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  1. GOTY of the Year

    @plasticflesh Mount & Blade: Warband does this. NPC factions are constantly trading territory, marrying one another, and trading. So the open world game develops a history that includes you and continues on.
  2. GOTY of the Year

    The idea that open world games become less as you strip them of missions is kinda interesting.
  3. GOTY of the Year

    I liked Uurnog a lot. It was whimsical, took about 9 hours for me to complete, and the puzzles were so loose that I often felt like I was cheating. I don't tend to enjoy metrodvanias or puzzles, but Uurnog didn't seem like it cared much for them either so it was perfect for me.
  4. Pinball Club

    I took the leap and bought the Zaccaria Pinball Platinum Bundle. If you like pinball tables from the 60's 70's and 80's, and you have and Oculus Rift or Vive, then I would recommend this; it is awesome. The pricing structure is not intuitive. Here is what I gathered: You can try most of the tables for free (with a score limit and a message across the screen). Downloading the game allows you to play Time Machine without limit. VR support costs $8. The Bronze Bundle doesn't give you any tables. I doubt I would have bought this if not for the VR support and I was nervous that I wouldn't like it in VR, but I like it a lot. I love these older styles of tables and since I live in the U.S. I haven't seen these tables before.
  5. I kept thinking back to the Flotilla discussion as well.
  6. Pinball Club

    I forgot how much I enjoy playing Fear Itself. The voice-acting and the music pump me up as that ball flies around the table.
  7. I've only played this for a bout an hour, but I'm so excited about it. Please side on caution with spoiler-tags in this thread since little things and details of intrigue feel especially weighty in this game. Perhaps label the spoiler with the chapter and character or room like so: [Early Chapter 2: Gustav] or [Late Chapter 2:Dining Room] The game is basically a murder-mystery that takes place in a Victorian Mansion and you as the player chose where to be at any given time as the suspects move about, take actions, and talk with one another. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward time as you teleport around the mansion examining clues and just generally being nosy. So far, I think it is great. I love the characters and the performances. The animations aren't astounding, but they get the job done. Everyone is so friggin suspicious!
  8. @Siromatic I started playing a VR game called The Invisible Hours and it is pretty much a Sleep No More kinda thing. There is no interactivity beyond choosing where to be and picking up objects for examination (they settle back into place automatically). I've only played for about an hour, but it is awesome. The performances are better than I would expect, the characters are wonderful, and everyone is a suspect. I'm not only intrigued by the mUUrder, but by the history of the characters themselves and the alliances that are forming in one side of the house while I'm watching an interrogation in another. It's awesome.
  9. Pinball Club

    I'm no physicist.
  10. Pinball Club

    But if we level the playing field, the ball will never drain. It'll just stay up in one of the orbits.
  11. Pinball Club

    I enjoy maxing out the challenges on the tables. It's helping me get into tables I've never liked and giving me reasons to play old favorites again (though briefly). I like the 1-ball challenge the most, but part of my process is to unlock the absurdly over-powered rewind-time upgrade by getting 5 stars in the 3rd challenge type. I think it's cool that the latter challenge types allow folks to see what completing a mode is like since they have always-on ball-saves. The scoring system that includes upgrades does bloat scores, but I like that the default mode accounts for time spent on a particular table. I also like that is essentially makes the table easier over time. A lot of Zen's tables have become too easy for me which results in a single game lasting +30minutes in a lot of cases, but for beginners I can see this potentially incentivizing them to keep learning a table until they come across the wizard-mode. For the tables that take too long to lose on, I'll just stick to classic after I max-out the challenges. Also, the table-guides are much better than they used to be. I'll join a tournament if one of you starts one. My only preference would be that the scoring be classic.
  12. Pinball Club

    I'm installing it now. I read the Tom Chick review and I want to examine the purist-sentiment I feel welling up in me. The leveling-up sounds like sacriledge (though I imagine it could get more folks into pinball abd he says that classic leaderboards are still available so why not). I want to find out if I enjoy the experience-points idea or if it'll feel like added bloat to something elegant.
  13. Mouse Wrist Pain

    Since I'm doing multiple things to take care of this, I'm not sure which things are helping more than others. But I wanted to share this video because I've been casually doing these exercises and I think they are helping.
  14. Mouse Wrist Pain

    The only one I'll have to give up is Rainbow 6:Siege. The other FPSs I play are still fun if I can't shoot well.
  15. Mouse Wrist Pain

    I ended up getting a thumb trackball. It arrived yesterday and I've been trying to use it since then. I didn't think it was solving the problem because my wrist was still sore. I pulled out the mouse three matches into Overwatch (it's a difficult thing to accept the loss of half your dexterous capability in a game you play frequently). As soon as I started using the mouse my wrist-pain was apparent af. So I wound its cord around it and shelved it for a while. Eventually Competitive Play will match me with the other trackball players.