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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! I recently put two of my games on for all the world to see! I would love it if y'all would give them a play and welcome any feedback too. They're both free You can watch trailers on itch, but here I'll leave some blurbs and screenshots. SOLARPUNKIFICATION Play as a guerrilla gardener in a grim and crumbling cyberpunk city, where you will plant gardens in abandoned buildings, water them with water gathered from burst pipes, collect seeds, avoid the police, and transform your city into a green solarpunk world. The game inspired by the writing, art, and design movement known as solarpunk, which seeks to envision a realistic yet optimistic future based around sustainability. Even in Arcadia In a distant future in which capitalism and consumerism have continued to run rampant, corporations have replaced all government, and planet Earth has long been relegated to legend, society constantly moves to new planets and throws away the old ones like last year's model of smartphone. You are a guest at the launch party for the most recently developed planet: Arcadia. The party takes place at the planet's premiere attraction, the Arcadia Botanical Gardens. As a guest, you may wander the Gardens' various rooms and eavesdrop on the other distinguished guests whose stories and dramas play out in a repeating cycle over the course of the evening.
  2. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening. This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning Unreal Engine working on it since January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7) twitter instagram
  3. ICE Wave

    So for this jam I'm going to be revisiting the game I made for the third wizard jam, Rogue Robot Rogues. That game was originally made within a weekend and inspired entirely by me drawing two circles, one small inside the other and thinking what if the big one was some sort of wave. This expanded to the player controlling the security system (or Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics - ICE) for the mainframe of a company, armed with an EMP wave and a turret. In the intervening year and a bit, I have gotten much more into cyberpunk as a genre of sci-fi and after reading Neuromancer it got me thinking what life would be like to work for one of those companies, on the other side of the fight. "Techs down from the arcologies. [Case] supposed that meant the arena had the approval of some corporate recreational committee. He wondered briefly what it would be like, working all your life for one zaibatsu. Company housing, company hymn, company funeral." - Neuromancer The other main issue with Rogue Robot Rogues was the lack of depth in the gameplay with the only verbs available to the player being turning and shooting. For this redesign I'm focusing a lot more on the creation of the ICE itself with the finished experience hopefully closer to a real-time puzzle game, focusing on the performance of the ICE constructs that the player constructs to ice programs. The Team: Art, Design - Me, Sam (@Mythalore) Dev, Design - Harry (@HarryMcAlpine) Music - @Atlantic Sound Design - Toby So far we have the logo above and have managed to resurrect the code I had in progress for the new version of Rogue Robot Rogues, complete with a new art style that I created for NEON Shell as it was titled. Although we will most likely have to rewrite the system to support the new mechanics and update to Unity 2017.2.
  4. [DevLog] NEON Shell

    For a few weeks now I've been working on a full release version of my Wizard Jam 3 game, Rogue Robot Rogues. I'm taking the original game as a prototype for this new version. This will not only be more complex with more enemies and systems but hopefully incorporate multiple levels of play, in order to create a more fulfilling gameplay experience. To go along with this full release I've changed the name and art style to better suit the new direction of the project. In this first dev log I'm going to be introducing the new project and outline the main problems with the current build of Rogue Robot Rogues. NEON Shell is a cyberpunk bullet hell defender in which the player has to construct and control ICE security systems in order to protect the valuable data of their employer from cyber attacks. Most media in the genre is concerned with fighting against the corporations that control cyberpunk society. With NEON Shell however, I want to explore the other side of the coin; placing the player in charge of a corp's security systems, instead of against them. In Rogue Robot Rogues I focused on prototyping the main mode in the game, mainframe defence. In this mode there are data orbs, which act as health points positioned around a turret, or ICE construct. The player needs to take control of the turret in order to protect their data from incoming enemies who are completely invisible. This means that the player either has to guess their location or disable them and their cloaking with an EMP before shooting them. If you haven't yet played Rogue Robot Rogues you can do so here: and if you're interested the dev log for Rogue Robot Rogues can be found here which details my original development process. I explored a number of variations on the basic gameplay loop. Adding in enemies with shields (Shield programs), who are immune to the player's EMP until they are shot. This was intended to reverse the gameplay loop of the basic enemy type (Rogue programs) which the player has to EMP to remove their stealth before shooting them, in order to introduce some variety. This worked well as a start but the game gets quite samey with extended play; clearly more enemy variety is needed. The other main variation I introduced was time limited power ups which were intended to provide a change of pace and to be used as a balancing mechanic to increase average playtime. This worked in essence but the power ups introduced were very limited in their scope, effecting only reload speed (purple), EMP recharge time (yellow) and health (green). In addition, the time limited factor of the power up mechanic only serves to emphasise the lack of power that the player has while not boosted by a power up. To remedy this I'm intending to include a building and upgrade system into NEON Shell which should hopefully even out the power curve of the game into a more steady progression. Lastly, I've also redesigned the art of the game into a more striking, neon inspired style. This change simplifies the visuals of the game and should help to better separate the game elements by only needing to differentiate the basic shape and colour of each element. This new style also, I feel, ties in nicely with the new name and theming of the game, taking inspiration from the neon cityscapes of classic cyberpunk settings like the depiction of Los Angeles in Bladerunner. I've been on a month or so break from the game in order to better define the direction but should be back on track now. I'm planning on hopefully posting to this thread every week or so when I've got something to show throughout development. Thanks for reading! - Sam (@Mythalore)
  5. Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Play it on Steam Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork .. and many models