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  1. I noticed that a couple of Steam VR games I was watching actually came out (Cosmic Trip and EVERSPACE) and the new Star Trek bridge simulator is coming out next week. I haven't played around much in VR lately, but now I'm considering a new video card to help alleviate some of the issues I was having in VR before and maybe be able to play Elite without frame doubling kicking in.
  2. It's pretty common that I pick out the clues that are foreshadowing the ending, so it doesn't ruin it or anything, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if that isn't the final twist.
  3. I think I'll be getting a switch for Monster Hunter. Hopefully, I can actually find one by then.
  4. The log was in Psychotronics... I dunno, I seemed so sure about it when I first heard it, but now getting less sure. I'll listen to it again when I get home.
  5. Well that's really cool. I wonder if it would work on the finish of an old console as well.
  6. My wife plays this daily, she's much better than me a this point and just got her silver portrait frame. I'm planning on playing with her during this event, because she's been nice enough to play HotS with me during that event.
  7. I'm really enjoying Prey, but I think I found a voice recording that spoils the ending? I'm only as far as entering the G.U.T.S. so I guess we'll see.
  8. Hmmm, I wasn't really into the show after episode one. It felt too random, with no connecting tissue between scenes. I know I should have expected it because it's Showtime, but I could have done with less gore and nudity. I felt that the original Twin Peaks was at its best when it was implying horrible things, but not having to show them, or a long build-up to one disturbing scene to get real impact out of it. The second episode has me feeling a little better. Various random scenes are starting to converge into several (strange) storylines. Gore was turned down a little bit, even if the Coop and Darya murder scene still felt a bit too heavy for me without having really earned it. The callbacks to old Twin Peaks characters hit about the right level for me, connecting to the past a little more without feeling heavy handed or random. I have hope for the series now, but if every episode is going to have a high-intensity murder scene, I don't know if I'll make it to the end.
  9. I've seem some folks from around here already, but I thought I'd mention that Waypoint has forums now!
  10. I bought a PS3 at least partially for Disgaea 3, but the story there is even more absurd and I just couldn't maintain interest. So mechanically strong, but so few interesting characters.
  11. I've found playing in doubles with a friend has been a lot less stressful than single, because you've got someone to chat with, someone to spot that one guy you missed, and, if it all goes to pot, it doesn't feel like you've wasted your time as much either. Single player is nerve-racking though.
  12. Whelp, after getting my new job I was jonesing to spend some money. Switches are still really hard to find around here. Nintendo lost a sale because I decided to buy a new screen and headset for my computer instead.
  13. I have a job again! Which means I'll probably be on these forums more again, which is a kinda weird thing really.
  14. I haven't enjoyed him much in the content I've seen (UPF, Sega Saturn Stream, and Demo Derby) but I'm willing to give the guy a few weeks. I can imagine it would be hard to come into that room and banter. Jeff and Brad both seem pretty intimidating. On the other hand, Abby's personality and GBEast's welcoming attitude both made this week's east coast content dynamite right off the bat.
  15. After hearing lots of good things, I picked this up last night and played a couple of hours. Some of the initial shocks were not as impactful because I kinda knew what I was getting into (even though I hadn't heard any specific spoilers) but the design of the world is really pulling me in so far. I've already found a couple of neat secrets, and I can't wait to get some more cool abilities.