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  1. The threat of Big Dog

    Behold our future. Our sexy, sexy future.
  2. Episode 449: Frozen Synapse 2

    Good ep, liked hearing the Thumb's takes on the single player campaign. It sure is a lot more opaque and complex than the first game's campaign(and for that reason I'd recommend new players start with the first game). This game really needs a wiki, because I've been having A LOT of questions, thankfully the Steam forums have been a big help. I'm ~28h into the campaign and I'm not sure when this thing is gonna end. IIRC something was mentioned about needing to collect 10 Relics near the start of the game, but I have 11 of them by now and this thing is still going! I haven't had any issues with the story not aligning to my choices, but I think that's mostly because I've been playing super-diplomatically, never fighting any other factions unless it's part of a story mission or if they attack me. The only contracts I've taken on has been attacking Raiders and delivering parcels. Since the campaign is so opaque and info about the game is still scarce online, how about we POOL OUR RESOURCES and share some HOT GAMER TIPS. Here's a few things I've picked up so far: The default HQ is on the edge of the map and thus very far from most things you might like to do. Get an office in a more central location as soon as possible. Size doesn't seem to matter, so get a cheap one. Don't feel like you have to do every incursion, you can skip a lot of them and still be ahead of the other factions. One thing that really sucks is having to give up on a contract (and thus losing money) because something urgent (like a nearby incursion) popped up while you were on your way to the job. So before accepting a contract, send your squad to the street just outside the mission-location, then accept. Also if you're making your way back to base with a Relic and a buncha loot, don't just send them straight back to base if there's a bunch of checkpoints in the way, take the long way around instead. If some of your units need to heal, create a separate "healing squad" for them so they can stay behind and get better even if you have to send their regular squad out. To use rockets and grenades you need to purchase a heavy weapons license, check under the Services tab. It's also worth upgrading the travel-license so you can move faster around the map.
  3. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Yeah I was surprised by how much the forum-activity dried up when the pods stopped coming. I figured forumites would hang around this place regardless, but I guess it is in large part the episodes that keeps people coming back here. I still usually swing by at least once per day on my daily stroll through the internet. Of course, I'm relatively new here so I couldn't really say what's normal for this place. Elders, have there been droughts like this before?
  4. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    They've really been putting the "Idle" in Idle Thumbs recently!
  5. Recently completed video games

    Here's something that should be right up most Idle Thumbers' alleys. Florence, the latest game from the folks behind Monument Valley. It's short but sweet. Well worth picking up for anyone who has an iOS/Android device, 4 bucks, and a heart. Uhhh what else have I played recently lets see Dishonored 2 - GOOD! Budget Cuts - flawed but occasionally great. Distance - very cool!
  6. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    New Super Mario Brothers U! Yeah, I wanna play that.
  7. The Big VR Thread

    Played through Budget Cuts over the last couple days. Budget Cuts Review Well, this is kind of a mess. But at least it's an interesting mess. First off, the stealth gameplay is pretty crap. Early on the game arms you with knives and encourages you to throw them at baddies. If you've ever throw anything in VR you'll know it's difficult to do so with any kind of precision. Worse still, if you somehow do manage to hit an alerted robot before they blast a hole in your skull, you're likely to find that they don't go down unless you get a freakin' headshot. In other words it's next to impossible to kill enemies by throwing stuff at them. This, combined with the rough checkpointing which means you might have to replay a hefty chunk of the level when you inevitably fail means you'll likely give up on throwing things in a hurry. The other option for taking down enemies is getting close enough to simply stab them in the head with a knife, but unfortunately a quirk of the game's teleportation system means that often any knives you have drawn when teleporting will go involutarily flying out of your hands when you teleport. So to pull off a sucessfull stab you'll have to teleport next to an enemy, open you inventory, equip a knife, and then stab him in the head before he puts a hole in YOUR head. It's wonky and unreliable. A much more viable tactic is to simply pop your head around the corner, let a robot spot you, duck back, then wait till they come running around the corner so you can put a knife in their head. Yeah, it's cheesing, but the prospect of having reload the game yet againmeant I often resorted to it. There's also a lot of hunkering down to squeeze into vents, which gets old (and hard on your knees) fast. So, besides the terrible steath, how's the game? Pretty good! It's very charming, the robots are very funny, and the narrative kept me hooked. There's also some nice puzzles sprinkled throughout, and they fit naturally into the leveldesign. The game's strongest part is probably the final level, which is terrifyingand great. I'm a huge coward when it comes to horror in VR. To it's credit, this level doesn't resort to any jumpscares, it's entirely systems-driven. Despite that I wussed out TWICE before I finally worked up the nerves to go back and finish it on my third attempt, tho I did have to pause and look up a walkthrough to figure out how to beat that part. After that, the game ends very abruptly on a "To be continued...". The end credits are awesome tho. Total playtime: just under 5 hours. So, yeah, kind of a mess. Not recommending it at full price, but maybe when it's half-off. -------------------- Besides that, my VR gaming of late has been a bunch more Beat Saber and, oh yes, American Truck Simulator! A friend got me the New Mexico DLC for my b-day so it was time to get back on the road. Cheesy country music is requirement for quality truckin'!
  8. Sure have! It was good, but I didn't get into it as much as FTL. Pretty much just finished it on Normal and never came back to it. Also recently bought Flotilla 2, but due to a bug where it's only playable with the left Touch-controller on Oculus Rift I've been unable to enjoy it. Chung tried to fix it, but to no avail. :| However I am HYPED for Frozen Synapse 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 4 coming out over the next couple weeks!
  9. [Dev Log] Grease Monkeys

    Looks good!
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Haven't seen the film yet but I do love the album of the same name. The album from a few years ago, that is, not the new soundtrack album. I mean I don't DON'T love the soundtrack album, I just haven't listened to it yet! Jeez, why'd he have to re-use the same title? Now for something completely different. I've been listening a lot to the Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast lately, and through it I discovered Tom T Hall. I love country music. I love this sad and sincere and slightly cheesy stuff. <3
  11. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yup, that looks fantastic. Lots of lovely little details. Combat looks great, driving looks good. I'm hyped! Would you actually want a morality system? Personally I don't like those. I like that the in-game factions will react differently to you depending on past interactions, but I don't want a morality slider telling me if I'm a good boy or a bad boy. I know what kind of boy I am, TYVM!
  12. The Big VR Thread

    I loved Ultrawings! Finished it on the Oculus Rift a year ago. A few months ago I had the chance to play a bit of it on the Oculus Go, and even on that stripped-down system it worked quite well.
  13. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    Yeah it's a good one. I liked the driving and the stealth-action a lot too. Only thing I had against it was the lack of mission variety. It starts off with that cool bank-robbery mission, but after that pretty much every mission follows the formula of "sneak/shoot your way into a place, kill the boss". The core gameplay is solid enough that despite this, I did stick with it till the end.
  14. The Big VR Thread

    There's some sort of track editor where users make the beatmaps, then in-game you can scroll through and download individual tracks. As for if it needs to be VR? It definitely needs motion controls. The head-tracking is only needed for the parts where you have to duck under or sidestep obstacles. If you wanted to make a non-VR version, I suppose a slightly stripped-down version that uses PS Move could work as well.
  15. The Big VR Thread

    Still playing Beat Saber every day. The mod that lets you add custom songs is awesome. Here's some of my faves: As usual with user made tracks, the quality is all over the place, but for anyone looking to get into this I recommend you check out the users Rustic, Freeek, BennyDaBeast and GreatYazer. Their tracks are usually as good as the official tracks.