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  1. Wizard Jam 2016 Team Building Thread

    Howdy! I'm writing a puzzle game with a number of variable endings and one big twist. I'm thinking less endings than Stanley Parable, but more than Life is Strange, you get me? Pitch: You fade in on a top-down puzzle on the screen, a little man sprite on one end and a box on the other. You're applying for a job and they're using this puzzle to test your logic skills. A company representative talks to you over Skype to make sure you're doing okay, but you soon find that everything is not as it seems... What I bring: Writing (dialogue, plot lines), voice-over work, some sound effect work (but need help with writing it into the code), puzzle design (but want this to be collaborative) What I need: Designer, coder. Could be same person, but basically I need people to design the artwork/world/sprites and to write code. Aside from Python I can be little to no help here, but want the whole game development process to be collaborative. Contact Info: Best is email (, but also Twitter (@sharkeqlsburger) Timezone: Pacific (USA) Engine: Depends...going top-down, so there's some good options out there but I'd rather the person who deals with engine most make that decision