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  1. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    Yeah, I'm not crazy about that either. Luckily it seems Ashen is only a timed exclusive, and I'm guessing the same is true for most 3rd party exclusives. I can't blame them for keeping their in-house titles(Fortnite) exclusively on their own launcher tho. It's pretty much inevitable that toxic elements are gonna slip in on a platform as big as Steam. It's not great, but as far as I'm concerned the positives of letting users post/communicate far outweigh the negatives.
  2. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    Just fired up the Epic Games Launcher for the first time in ages to check it out. Seems they'll be giving away a free game every 2 weeks. Starting the 14th you'll be able to get Subnautica, and 2 weeks after that Super Meat Boy. That's a clever ploy to get people onboard. Feature-wise it seems extremely barebones. No reviews, scores, forums, etc.
  3. Recently completed video games

    Recently completed games round-up! Fade To Black This lesser-known sequel to Flashback came out in 1995, I played it back then but could never make it past the first level. After Flashback showed up on GOG the other week I felt the strange urge to go back to this thing and see if my aged gamer skillz might let me progress further this time, ended up playing through the whole thing over a few days. The graphics actually look kinda cool in a retro way, but the controls have not aged as well(for instance, the jump key is J and it's unrebindable), I also had to play the entire thing on keyboard because while it does support mouse-input, the control layout pretty much means you'd need 3 hands to comfortably play it with M+KB. Although it looks like an action game, the cumbersome movement and rough difficulty makes it feel more like a survival horror game. It's pretty wonky, but interesting enough that I couldn't stop playing. Steel Rats Sidescrolling motorbike action that kinda feels like a mix between Trials and Sonic. Length and pacing felt appropriate. Game was pretty easy, aside from 2-3 difficulty spikes. End bossfight was quite tepid, story bleh. The gameplay's fun though! Kathy Rain Just finished this! I liked the characters and story, and it had some pretty good puzzling.
  4. The audio is definitely better! I've never played this game (or any Zeldas before BOTW) so I have no idea what's been randomized or modded here. Except I'm like 99% sure that's not Link's original outfit. ¬_¬
  5. Kickstarters

    Damn osmosisch, that's a lot of games! I've played several of those. Actually had a lot of fun with Satellite Reign and Hyper Light Drifter as well.
  6. Kickstarters

    I played a bit of Broken Age when it was in PS+, but it didn't do much for me. :| In general I get the sense that backing projects by legendary devs usually turn out to be a disappointment. See: Star Citizen, Godus, Mighty No. 9, Underworld Ascendant, everything by Double Fine. Shenmue 3 is probably headed that way too. My personal rules for what to back: -There has to be a playable demo or at least convincing in-game footage. Flowery descriptions and concept art ain't gonna cut it. -Only back projects which might have a hard time meeting the target. No point backing these super-popular projects that fly past their target in a few days. It's safer to just wait for release and reviews on those. -I only back at the basic "digital download" level, because I'm not just backing so the dev can "follow their dreams", I expect to actually see a return for my investment in the form of a finished game.
  7. Kickstarters

    RE: Giana Sisters. It's just one of those games (like Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn) where I really can't fault the game on any level, it just left me cold and disinterested.
  8. Kickstarters

    You folks back any Kickstarter projects? How have they worked out? I was playing the Early Access version of one of my latest backed projects, Consortium: The Tower, this weekend and figured it was time I took stock of my investments and see how this whole thing has turned out. Giana Sisters Backed: 2012 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: Released very quickly, perhaps even on schedule, which is unusual for KS projects. It was a robust platformer, but kinda soulless and I couldn't be bothered playing very far. Distance Backed: 2012 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: Backed this arcade racer purely because of how much enjoyment I'd gotten out of it's free prequel Nitronic Rush, and Distance certainly lived up. Finally came out of EA this September. LA Game Space Bundle Backed: 2012 | Status: Partially released | Contentment level: We got a pile of half-finished experiments out of this, but there were a few gems in there. It's a shame VideoheroeS never turned into a full-fledged release, it had real potential. Sui Generis Backed: 2012 | Status: Early Access | Contentment level: This morphed into a spin-off-prequel called Exanima, which is still in Early Access. I've had a lot of fun with it though and I love seeing how it develops. Spintires Backed: 2013 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: This is my favourite KS project. Yes, the development has been bumpy, with frequent clashes between the developer and the publisher, but those things are in the past. This is head and shoulders above any other offroading game out there, and with the game's latest incarnation Spintires:Mudrunner at new home Focus Interactive, there's nothing but blue skies and muddy dirtroads ahead! KÔNA Backed: 2014 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: An interesting first person mystery that came to an abrupt halt when the development time and budget ran out. They call it a "full release" but, eh. Convoy Backed: 2014 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: A Mad Max-style FTL-alike. It was alright. STRAFE Backed: 2015 | Status: Fully released | Contentment level: Roguelite FPS that was a lot of fun. Wildfire Backed: 2015 | Status: In Development | Contentment level: This 2D stealth platformer seems like it gets more and more ambitious with each new backer email. I guess I'll wait and see. Consortium: The Tower Backed: 2016 | Status: Early Access | Contentment level: I backed this super-ambitious Immersive Sim on Fig after the KS failed. I just played the Early Access version and it swings wildly between very impressive and polished to dull and half-baked. I don't know where this is gonna go, but I'm glued to my seat watching the development. The Good Life Backed: 2018 | Status: In Development | Contentment level: I enjoyed the demo of Swery's new game and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. OVERALL VERDICT: Interesting mediocrities with a few bright spots! Tell me of your backed projects! Have you gotten your money's worth?
  9. Netflix Originals

    THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, GAW DAMN! It's a series of short stories. It starts off good, and then you think "ok, they start off with the good stuff, right?" NOPE, coz then it gets BETTER. The Tom Waits and Zoe Kazan segments were my favourite. Also I, uh... may have developed a bit of mancrush on Bill Heck. :|
  10. It picks up where The Defenders ended, but aside from that it's very self-contained. The other Defenders are barely even mentioned. It also feels much more like a sequel to Daredevil S1 than S2.
  11. Netflix Originals

    I'd blissfully forgotten about Mute, only made it about a half hour into it before I turned it off. I liked The Get Down's first season, but couldn't be bothered with the second after a couple episodes. Ok I gotta add this to my list. The rom-com setup isn't enticing me, but I've heard enough hype that it warrants a look. The Outlaw King came out on Friday. It's about the Scottish war for independence and the story picks up where Braveheart ended. Starts off strong with a one-take opening scene that really immerses you in the setting, but after that it tapers off a bit. Feels realistically un-glamourous for the most part. There's some decent war scenes and one super-gory part. It's ok. Also watched the first half hour of Orson Welles' The Other Side Of The Wind. It's, uh, kinda all over the place and not really doing anything for me. :|
  12. Netflix Originals

    I mainly wanna talk about their movies, but feel free to use this thread to share you thoughts on their series and documentaries as well if you wish. I've watched a bunch of their original movies lately, and y'know what I've realized? They're not that good. Not bad either, most of them are just... watchable. I guess this stems mainly from the process through which most of them end up with the "Netflix Original" label slapped on them. As I understand it, most of these are not originally produced by Netflix, but rather it's small movies that have already been made and end up getting picked up by Netflix when they're looking for distribution. It stands to reason that any real masterpieces will find more lucrative distribution deals than what Netflix can afford to give them. But maybe, I thought, some gems managed to slip through? These are my Top 10 Netflix Original Movies of 2018 (so far) 1. Annihilation This one got a theatrical release in the US, but apparently didn't do very well and so Netflix scooped up the European distribution rights for a pretty penny. It's one of the best sci-fi films I've seen in a long time. 2. Us and Them A sad and beautiful tale of a young Chinese couple who meet, become friends, fall in love, fall out of love, and meet again 10 years later. ...er, and that's it as far as "great movies" go. The rest of these I would merely classify as "good". The kinda stuff that pops up on Netflix and you watch it and go, "hey, that wasn't bad!" 3. A Stupid and Futile Gesture National Lampoon biopic with some great performances. 4. Apostle It's like the Wicker Man but even crazier. Also since it's directed by The Raid's Gareth Evans it has some nice fisticuffs. 5. Ibiza Comedy about some friends who go to Ibiza to paaaaaartyyyyyyyyyy. I came for the Gillian Jacobs, I stayed for the Vanessa Bayer. Seriously, she steals the show. 6. Manhunt John Woo's latest! Yeah, the guy's output has been in steady decline since the early 90's, but this still provides some thrills. The farmhouse shootout in the middle is great, almost up there with his most classic actionscenes from Hardboiled and The Killer. 7. The Cloverfield Paradox Hey I liked it OKAY??? Yeah it was a bunch of bollocks, but it was very entertaining while it was happening. 8. Roxanne Roxanne Biopic about 80's rapper Roxanne Shante with some very good performances. 9. The Ritual A movie about a bunch of Britts who get lost in Norwegian woods and then Satanic shit starts happening. It was pretty creepy! 10. Like Father Between this, Kodachrome, and Father of the Year, there's been a lot of BAD DAD movies on Netflix this year, but this one takes the cake. Kelsey Grammer is a dad, so bad. Kristen Bell is a daughter, so sad. This movie was perhaps not RAD, but I was GLAD, that I watched it! Also watchable: Illang: The Wolf Brigade, Errementari, Hold The Dark, The Polka King, The Night Comes For Us Of course the year is not over. The new Coen brothers movie is arriving up in the middle of this month, AVClub say it's good, and I'm sure I'll have to work it into the list after I've watched it. Also there's that new Orson Welles movie that just popped up out of nowhere, but I haven't watched it yet.
  13. Y'all watch Daredevil S3? I watched it over the last week. Had some great character moments, some great twists and it wasn't afraid to go super-bleak. The ending tho? Eh. I think my issue with the final episode is Anyway, overall I really liked it tho. In fact it might be my favourite season of the series.
  14. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Whenever a new R* game comes out I tend to loose myself in it for a good long while, so I actually took this past week off from work so I could really immerse myself in this. It's, uh, pretty fucking great. I'd been staying away from previews because I knew I'd be playing it regardless and I've been impressed by how much deeper they've made all the systems. From GTA 4 to 5 I felt like they made a lot of stuff more arcadey and less simulation-y(mainly driving), but I'm glad to see they've gone the opposite route here. I'm currently at 31% Total Completion and 21% Story completion. Mostly I'm having too much fun with the open world to bother with the story missions. If there's one part of the game I'm not crazy about it's actually the story missions. I'm kinda split on them. Early on in the game when I noticed how deep a lot of the systems were and how viable it was to play in first person I started thinking "oh my god is this a proper COWBOY IMM SIM now?", but that illusion vanishes when you start a story mission. If it were an immersive sim I feel like the game would just give you an objective and then leave it up to you to use the systems of the game to complete it any way you wish, but nope, rather missions play out in a rigidly scripted fashion. It's all "go here, do this thing. go to this second place, do another thing. go to a third place, do a third thing. ok, mission done." But on the other hand, these set-piece heavy affairs aren't bad. In fact they're varied and often very entertaining, but I still kinda mourn for the cowboy imm sim this could've been. Even worse the game often strips out systems during story missions. I've found myself unable to whistle for my horse, lead my horse, or even holster my gun at certain points because that's not what the game wanted me to do at that specific moment.
  15. Recently completed video games

    5000TH REPLY IN EPIC THREAD We sure played some games, didn't we? To clear my gaming-plate for RDR2 coming out tomorrow, I powered through Sniper Elite 4's final mission tonight. Following in the steps of it's predecessor, the levels are open and huge, usually take 2-3 hours to play through each one. The stealth is solid but perhaps unremarkable. The sniping is delicious. The writing is terrible. Overall a very enjoyable stealth-action game. The past month I also played through Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, which was great. And a couple VR games: Moss, which had an adorable protagonist and a few cool moments, but for the most part it's just a bog-standard action-adventure that's also a very short. And Creed: Rise to Glory, which had a few clever gameplay ideas, but the core gameplay of flailing your arms at dudes is pretty lacklustre.