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  1. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    the crux of all grammar nitpicking right here
  2. Marvel movies

    Just agreeing with everyone that trailers are bad and that I hate them. (that Real Life trailer is good tho)
  3. Blade Runner 2049

    I don't necessarily agree with everything you wrote, but I'm definitely with you wrt liking this less the more I think about it. There's a hypothetical draft of this movie – that isn't terribly different from the one we actually got – that could've been one of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. Instead, I feel... complicated. (IDK how careful I have to be in here about spoilers, but I'm using the tag just in case.)
  4. Star Wars Episode 8

    In my case, the analogy with the MCU is very direct: the last Marvel movie I've seen was Guardians of the Galaxy three years ago. I like GotG, and in fact I didn't dislike most of the MCU movies I saw. So my lost interest wasn't due to a dip in quality. The market saturation is simply overwhelming.
  5. Star Wars Episode 8

    For all their faults, I don't think the prequels were safe or derivative. They were new stories. They were new BAD stories, but at least they were new. I saw Force Awakens in theaters twice, so I clearly enjoyed myself when that came out. But the backlash against that movie makes a lot of sense, and while I *think* I'd enjoy myself if I went back to it now, I'm not completely sure. It's only been 2 years, so, that's not a fantastic sign. For me, even if all these movies were fantastic (I like SW7 well enough and was disappointed in R1), a Star Wars movie every year is just waaaay too many. I'm the sort of person who is likely to enjoy these movies, genuinely, and even I can't bring myself to care.
  6. For the record, after saying upthread that the first episode didn't seem bad, I never had the urge to see the second episode and so never did. Shrugging emoji man.
  7. Blade Runner 2049

    Uh, so, it's good and I liked it. I mean, it's hard to throw unreserved enthusiasm behind ...but I agree that it is remarkable for all the reasons people have listed here. I might like it just about as much as I like the original – which is to say, a lot, but with some big caveats. Although I suspect I might come down a bit on it later, after I come down from the audio-visual high.
  8. Blade Runner 2049

    Maybe similarly to brkl, I was very comfortable assuming that this movie would be bad, and think it's inconsiderate how people are saying it's good. I'm joking, kinda, but also not really.
  9. Really? They're not great. But I could sit through them. They're watchable. I can only get through Encounter at Waypoint FARPOINT if I convince myself to think of it as camp, or if I'm watching it from an introspective – look at where all these characters came from – sorta way. It's only any good in hindsight, put into context of the great show it became, and otherwise it's just embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Emissary actually isn't that bad and I could maybe walk back that statement wrt Emissary. But I'm thinking more in terms of other early DS9 episodes, where several of the characters/performances I actively dislike before they eventually become my favorites. That said I probably should watch ep 2 of the new show before making these kinds of statements; I have not.
  10. It's weird watching a new Trek show and thinking how much better these episodes are than Encounter at Waypoint FARPOINT or Emissary, and how completely irrelevant that is wrt if this show will survive or mature into something I like as much as those other shows.
  11. Hot In Space: Heat Signature

    Here's a fun video of some rando i don't know having a good time in Heat Signature: This game is very good at making me feel like a badass. Not consistently – and sometimes it makes me feel like a clumsy doof – but often enough. It's also the sort of game that really benefits from an exploratory attitude with regards to equipment and mechanics... forcing myself to utilize specific different equipment load-outs has led to really great moments. One mental hurdle that I had to get over to really dig my teeth into the game is: you can't be afraid to just use the limited use items. Just use 'em. You aren't gonna be playing this character for very long anyway, so you'll lose the item whether you use it or not. With games like this I'm always afraid that the game will run out of """content""" before I'd like, but usually that's a silly thing to worry about preemptively, so I'm trying not to listen to that little voice.
  12. I just want it to be known, that the proposed hypothetical future Monkey Island 1+2 play-through stream would be massively enjoyed and appreciated. I hope the relevant logistical stars can one day align for you, Jake.
  13. When you were answering the greatest Thief question and Nick started with "there was that one guy who stole all that money..." I was genuinely surprised when he didn't continue with "...and wasn't going to give it back".
  14. SGDQ 2017

    I've been working my way through the 8-hour FFVII play-through. I'm enjoying it but I'm having trouble explaining exactly why. I think a big part of it is having never played FFVII, which normally hurts my enjoyment of a speedrun, but in this case the couchpersons make a good effort to explain both regular game mechanics and storyline in addition to speed strats. So I feel like I'm enjoying the game on a lets-play sort of level, but at an accelerated pace (8 hours instead of 30). ...8 hours is still a lot, though. I'm still just 3 hours in.