox 360

    You'll probably have to use US or UK DNS codes to get to that stuff. Free codes can usually be found around the net tho they don't always work well. You can also shell out 5 bucks a month for something like UnblockUS, which'll do it for you. Also it's of dubious legality. And you didn't hear about it from me. My HBO Nordic subscription is running out this week and I was thinking about giving the Amazon Prime trial a go myself (on PS4). Looks like they got some good shows on there. The Grand Tour, One Mississippi, The Tick!
  7. The hilarious Human: Fall Flat

    I played through it solo a few months back and yesterday I finished it again in co-op with a couple friends. It's a wonderful game and I'm glad it's finally getting the attention it deserves. On the surface it might just look like just yet another physics hassle game, but there's actually a lot of thought and ingenuity put into the puzzles and levels. Nope, but I can say that on PC I felt it controlled better with M+KB than gamepad.
  8. Here's the GTA Online story: https://kotaku.com/gta-online-updates-push-crime-into-the-suburbs-frustra-1797737125
  9. A message to all Twin Peaks fans

    Someone's making a Twin Peaks fan-film detailing what happened to Annie, and they're wondering if maybe you wouldn't mind chipping in a few bucks to make this happen.
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Shitkid is the shit, kid. Get a loada 1:03. The swagger!
  11. BRECKON VS THE MOUNTAIN Game starts at 8:45. Nick finally makes it up the Devil's Chimney at 1:30:35.
  12. The Fall

    Wow, yeah, that's quite different from the original. Still interesting though.
  13. These Idle Weekend episodes are coming out so fast now they don't even have time to post threads! Love having a new episode every week. Keep it up, guys!
  14. Star Wars Episode 8

    The MRAs have outdone themselves this time. I didn't think they'd be able to freak out in a more hilarious fashion than the "Cuck Ball" rant from TFA, but they've really stepped their game up. Amazing.

    Yeah I really liked both the VR and non-VR versions of the game. Didn't have any trouble telling if a bullet was gonna hit me. My only complaint is that the story is pretty generic.