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  1. Avocado does a lot for a sandwich imo. Roasted beets also work. Both are a bit slippery though.
  2. So is the stuff ypu get for purchasingCard Crawl something that can sustain one's interest? I've optimized my matches of the free mode after 10 or so matches and it is no longer interesting to me.
  3. @marginalgloss I've been looking for something like this(?) Basically I want a digital place that I can jot down an idea or event and that I then go back to. So I kinda need one single page I guess. I need to remember something because I see it when I write down something else. Is this a good app for that? #### Also, I finally bought a bidet. I've wanted one for a long time but they are kinda expensive and I thought installation was going to be WAY more difficult than it actually was. Here is the one I ended up getting: It is awesome. I had never used a bidet before ans I love it. Here are some things that would have cleared up misconceptions I had: -If you have a free 120volt electrical outlet on your wall near the toilet, installation takes less than an hour. You turn off the water valve on the pipe that goes to your toilet (right under it) unscrew the hose to the toilet, screw in the T-adapter (included) then screw in the old hose and the new one to the adapter. You also have to remove the old toilet seat and replace it with the mount for this one. -I still use toilet-paper but I use much less of it. The dryer is completely useless so even though this thing consistently cleans my asshole to satisfying standards, I need 2-3 squares of TP to dry my crack. -You want the oscillating function. -You can turn off the seat-warmer. -There is a difference between round and elongated seats, get the right one. It's awesome and I calculate that it will pay for itself in 5-6 years in a two-person home due to the reduction of toilet-paper. If anyone has questions feel free to ask here or DM me if embarassed. I feel the need to evangelize this thing. I'm never going back.
  4. I think I may be more of a preach-what-you-practice type of person.
  5. Not having children would probably be more effective. Ignore this option if you already have them though. Also, I'm pretty sure that animal-products make it more likely that you have cholesterol problems. So reducing those in your diet is not entirely selfless. Also, I think the overuse of antibiotics on livestock is making it more likely that we will die of common diseases that have been easily treatable in the past. For the record, I sometimes eat meat and I eat cheeses often. So I know that I contribute to these problems. Pro tip: instead of ice-cream, I -peel bananas and break them into chunks and place in freezer. -fill a Magic Bullet cup 3/4 full of frozen banana chunks. -add frozen blueberries -add apple-sauce -add a spoon full of chia seeds. -fill with soy milk Blend. I like the results of this recipe and with the banana/soy'milk base you can make different flavors. My wife doesn't like it though.
  6. I've kinda just decided that I won't let my fear of rejection keep me from posting things I want to.
  7. The moderation on their forum seems constraining. -Can't post to a topic that hasn't been posted in for three weeks. -Thread locked because there is already a thread for it. -Speculation on hires " speculative threads made about potential hires often strip real human beings of their agency. " -This game was made by members of 4chan and has problematic content. Like. I mean, they can do what they want as it is their spot on the internet, but their interference in discussion seems vexatious and odd to me.
  8. I find this instance particularly interesting because when appropriation concerns come up they never seem to be about textiles and that has always struck me when cultural appropriation or intellectual property is discussed. To be honest, the circumstance I find myself wondering about most often is taking photos that happen to have textiles in them (being worn, upholstery, carpeting).
  9. This confuses me in a way I want to be confused.
  10. That handle and avatar make me feel a bit under-dressed.
  11. I am also finding it challenging. My technique for Standard is to play the same song 3-4 times before moving on to another. I find that it takes time for me to internalize the set of pentominoes. I haven't tried the other modes yet.
  12. Chime Sharp is on sale for $3.39 at the Humble Store.
  13. Providing players with in-game tools and a variety of feedback that suggests to them that the way they have solved a challenge is acknowledged has a tendency to increase satisfaction of play for me. All games have various degrees of emergent gameplay, but the tendency for it to occur can be lessened or increased with various design decisions. Personally, I find emergent objectives to be an interesting subject; what encourages the player to come up with their own ideas for what to do in the game and what are ways to reward that creativity? I enjoy the sense of wonder when trying something with ingame tools that I'm not instructed to do and then being rewarded with authored content or an automatic reaction enabled by general triggers rather than keys opening doors of the same color.
  14. Is there an inexpensive soundcard you recommend?
  15. I have a hard time wrapping my head around digital-to-analog conversion. How can this be a thing? I want to be open to the possibility that this could improve sound-quality, but it makes no sense to me. How is it possible to add more signal from a 256-bitrate file without some sort of magical machine-learning from 2027? It just makes no sense that this would be possible. What am I missing here? At first I just figured it was impossible so I felt that I had nothing to gain from a response, but I find myself thinking about this every once in a while since the beginning of April and being like "What if it is real?" Edit (30 minutes later): I realized that I had an external soundcard available to be since I use it for dual mic-inputs for podcasting so I hooked it up and tried listening through it instead of through the audio-jack of the tower. I see what you are talking about. I was thinking about it the wrong way, it isn't that the DAC is adding additional signal, it is that there is already a DAC on the motherboard that is crap and a new DAC replaces it. This is a significant improvement. THANKS! Also I have a pair of Sony MDR-7506 and I am very pleased with how balanced they are.