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  1. I kinda came into this late but there are 5 hours left to buy the finished games. I didn't vote, but I've been watching a couple of episodes for the past two nights. I enjoy it.
  2. Thanks for the primer on the difference between sex and gender Atlantic, that's a helpful clarification. Here are the lyrics for Blood Embrace to make instances of masculinity more accessible for possible discussion: I'm a little bit concerned that the aspects that the performance adds and enhances are removed from the lyrics in written form, but I'm making an omlette! (So I have to break some eggs) The basic premise of the song is that the character's romantic relationship has become an issue of insecurity, in some part due to a third party that the protagonist feels the need to compete with. That in itself doesn't strike me as masculine, but the particular considered actions and personal reflections on how those potential actions would change the meaning of the existing romantic relationship between him and "Her". In the song, his reaction to this threat to the romantic relationship is to speculate on what She expects of him. He explains to himself that her motive for having these expectations as a "test" for him. Based on my conception of feminity as it has been expressed around me throughout my life-experiences in various areas of the United States, I would think that the test a man might put upon a woman would be something like an expectation to be faithful to him sexually. This could be something as nefarious as an orchestration where one of his male friends comes onto the female subject in order to see if she remains faithful (for an easily identifiable example). Forcing that scenario on a romantic partner as a response to one's own insecurities about their pairing doesn't feel gendered to me interestingly. But the scenario that the character in Blood Embrace lays out where she may be flirting with or moving on to a second man (in what I imagine is) in a way visible to the character to see how he reacts, does seem particularly masculine concern to me. He asks himself if She wants him to fight as a performance of his commitment to Her, but seems to be resistant to becoming muscle for someone willing to manipulate him.
  3. I think this song is an enlightening expression of masculinity. I don't think that masculinity is fully comprised of confused jealousy, but I find myself thinking that the way the jealousy is expressed in this song is masculine . I figured this would be a good opportunity to discuss what we think masculinity is. Sometimes it seems that masculinity is only brought up as something in opposition to feminity and I'm interested in developing a more full understanding of the gender that I most identify with. I'm hoping that we can talk about it honestly, both its positives and concerning aspects. Gender confuses the shit out of me largely because I'm resistant to forcing generalities on folks, but feminism seems to suggest that a lot of good can come from identifying with gender(?). So let's talk about this one!
  4. I always love a good discussion on the ethics of media-consumption. Y'all brought up a lot of the complications. I struggle with the various mixtures of abusive artists and the normalization of oppression through media frequently. My favorite show (Playful Kiss ) is a double offender. I find myself not wanting to like harmful things, but I do in some cases? Atleast it makes me feel better when discussions like this happen. Here's another example that slots right in to my personal interests: It's an awkward realization that techniques that make story-telling compact and novel are teaching us how to behave towards each other; I often think of the Nascar driver who tried to bank against a wall because he was used to it working in video games. Btw: I'd like to hear y'alls thoughts on the highschool setting in narratives (if you have anything to say about it). Danielle has been tweeting about it some and I'm curious about where those thoughts ended up going.
  5. I read this essay because I wanted to see what these well formatted comments were responding to.
  6. I tried Google Earth VR last night. Seeing a scalable map in the FOV of a one-story wall is cool on its own. I haven't really been able to see how areas are related geographically at that scale while still being zoomed in enough to know where I am. I visited some of the various places I've lived and a lot of why it works well works with street-view on a typical computer-screen, but this felt more fluid and dreamlike. Flying down streets and seeing buildings and trees that weren't notable enough for my streamlined memories made me somewhat emotional. The places with 3d data are intimidatingly detailed. I felt a little nervous about having the opportunities to be so voyeuristic. I probably spent 30 minutes looking around Tokyo and saying "I didn't realize Tokyo was so big!" outloud involuntarily. Flying down and chilling in a park long enough for the low-poly tree-captures to render in was just astounding after seeing the area from 1000 feet above and chosing to visit arbitrarily. What a stunning demonstration of both VR and Google's collection of data.
  7. I went to Havarl right after finishing Voeld and it broke the pacing for me. I don't know if I could manage the discipline to skip a whole planet, but if I was to do it again I would have continued on the main quest-line for a bit before going to Havarl. Not sure how that would have turned out though. It was around this time that the side-quests started seeming like they were mentioning planets I was supposed to know about that I hadn't been to. Did you do Havarl or Voeld?
  8. For me, the killer app is Medium.
  9. Great conversation about fictional religions. I find myself wondering what the difference is between a religion and an ideology which includes ritual and tradition. So would something like feeling an importance to continue colonizing solar-systems in order to spread humanity for no particular reason but that humans are the light of the universe be a religion or ideology. If they had a ritualistic meal to express it and ritualistic performances of this arbitrary Purpose , I think it might be a religion.
  10. I feel like the Puppet Master from the original is only interesting in concept, not in expression. They seem to have moved the intrigue to Major in the new movie and I think she ends up being a much more interesting character than any character in the original largely because she and other characters give the state of her existence some thought. Plus every line of dialogue from the first movie is just exposition. In this one there is frequent subtleties in how characters think about their circumstances and how they think about their relationships with others. This might just be harder to convey in animation. Your comments about the action-sequences are interesting.
  11. The Oculus Medium update has made that tool FAR more useful for hobbyist game development. There is now an option to generate UV maps and a very flexible mesh-reduction system. It is awesome.
  12. I thought it was great. I think it is horrible that they didn't look for an asian actress, but I thought it turned out really well otherwise. The comparison I keep thinking of is The Crow for some reason. I rewatched the anime and it was much less interesting than this movie imo. I thought the intrigue was well done and the cybernetic themes were explored in interesting ways.
  13. I like it, especially with the constrained selection of heroes. The third time I played it, someone used Reinhardt in really useful ways and now I'm excited about trying him out specifically so I can charge the shielded bots and the detonators . I've played as Mercy, Torbjorn, and Zarya. Zarya was really useful. So were the other two, but Zarya wasn't specifically authored to be useful in this scenario.
  14. I've gotten 3 patches in the last two days. Is this happening for anyone else? We were playing PvE and my wife got kicked and then it started downloading a patch.
  15. I'm trying to enforce a safe-space in a Discord channel and the typical assumptions about how people choose to be offended and "censorship" are coming up. I'm not really sure what the balance of consideration is between the users who are willing to engage on those issues in that particular place. I'm concerned that such a discussion may make that channel more hostile feeling for the folks I would hope to make space for.