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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    I saw it last weekend. The whole thing looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is pretty great. I liked K and Joi's scenes, and the Luv-character. I thought Deckard's scenes were a bit of a drag tho, and Wallace was pretty bleh. Overall? It's... fine. Which is also how I felt about the original, so WORTHY SEQUEL I guess!
  2. At long last, it is complete. Enjoy. https://henke.itch.io/in-search-of-paradise-2017-edition
  3. Running a tad late, but... In Search of Paradise (2017 Edition) HAS GONE GOLD! Wrapped up the final things today. VR and non-VR builds have been built. Tomorrow I get up early and make a website and a trailer. Aiming for a release around noon.
  4. This probably the fastest speedrun of it so far. 13 minutes! :U 3:40 is as far as I made it in my attempt, didn't realize you should go to the right at that point, I was trying to make it up the slide to the left, which is seemingly impossible. Then I messed up and fell all the way back to the start. :| Ahahaha 6:30 is evil! Bet that caused plenty of mad flailing and setbacks to those who made it there.
  5. Youtube Appointment Viewing

    Really3D shows what your favourite old TV shows and video games would look like in GLORIOUS 3D!
  6. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Thanks for the answers, miffy and Twig! Hmm yeah, that's more or less what I was expecting really. Still interested in the Switch tho. I think the main thing holding me back at the moment is feeling like I have too many games to play on the systems I already own, and getting yet another one would be plain irresponsible!
  7. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Questions for you Nintendo gamers: 1. Are there a lot of sales/discounts for Nintendo games? What's the situation like compared to Steam/PS4's Store? 2. What's the backward compatibility and HD-remakes-situation on Switch like? Any chance I could play Super Mario Galaxy on it at some point? I haven't owned a Nintendo system since the original GameBoy, but Breath of the Wild, Oddysey, and Rabbids are making this new device very tempting. Also, I don't travel a lot, but when I do it would be nice to have something beefier than my iPad to play games on.
  8. I made it to the kid on the slide. Then I fell all the way back down. All. The. Way.
  9. This thing is out now, and this is my attempt at getting over it. That narrow passage with the lanterns is the worst. I've figured out that you have to use the lanters to climb up, I even managed to get above the second one once, but then quickly panicked and tumbled back down. This game is brutal. So, beyond this and ROTTR, how's the latest Humble Monthly? Well, Scanner Sombre looks interesting, especially since it has VR support now. And Seasons After Fall looks like some solid platforming, but I'm not too interested in any of this other stuff. If anyone wants these keys, let me know: Wargame: Red Dragon Orwell Furi The Shrouded Isle
  10. Heh, indeed. Ok, Chris K, it does look alright. I'll keep an eye out once it's released. osmosisch, I don't have a Switch, but I'll definitely pick up Mario Rabbids if I do get one. It looks like a good time. So, what strategygames have I played in the year since I made this thread? Time to pass some JUDGEMENT. Skyshine's Bedlam - rolled through my first game, no problemo. Ok, but not fun enough to give it a second go on a harder difficulty. The Banner Saga - nope, this didn't do it for me. Too much text and story, and the combat is too sparse, and not fun enough. Mordheim: City of the Damned - uses a kinda Valkyria Chronicles-esque system, but it just didn't grab me. Chroma Squad - in this one you lead a crew of out-of-work stuntmen as you record a low-budget Power Rangers-esque TV show. Performing well in the fightscenes leads to more viewers and more money, meaning you can improve your TV studio and spend money on better equipment and special effects. Very cool concept. I liked this well enough to play 5 hours of it, tho I never finished it. Satellite Reign - Plays a lot like a cyberpunk-flavored Commandos. Crappy story. The missions are more or less all the same procedure of sneak/shoot your way into a place, steal something, get out. Even so, the gameplay is strong enough that I gladly played through 95% of the game, then stopped right before the final mission was about to start. Came back a few months later with friends, started over, and co-opped the whole thing through. Solid game, enjoyed it a lot! Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Plays a lot like a samurai-flavored Commandos. Great story and characters, and good variety to the missions. Loved it! Hard West - Starts off strong, with a good, dark narrative, but the peculiarities of the gameplay soon drove me away. Renowned Explorers - Does some interesting things, but, eh, not my cup of tea really. Darkest Dungeon - recently picked this up for the iPad so I'd have something to play on a trip. Well, I've had a couple forays into those dungeons or whatever and I don't feel like going back. It's not doing much for me, tho the iOS port isn't great either. Eh...
  11. Oh god, now I'm just looking at Father Ted clips on youtube. I'm supposed to be working dammit.
  12. Yes definitely play Zeno Clash instead of Zeno Clash 2. I can't exactly put a finger on why, but the sequel just felt soulless.
  13. Guess you Steam top 10 most played

    I played through it twice, plus did all the sidequests and spent some time with the Chain & Gain challenge mode. I have a complicated relationship with the series. Thief 2 is one of my all-time faves. Thief 3 was a huge disappointment. By the time Thi4f rolled around, from a different team and with myriad changes in the gameplay from classic Thief, my expectations were not high. Still, I played it and... well, ended up having a real good time! It's certainly not perfect. The narrative is a mess and the level design is really only good in the middle portion of the game. But I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. A solid 7/10 stealthgame!
  14. Guess you Steam top 10 most played

    I checked it not too long ago, so I'm mostly doing it from memory: 1. Bioshock Infinite (explanation for this travesty further down) 2. Frozen Synapse 3. Dark Souls 4. FTL 5. Dark Souls 2 6. Invisible Inc. 7. Valkyria Chronicles 8. Spintires 9. Euro Truck Simulator 2 10. Thief (yes, the new one. no really) For the record, my one playthrough of Bioshock Infinite was more like 12 hours long. The 180 hour status is some kinda smear attack by Steam upon my gamer credit! And FTL and Valkyria Chronicles were #11 and #12 on my actual list, but I was wayyyy off on ETS2(38h) and Invisible Inc(24h). XCOM, DXHR, FC3 and Dead Island tho? Oh yeah, I remember those. They were fun!