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  1. It's supposed to be on the hard side, yeah. It's a good one tho, probably the VR game that had me the most engaged until I finished it, even though it doesn't do much with the VR-format. Currently really into Ultrawings. Here I'm flying through rings and listening to feelgood flying music in my jet-powered glider.
  2. Yes, you absolutely should get the Sneaky Upgrade if you're gonna play Thief 3. Thief 2 is one of my all-time faves, and Thief 3 was one of my all-time letdowns. I actually think the accursed fourth game is better, gameplay-wise. At least it introduced new things like the swoop-mechanic, whereas Thief 3 is just a clunkier version of the first 2 games, but with smaller levels. And no rope-arrows or swimmable water! Boo! However it's not all bad. The narrative is good, it ties up Garrett's story nicely, and the Cradle-level is very spooky and good.
  3. Me too, got the Summer Games Bundle, mainly for The Climb and Edge of Nowhere, tho Raw Data and Landfall looks good too. Have climbed 4 mountains in The Climb, can confirm it's good stuff!
  4. Yup, I'm gonna agree with Ben and BigJKO on the choice of adjective for this: Slick!
  5. Ah, no! Walked around the cabin but couldn't find a ladder leading up there. But I guess there's some other way of getting up? Thanks for the hint! edit: oh, I see. Got it. edit 2: Finished it. Oh my God that was so good! Truly jawdropping. Only bugs I found was that after the game ends and I return to the menu the mouse cursor isn't visible, and after the final radiocall the guy's voice repeats the same dialogue again(or perhaps it's supposed to be an automated broadcast?).
  6. Yup, amazing production values, and some very funny nods to the show. I'm stuck at the part where the radio goes out and I'm supposed to get to the antenna. I see the roadsign pointing out the direction of the antenna but when I go there the narrator says I'm not supposed to go there and then there's an invisible wall stopping me. I've tried interacting with everything else in the area and even going back to the bunker but no go. Am I missing something or has it bugged out? :/
  7. About BG&E2, apparently it's at "day zero of development" which means pretty much none of it exists outside of Ancel's head at the moment. Between the last decade of nothing but cgi-trailers and concept-art, and Ancel's other in-development game "Wild" seemingly having gone up in smoke, I'm inclined to share Nappi's pessimism. I'll believe this thing might actually come out when we start seeing some gameplay footage.
  8. This was really fun and surreal trip. Felt quite Blendo Games-y.
  9. Best "Staring at a wall" game I've EVER PLAYED! (I have not yet played the other staring at a wall game in this jam)
  10. Yup, it works! Very nice and eerie game. Only bugs I found was that if you're walking when you start talking to someone you keep on walking, and if you walk next to the door on the left the camera clips through the wall. Oh, and I had to Alt+F4 to quit, you should include a proper quit function. Also, one last technical note on the Win build: the 2 .pdb files in the folder are debug files(Unity always includes these). They're not needed for the game, so if you delete them before zipping you can cut down the size by quite a few MB's.
  11. Nope, Win version doesn't work because it's just the .exe file. You need to include the whole folder in the download, including the "Data" folder.
  12. Wonderful.
  13. Oh man, I was at the peak of my John Woo obsession when Mission Impossible 2 came out. From the film mag articles I'd read and the trailer it looked amazing. I was HYPED! Waited all summer for it to come to the cinema in my small town, and when it finally arrived? Ah... kinda underwhelming. I've since rewatched it a few times, and in it's favor I will say that the final half hour is the best string of action scenes Woo has made since leaving Hong Kong. It's just that it's like one and a half hours of dull bullshit leading up to it.
  14. Good stuff brendon! Loved the look of your last (cancelled) Jam game, hope this one turns out good.
  15. Heh, I've saved the PT demo on my PS4 as well. Didn't really care for it, but I'm keeping it around in the vain hope that one day I'll be able to sell the system and retire in style!