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  1. With dev kits being sent out it is time to crank out a thread for what will be the first of the 9th generation of home video game consoles - Codename NX. The generations have become blurry and somewhat pointless since the Wii went sideways in the tech race but, unless Microsoft has anything to do with it, generation 9 is the next in line. So far we know next to nothing, although the usual rumours of insanely advanced tech are doing the rounds. They say it's more powerful than the current crop (a given, I think, insomuch as the Wii U is more powerful than 360 and PS3). They say it's a home console you can carry as a handheld (my 'homeheld' moniker is yet to catch on). They say it's got a vitality-sensing hole you stick your finger in (they don't say that). Pooling their multiple consoles and dev teams into one thing that can function on all fronts makes sense theoretically, though doing so in a cost effective way that doesn't feel Jack-of-all-trades is a big ask. Even assuming the tech is modest (even simply Wii U-level), getting that into a form that will be comfortable on the bus, and also not feel restrictive in front of the telly is, again, a big ask. Nintendo have form (with handhelds) in getting something functional to market and then refining it a year or two down the line. That won't wash with a home console. They can't afford to fail in communicating the concept this time either. There's a LOT to get right. I'm reasonably comfortable saying it: 1. will be a handheld/home console hybrid. 2. won't be Wii branded. 3. will not be some behemoth tech-wise. Nintendo couldn't care less about spec parity or courting 3rd-party ports, and although it would give my inner 11-year old a kick to see them come out with some spec monster, it makes no sense for them. It'll be just juicy enough to achieve their goals.* The Wii U gets crapped on all the time but I've found the wireless gamepad tech practically flawless and I'm continually shocked by how pretty MK8 is. Namewise, it would be damaging to call it Wii DS or Wii Something, especially if it looks anything like an existing concept. I don't see any harm in keeping it Wiimote-compatible but it needs a clean break in nomenclature. And it needs to launch in Waluigi Purple. I actually really like the NX codename because it's so hella 90s. But we should start sweepstakes for the real name. The Nintendo Handi. The Fami. The Nexus. Or something animal-y to show how the portable bit 'piggybacks' to become one system. The Terrapin. The 'Roo. The Pilotfish. Ooo, how about the Manta! So, what do you think it'll be? Will Zelda get Twilight Princessed into a launch title? Will the Balance Board be compatible over three generations? *However, it's critical that we agree re. defining the new Nintendo console in terms of previous Nintendo consoles, plus some form of adhesive - my money's on 2x Wii Us + 1x GB Micro + blutack