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  1. The best thing about the Smash Switch announcement is how many people I now know who are suddenly interested in owning a switch, or at least in hanging out with me to play mine. It's gonna be a game I end up owning even though my personal interest is currently only moderate, because anyone who sees I own a Switch is likely going to ask if we can play Smash and I wanna be ready with an "of course".
  2. Marvel movies

    I had no idea that character was in any other movie until just now. I also didn't know Martin Freeman's character was in any other movie until a week after I saw BP. TBH, I think my ignorance of both those points helped me enjoy the movie more.
  3. I don't know if there's a more specific reason, but I suspect since "y'all" isn't usually a part of Chris or Nick's dialectal vocabulary it could sound unnatural/grating/forced coming out of their mouths.
  4. Marvel movies

    For the record, I also liked it.
  5. Marvel movies

    Based on nothing but having read some of your reviews and heard some of your podcasting, and having just seen Black Panther myself, im gonna guess you won't be very into it. Except for the production design and cast, which are both undeniable.
  6. The Asian Film Thread

    Ahhhh yessss sweet Porco Rosso validation
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yet another +1 for The Good Place, which I started watching this week, totally coincidentally. I don't watch a lot of currently-running TV (now or ever), both due to the daunting prospect of catching up ("there's already 10 hours of this show!"), and the fact that it usually takes several episodes for any show to really make its worthwhile qualities apparent to me. I felt the same way watching the first few eps of The Good Place that I usually do with well-recommended TV, the sorta-ambivalent "I can tell this is probably good" feeling, and I'm so glad that I arbitrarily decided to keep watching anyway.
  8. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I assumed so, but I now realize that's in no way a safe assumption.
  9. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Enemy Within includes the base game (Enemy Unknown); I'd definitely get Enemy Within. EW is a significant improvement over EU, in my opinion. The changes are entirely additive, though, so EW is also significantly more complex; somebody could argue that a strategy game newbie might have a better time with the older version for that reason. I don't know if I agree with that, personally, but the point is mostly moot because Enemy Within includes Enemy Unknown.
  10. The Asian Film Thread

    Porco Rosso is Miyazaki's best film.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Reading this thread is really driving home how few movies I watch; I saw eleven 2017-movies in 2017 (or just ten if the Netflix recording of Oh Hello doesn't count as a movie). I think that might be a relatively high number for me.
  12. Star Wars Episode 8

    I liked it a lot. I have nothing substantial to say about it yet, I just remember ppl being very not into it here and I guess I kinda get it but you're wrong.
  13. GOTY of the Year

    Last year I actually played through and/or spent a lot of time with several video games. This year I regressed into the bad old habits, and didn't really give games their due time before moving on to the next thing. That said, Breath of the Wild is my no-contest GOTY, and probably my favorite game in several years. I suspect I will end up double-dipping and buying it again for the Switch. Runners Up: XCOM2 War Of The Chosen, although I only just started it this Thanksgiving and haven't finished a campaign yet Heat Signature, which I also really need to spend more time with, ugh Literally Every Other 2017 Game I've Played That I Can Remember: Persona 5, which I liked a lot initially, but I stopped playing for some reason and never felt the urge to go back... and looking at it now, I was probably less than a quarter of the way through! Pyre, which I impulse-bought but haven't really given a decent chance
  14. anime

    I think that's a much easier perspective to take now than at the time. Maybe some of the outcry was performative, but I think people are and were much simpler creatures than that: endless eight tested patience that they didn't have. I agree, the variations on a theme are compelling (and the specific kind of tension it plays with is... singular, maybe?), but it was also 3 hours of repeating story beats spread out over almost three months. Even for the minority of viewers with the kind of patience for that, the nuance of difference between each cycle is lost in the wait week-to-week. I don't mean to say I think it was a failed experiment artistically, because I love endless eight. But I don't think it should be baffling why so many people bounced off so hard. FWIW, season 2 of Haruhi was the only season of anime I ever fully watched as it aired. I don't think it's contradictory that I both remember those episodes fondly and also remember my main takeaway emotion being frustration.
  15. Stranger Things

    You didn't dream it, I think that was the original plan for the show.