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  1. Designer Notes 38: Brian Reynolds - Part 1

    Looks like Nightdive ported Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender to Windows.
  2. Tone Control 24: Bennett Foddy

    This was one of the best episodes of Tone Control. The part when Bennett talks about "the moment" is very interesting (* this sentence makes no sense out of context, just trust me). I've never heard someone explain it like that. I'm sure 5 years from now we will have developed the language to describe more succinctly that feeling, but until then we have this.
  3. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    Today I'm going to endorse some productivity software called Cold Turkey. I'm not sure how many of you are like me, but I have have absolutely no fucking self-control and 5 minutes into a project will proceed to black out into twitter or reddit for 5 hours. Yes, I know I could just edit my host host file with the DNS/IP entries that cause me the most grief, but with Cold Turkey you can curate block lists with the websites and/or executables you don't need access to. Then you can create schedules with break periods if desired. It also tracks how many times you try to access the sites you blacklisted and gives you an approximation of how much time it's saving you (for me, it's definitely a low-ball number). Anyways, there's a free version here if you want to try it. I've been using the paid version for years on and off and have come to rely on it during certain times of the year when the seduction of the web is strongest (e3/elections/etc.). I can say without exaggeration that its saved me over a thousand hours of productivity. EDIT: It appears I didn't do my due diligence and search the forum before posting. It seems this was mentioned before by Marek. Don't mean to be redundant.
  4. Designer Notes 35: Manveer Heir

    Thank you.
  5. Designer Notes 35: Manveer Heir

    I loved this interview, but I have to say Manveer sounds suspiciously like Ray Romano.
  6. Game Engine Black Book - Wolfenstein 3D

    I'd love the other copy if you still have it. I'll DM you my address.
  7. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    I use a knife sharpener. May not last forever, but it works great for what I need.
  8. Post your face!

    I haven't really evolved aesthetically since year 5. That's me on the left. and me in 2008
  9. I’ve been enjoying the endorsements at the end of Important if True episodes. The kind of sincere advice informed by recent personal discoveries. They never come off as charlatan wizards dispensing misinformation on cooking implements. I believe everyone here has something in their life that assists in their journey. Something unique--at least to the rest of us. Be it #content, tools, or lifestyle suggestions. To be clear, I’m not trying to cheapen the endorsements section of the podcast. I just think everyone here has something worth passing along. It would be wrong to use affiliate links or try to benefit personally from this thread, so please don’t do that(unless it’s benefiting Idle Thumbs). _______________ My endorsement today is the reel lawn mower. I got one after seeing a neighbor peacefully mowing his grass with something I’d only seen before in cartoon strips or 1950’s sitcoms. It was so quiet. Only a faint “click” of the reel completing a rotation was audible. I’d never seen someone so happy cutting the grass. He looked like a smiling Buddhist monk walking across his lawn. After I ordered mine and put it together (10 minute assembly) I took it for a test run. I don’t meditate, but mowing grass with this device has been the most mindful experience outside I’ve had. Ever. I enjoyed it so much I ended up cutting the neighbor's yard as well. I’ve cut grass before, but never like this. I know many of you live in apartments/condos, but if you have a yard I can’t recommend it enough.
  10. This is the commercial I remember the most (and likely the one Jake was referring to) for DVDs.
  11. Evidently there is a horrifying fix. Edit: link to this thing. "How this helps you become the quick and not the pwned" .......
  12. I grew up with a kid that played Halo like that. He was unstoppable. I tried to adapt to that grip, but it never felt natural.
  13. I'm up for anything. Hit me up. I haven't played multiplayer games seriously since UT 2004. It's been too long since my last kill.
  14. Life

    Yeah, he's still a puppy, so he'll try to eat giant rocks if no one's looking.
  15. Life

    After watching my dog throw up green bile for 2 hours, I took him to the Emergency Vet. They took some x-rays and found 3 corn cobs in his intestines. Exploratory surgery was required. He's been better. .