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  1. German hour on voice chat

    I would love to try this, really need to get back into Duolingo. I'm available around the same time as jennegatron.
  2. Whoa we're doing a Harry Potter podcast?

    This sounds fun! I haven't actually seen any of the movies; does anyone know if they're on Netflix or Amazon?
  3. Congrats on the release! I like the look for the zombies, reminds me of Brendon Chung.
  4. [Release] World of Blanks

    Finally satisfied with how the music came out; hoping to make another track or two before the deadline hits. Also, sound effects! Much easier to make, not really as shareable. Here's the track; levels aren't final and it'll loop in-game. Once it's final final, I'll put a nicer version on SoundCloud. Excited to see it all come together!
  5. Hello! I've never made a game or participated in a jam, so this is all rather New™ and Exciting™. I'd be interested in audio primarily, but I'm willing to help however I can (art or writing would probably be other fields?). Admittedly, I'm inexperienced in all of this, but no better time to learn than now right? Timezone: Pacific, GMT -7 Contact is probably best via Slack (knight), what with notifications and all, but PM would probably work too! I might try my hand at coding, probably something in Game Maker, but nothing solid on that front. Just an FYI. Cheers!
  6. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I think I'm going to take a go at this. I missed the previous jams (and I've never made a game), but this looks too fun to not try at least. I know there's a team building thread - and I'll make a post there soon™ - but for a first post, this seems like a good spot.