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  1. No Man's Sky

    I find the max Plutonium for take-off thing really keeps my mind on finding places to land that either don't cost anything or have a lot of plutonium around the area. The new low-flying helps a lot for that. You should definitely do the initial base building and car-making stuff. After that it does get a bit samey.
  2. Total War: Warhammer II

    I was a bit disappointed in the original Total War: Warhammer. But I heard (I think from Rob?) that it actually got pretty good with all the DLC and re balancing they've done. So I'm debating whether I should try to catch the DLC for the original on sale, or bail on it entirely and buy the second one.
  3. XCOM 2

    I've heard that the highest difficulty is pretty much BS, but that the second to highest difficulty is pretty fun.
  4. XCOM 2

    The larger variety of mission types has been a huge bonus for me. Lots of different goals that have to be accomplished in different ways, then chosen ambushes on top. As someone who gave up on getting through XCOM 2 on veteran and turned it down to easy, I've found the difficulty curve to me a bit more steady this time around. Not saying there aren't spikes, but they seem less extreme and less often.
  5. No Man's Sky

    I just got done playing NMS in Survival mode all weekend. The last time I played was during the initial base-building update, and I think they've made some good changes here. Personally, I like all the new types of crafting materials, as it makes finding a planet that not quite as miserable as the others, but has the crafting item you need, a real valuable find. The base-building quests have been improved and now have a logical sequence that's a good intro to all the new stuff. It definitely is a grind, but it's the kind of grind I'm looking for I guess? Also, the new story has me intrigued.
  6. It's a long time after, but I just finished this so here are my thoughts
  7. U.S. Healthcare Reform

    I think somewhere along the line McCain became the hero, or at least the one person left in Washington that seems to care about parliamentary procedure? He comes back so soon after surgery to vote for the debate to start (which he has a history of almost always voting to start,) doesn't like what he hears, and shuts it all down.
  8. I would agree with that. For me, a lot of the fight is mental. I'm on meds now, but when I was more regularly going to therapy it ended up that the fear of the fear was what was setting me off, so someone talking about it like that removes some of the teeth of the problem for me. Obviously, if my problem was more severe, I doubt that would work and it would probably piss me off quite a bit.
  9. I'll start out by saying this isn't a response to therealdougiejones, but more a response to the heated discussion above. I've dealt with comparatively minor anxiety/panic disorder for a lot of my life, and each person has a different road to travel. I can see how Dan's often flippant attitude can be a turn-off, and it is for me when he's talking about certain subjects. I tried to jump into this conversation a couple of times earlier, since I've actually read the book in question. I really wonder how many folks on each side of the argument here have actually read any of it. You can read on the first few pages of the free preview available at that he immediately cops to being "as far removed from being a doctor as (he) could possibly be" and also that he tried many types of professional help over his time struggling with anxiety. In his introduction he states that the book is basically a chronological history of his struggles with anxiety, and really it doesn't offer much in the form of direct advice. What it ended up doing for me was making me realize some of my personality quirks that I developed over the years were anxiety defenses, and how to leverage them. It also gave me a few easy-to-read pages that I could hand to someone and say "this is how I feel" when I'm having a hard time describing things. I think it has the same inerrant problems as any book that is categorized "self-help." It's going to work for some people, and not for others. Some folks with more severe problems might take the book to far but, for others that are suffering at the same level as the author, it can be a big help. I don't see people rallying around "10% Happier" with torches, and that was written by a Nightline anchor who likewise has no professional knowledge of the subject. (Full disclosure, I've only read a few pages so I'll be a lot less able to debate that book.)
  10. The books is really more an autobiography focused on Anxiety than a self help book. He specifically recommends 10% Happier by Dan Harris as an actual source for self-help.
  11. That's not exactly what that book says. I didn't find it particularly helpful, but it's not exactly the devil either.
  12. Fortnite

    I had a couple of friends pick it up, and then I realized I had a $20 discount for being in the Alpha, so I sprung for it. Missions have been pretty easy so far, and could be done in 10-20 minutes, but yeah you could take longer on some of them if you just want to resource hunt. My friend that has progressed further than me says it starts to get harder around power level 9. That's out of 100, so it seems like there could be pretty challenging missions at the end requiring a lot of team coordination. As for reasons to play, it's more-or-less a loot grind game. You get random card packs with various survivors and blueprints. Each card can be leveled independently. The survivors mostly give you passive stat boosts, but there are some you can call in to fight with you and others are your actual character. You use the blueprints to craft guns, guns wear out over time, and you have to craft them again. Typing it out makes it sound boring, but I've found it to be a good mix where there's always something new to play with, but some decent long term goals as well. Also, the shooting feels really good. One thing you might not have seen is that you get to build small defenses in each mission, but you also have a home base you have to defend on occasion. Any building you do there is remembered, so that fort gets to be pretty huge with multiple spots to protect and such.
  13. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I've tried a couple different full mod packs I don't actually remember the name of right now. I think that was one? I dunno, it's been a year or so at this point so I don't even remember clearly what my issues were.
  14. Minecraft

    I've been playing Project Ozone 2 which has a start somewhat similar to Skyblock, but there's actually land out there, just no actual ores. Getting a lot of the necessary metals is done either by sifting as in Sky Factory, or by traveling to the nether, a couple of other alternate realities, generating new worlds through a Stargate-type mod, or flying to other planets.
  15. The Big VR Thread

    I guess I can take solace in the fact that I've gotten a few free games over the time I've owned the headset, along with the Xbox controller and wireless dongle. With two price drops though, I'm starting to feel like I should get an ambassador program or something.