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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Here is what they wrote regarding the lack of a release-date.
  2. I'm super excited about Bannerlord and I was NOT expecting a five-on-five multiplayer mode where you order troops around. I'm so excited.
  3. Rust

    I'm pretty sure I found your armored fortress @adsmz You are pretty close to me I just haven't been traveling North until last night. I was also surprised to see how close I am to the first place I spawned when I came onto the server. I am not the person who removed half of that wooden house but I did paint over the sign to remove the reference to a sex-crime. ...................... I made a sachel charge for the first time to blow up my own wooden door. Now that I'm getting familiar with what can be crafted in Rust I'm wanting to go spend some time on a violent server and see how well I do solo.
  4. Rust

    Playing on this server is oddly similar to playing Firewatch, mysterious break-in's included.
  5. Rust

    The animals not moving and not being a threat is not preferable imo.
  6. Rust

    I watched a beginner's video that explained stashes and the standard locks. I like the idea of the standard lock personally because it would be so exciting to loot my body and find a key then go around looking for my house. After I respawned this morning I got chased up a rock by a bear and ended up settling there. It has turned out to be a really neat house. I hid a key to the door in a stash nearby. I'm not sure if I want to make a sleeping bag.
  7. Rust

    I just got killed by the helicopter for the first time. I thought I had read that you would be fine if you didn't have a weapon in hand; I had an axe (which is a tool!). It was pretty cool. I heard a gunshot in the distance and didn't see the folks I recognize active on Steam so I was trying to quickly build a fortification near the launch-site. I was actually looking for the house someone stole from Deadpan but couldn't find it. I did wake up safely in Cwester's attic though which I wasn't sure would happen after a day of being off. Man, I lived for a long time, 5 hours. This game is fun. I kinda hope more thumbs join. I'm enjoying the low-pop server with mostly friendly neighbors. Going back in. This game is fun.
  8. Rust

    I'm pretty sure that the server is public so anyone can wander in and exploit our neighborliness.
  9. Rust

    I had so much fun playing with Blueberry, Deadpan, and Cwester this morning. I hadn't had a chance to learn the systems and stuff and this server is not only peaceful, it is helpful. So many awesome neighbors! If you bought Rust a while back and tried it out but decided to wait longer ( *cough* @Dinosaursssssss ) I recommend checking this out. It's at least a few hours of surreality. If you find each other.
  10. Rust

    Did you rebuild your furnace or did it survive the apocalypse? I stole some meat out of it by the way, I was hungry.
  11. Recorded Live Performances in VR

    This was a cool little performance that I watched on the Gear. Just what I wanted, stereoscopic 3d. Birds Happen Finding this stuff is absurdly difficult. I don't even know if it is viewable on other headsets. I also think this may have been hand-stitched because like the Felix & Paul stuff, you can't find any information on what equipment was used. I wonder if this stuff will become easier to find once the Facebook cameras come out.
  12. Rust

    Yeah. I couldn't figure out what to do with landmines on a friendly server. I haven't been able to get in for a couple of days either. The server needs to get updated apparently.
  13. Masculinity

    Sorry to go back to this but I have an update for y'all. I was just talking to my wife about the way I differ in thinking about the concept of self-reliance from how y'all do and she pointed out that the only television shows I watch are Korean rom-coms. I think that might have a lot to do with why I have such a distinctly different association.
  14. Masculinity

    It's so interesting to see how pervasive this perception is among y'all. If you said you know someone who lives alone, my first image would be of a woman. I'm not trying to prove anything with this search result, but I thought it was interesting what the first google results on an image search for "diy" is.
  15. Masculinity

    That clarifies a lot. I guess that I'm thinking of the perception now rather than the historical one.