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  1. Maybe they'll do something out of Twitch HQ? Edit: Also, if Drew is going solo, I certainly hope he'll be doing it as a personality and not a mercenary producer. I was really bummed when Austin left, but that's turning into something great.
  2. Ouch, definitely get out of there if you can. The rush of getting out of a place you don't like is incredible (as someone who was laid off last week.)
  3. I just finally got all the achievements in ME2. It's about time to start in on ME3 I guess.
  4. Hmm, OK, it seems like a lot of space sims seem to take turns for the worse once they start to try and include actual human avatars. Hopefully this will be a slow and considered roll out. Is there any real reason to play in open mode? I thought that it was required to do the community goals, but after getting blown up (1.5 million rebuy cost) for the 88 tons of robotics I was carrying to the most recent goal, I found out that wasn't the case and I played solo the rest of the night.
  5. This isn't a prelude to walking on stations is it? It's just for multi-crew ships?
  6. Ah, that's a shame. I was hoping to wander the Idle Thumbs server in VR.
  7. Is there a way to keep Fire Emblem on Android from overriding my podcast when I start it up? Even if I set it to Silent mode, it still stops any other sound (music or podcast) from playing. This is the number one thing that stops me using an app.
  8. Hmm, vanilla Minecraft, so I should be able to hook in using the Win10 version?
  9. I really enjoy the "talking over the press conference" bits. At this point I could take or leave the nightly stuff. It used to feel spontaneous, now it feels over planned.
  10. I think Valve said it could be as high as $5000, so panic, but who knows how high it might be. My gut says that they're announcing something crazy to make the (still high) $1000 seem more palatable. They say it's going away in spring, so I guess you have a month or two?
  11. Goodbye Greenlight, Hello something that can't possibly be worse (but probably will find a way to be)
  12. Oh Nice! I'm glad I took a look in here, I'll buy it for my 4 player gaming party that I'm having in a couple of weeks.
  13. I listen to the with-ads version of the Giant Bombcast even though I'm a subscriber, because it's good content and it doesn't bother me to throw a few more cents their direction. The same would go for me here. I also subscribe to the twitch streams, partially because of the content, but also because I just wanted to find a way to give you regular money. If there was another method out there, I would certainly consider it.
  14. I've always enjoyed offering my help on bosses in Souls games. It's a great way to learn the boss in a low-risk situation so you can go into your own game and solo it.