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  1. Yeah, I don't know to me it sounds like the arrogance is on the other foot here, I think it's kind of arrogant of the fan base to think their individual critiques or criticisms should be addressed by the boys. I'm sure they get criticism directed at them literally all the time via Twitter, I don't blame them for getting defensive at times. I feel like there is a weird assumption that everyone creating content for the internet should be wholly receptive of criticism/feedback all the time. I don't think it's arrogant if Katy Perry doesn't respond to my last 100 tweets critiquing her latest single, why would I assume MBMBaM would be any different? The fact is they probably aren't super well equipped to handle their own popularity. I think part of the reason they are so popular is that they all wear their hearts on their sleeve which probably makes the popularity and criticism via social media pretty hard to deal with. I don't think your criticisms are wholly off-base, they obviously come from someone who enjoys their content for the most part, but I'm not sure it's on them to try to please the world. I don't think TAZ is my thing anymore, but I wouldn't say it's arrogant for Griffin to continue what he is doing since there are obviously a ton of people that enjoy it. I don't think it's arrogant of Justin to tell the world how proud he is of his little brothers hard work, whether or not I agree with it.
  2. Congrats!
  3. I don't follow all of their stuff, but I would probably argue that most content creationtm is self-indulgent and it's usually made better for it because you generally want people creating content their passionate about (see Idle Thumbs and Important If True). I can totally see arrogance being a driving force behind something @Patrick R describes, because I'm sure you get to a certain point and think "why should I work on this joke/this delivery when I know I'll hit it out of the park and people will love it?" I'm all about creators getting buck wild about things they are into because at the end of the day it's up to the audience to decide if it's for them or not.
  4. Yeah, that's my current predicament. There is a lot of baking I'd love to do, but I'm hesitant to spend the $250 for a stand mixer. @root your pretzels look dope!
  5. It's kind of awesome how much the dynamic changes when going from solo -> a group. I spent ~5 hours with a random guy on my friends list on Saturday and had a super awesome time, I am a bad duo player though. I am way more brash when I know I have a partner but when I am playing solo I rarely fire my gun unless I know it will be a kill and I'll be able to escape. Hell, in the solo game I won I only killed 3 people. I think I've only killed ~12 people over 6 or so hours because i rarely fire my gun, I'd rather be sneaky and work on my positioning so if it comes to a gun fight I'll have an upper hand.
  6. You're the devil. Learning how easy and cheap it is to make fresh, awesome bread has been very difficult for me and my carb intake, hah!
  7. Oh god, I remember searching for that damn thing for hours and never finding it. I am so tempted to reinstall it and boot it up for nostalgia's sake. That game really takes me back to a very specific time and place in my life.
  8. Man, I'd love just a button I could hit to Spam all of my Mario Kart playing friends that I have a room open and looking for players, very frustrating its so bare bones. Otherwise the actual online functionality has been pretty good for me, I've read reports of disconnects from a lot of people though. Also, I agree about the uncomfortableness of the Joy Cons. I bought a 2 pack of the joy-con wheels hoping that would ease our cramping hands, but it seems like the shoulder button paddles on all of those things are terrible so it takes a lot of force to actually use the shoulder buttons. I have huge hands and find the joy-cons to be OK, but my wife has tiny hands and she really gets uncomfortable after a few races weirdly enough. I might actually just pick up an elite controller for her to play with since she's enjoying herself quite a bit.
  9. I don't want to alarm anyone, but man Mario Kart 8 Delux is pretty great. I wish the online features were better, it stinks trying to coordinate groups of friends together currently. Hopefully once Nintendo's online system comes online that will be a little bit easier.
  10. Sweet, congrats! I'll definitely check this out.
  11. i'm in a similar boat! Not sure how much local multiplayer I'd actual play. I do say though, I wish it had come out a week earlier because i was watching my 5 year old niece last weekend and she has a game on her leap pad that is like a edu-tainment version of Mario Kart, i think she would have gotten a kick out of playing some co-op.
  12. It's been freeing being honest with myself, I'm probably not going to play all of these humble bundle games. I don't have very much time to game currently and I think at some point the sheer volume of my backlog was putting me off of starting something. Being able to free myself from the cruft that has built up has been freeing, hah.