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  1. *sigh* I'm on Hoth and and doing the mission to get into the big Kett thingy. Depending on how you play there's a 30 minute section with no autosaves and a lot of just random BS spawns. This really sucks, after I was enjoying it so much up until now.
  2. Took a break on Friday and am only doing a half day today so I can finish my taxes, but I did manage to get a little done. First off, now that most of the functions are actually functional, I brainstormed a list of polish items I'd like to get done before I call it finished, Background Drop shadows on arrows Animation on menu items Layer broken and short circuit sprites Redo button art Redo keypad surface art Load froms seed Better font Back to menu saves settings Then I managed to do two of those things! I grabbed a free font from Google at and quickly tossed it in on all the menu items. That was easy enough, but getting the menu animations to work was a little tougher. Basically, I've taken the background and put the center potion of it behind my text entries, and the left and right portions in front of my text entries but behind the arrows. When I click left, the text scrolls off the screen to the left and the new text scrolls in from behind the right background bit. It's a bit sloppy, with a bunch of random Vector3's in there of non-obvious sizes, but it works.
  3. Also, I recently played through all of Mass Effect 2 and 3 on insane, and let me tell you the animations and writing there aren't exactly top notch either. All the best stuff is in the DLC.
  4. Hmm, maybe because I'm playing as a somewhat sassy and overconfident I haven't noticed the broken tone.
  5. I've been putting a lot of time into Mass Effect this week. While I agree with many of the criticisms in this thread (flying through space, wonky animations, poor research system, black and white answers to the murder quest) none of them are so bad as to ruin my enjoyment of this game. I'm absolutely enamored with it, if only it wouldn't crash so often. While the over-all writting definitely has some holes, I've found the moment to moment writing fairly real feeling. The characters, while not always likable, feel pretty well realized to me. I dunno, maybe I'm not that picky, or maybe I'm taking my time and I'm seeing more of the dialog than other people? The planetary zones feel like DA:I, but with less time-consuming busy work. Plus, I like the feeling of exploration and building it gives me, even if I know it's mostly smoke and mirrors.
  6. Ran into some major bugs for the first time today, so I didn't quite get as much done as I'd hoped. At least I got the restart button working, and the other two mutators listed on the menu screen working The buttons with cracks don't do anything when clicked directly, but can still change color when buttons next to them are pressed. The ones with the yellow sparks (programming art) change color any time another button is pressed anywhere on the board. If the short circuited button is clicked directly, it changes twice. I went back and forth on whether I wanted the cracks as an overlayed second sprite, or just a new sprite with the crack drawn on it. I ended up going with a new sprite, but then I realized that the yellow sparks are going to look really strange when turned green or red, so I've got to go back and make it two sprites so I can independently change the color of the button without changing the sparks/cracks.
  7. The thing about regular panic attacks is that they come on with no rhyme or reason to your current mood, which then makes you scared that they could happen at any time, which then increases your overall anxiety levels.
  8. i started up the project as a 2D project, so just using sprites for the most part. I scale them down a bit when you click them to make them look like they're being pushed in. I might, if I'm unemployed long enough, try and make the keypad a 3D object, but not ready yet. Today I'm hooking up the rest of the switches on the main menu (which will require some GIMP skills) as well as adding a "restart the same puzzle" button on the bottom. I'd also like to create a code that you could send to someone so they could try the same puzzle. At first I was thinking a random seed with a few extra digits tacked on the end to send across the menu settings, but I'm not sure how reliable that would be. Then I was thinking just coding the board layout into hex, but with a max of 49 buttons in 4 possible states, plus modifiers, that gets to be a pretty unwieldy code.
  9. So, when you bet a certain number of buildings, that number of foundations are instantly built and, if you can't finish them, you get penalized. What happens if you under-bet? You simply can't build any more that day because there are no foundations left?
  10. Today I added puzzle generation (basically an ability to click buttons in reverse,) a win screen, and then back to menu and exit buttons on all screens, so I guess it's an actual game now? I was going to stop there, but i came across a couple of bugs (a board could start already completed, and going back to the menu wouldn't send the options to create the next board if nothing was changed.) In fixing those, I genericized a few bits of code and ended up getting the next thing I wanted to coded as well, buttons that have multiple states instead of just on and off. It feels good to get that "one more thing" feeling about something productive, instead of just Civ or Minecraft.
  11. It's a Light's Out puzzle. Though I have some ideas to make it a little bit more interesting than that. Edit: This is the first time I've actually made multiple scenes and handed off between them. Trying to pass just a few variables (the selections on that menu up there) is a lot bigger pain that it should be. Having to make an object with DontDestroyOnLoad() in it when I just want to pass four numbers seems dumb.
  12. 970 isn't quite good enough to play Elite Dangerous, but the frame doubling magic they have in the Oculus keeps the sickness away. Other than that my 970 has been plenty for everything I run. As for the amount of space an Oculus requires, part of the reason I went with Oculus is that they can't depend on you having room scale, so a lot of the experiences in the Oculus store can be done standing only. Steam VR can be a little more touchy with that stuff, but I've managed all right with a pretty cramped space. I can barely eek out a 5x5 space just larger than my wingspan and I can do a lot. Third camera is pretty nifty, but I wouldn't call it a must-have.
  13. Irrational "I'm going to die" feelings are definitely a hallmark of a panic attack. If it continues, definitely go see someone.
  14. I've decided to take the first couple weeks after my layoff to finally build and complete a Unity game. I've started and stopped on several big projects, so this time I'm going to make a small grid puzzle game that should be pretty easily manageable in a couple of weeks, but be polished enough . After two days, this is what I have. A very basic menu with yellow highlighting on the arrows and start button: Most of those switches don't do a lot, except size, which dynamically adjusts the board: The buttons now properly trigger each other for boards of any size. Next steps are to generate the actual puzzle, create win conditions, then start hooking up those other menu options.
  15. Oh boy, I haven't finished ME3 yet. I guess this weekend is the marathon. I'm not in EA access, but I'm looking forward to playing with folks on Tuesday.