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  1. The books is really more an autobiography focused on Anxiety than a self help book. He specifically recommends 10% Happier by Dan Harris as an actual source for self-help.
  2. That's not exactly what that book says. I didn't find it particularly helpful, but it's not exactly the devil either.
  3. I had a couple of friends pick it up, and then I realized I had a $20 discount for being in the Alpha, so I sprung for it. Missions have been pretty easy so far, and could be done in 10-20 minutes, but yeah you could take longer on some of them if you just want to resource hunt. My friend that has progressed further than me says it starts to get harder around power level 9. That's out of 100, so it seems like there could be pretty challenging missions at the end requiring a lot of team coordination. As for reasons to play, it's more-or-less a loot grind game. You get random card packs with various survivors and blueprints. Each card can be leveled independently. The survivors mostly give you passive stat boosts, but there are some you can call in to fight with you and others are your actual character. You use the blueprints to craft guns, guns wear out over time, and you have to craft them again. Typing it out makes it sound boring, but I've found it to be a good mix where there's always something new to play with, but some decent long term goals as well. Also, the shooting feels really good. One thing you might not have seen is that you get to build small defenses in each mission, but you also have a home base you have to defend on occasion. Any building you do there is remembered, so that fort gets to be pretty huge with multiple spots to protect and such.
  4. I've tried a couple different full mod packs I don't actually remember the name of right now. I think that was one? I dunno, it's been a year or so at this point so I don't even remember clearly what my issues were.
  5. I've been playing Project Ozone 2 which has a start somewhat similar to Skyblock, but there's actually land out there, just no actual ores. Getting a lot of the necessary metals is done either by sifting as in Sky Factory, or by traveling to the nether, a couple of other alternate realities, generating new worlds through a Stargate-type mod, or flying to other planets.
  6. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I've gotten a few free games over the time I've owned the headset, along with the Xbox controller and wireless dongle. With two price drops though, I'm starting to feel like I should get an ambassador program or something.
  7. Man, Stalker seems like a game series that's really in my wheelhouse, but I've tried to start it three times and bounced off it each time. Maybe I'll take a shot at CoP and see if I can stay immersed.
  8. Triss was the worst choice in the Witcher 1 at least. I'm still a bit bummed that the Witcher 2 didn't respect my choice and have Shani in it more.
  9. Hmm, Gamestop is running a bundle that ships on Friday with things that I would actually want to buy (Zelda physical, Zelda expansion pass, and pro controller.) At the same time, I've gotten depressingly little use from my Xbox One, and I've fairly recently (4 months ago I think) spent $800 on VR that I don't really use as much as I should either.
  10. Hmm, I've been looking at the Steam Summer sale for Witcher 3....
  11. It didn't bother me at first, but now I'm finding it hard to make time to isolate myself from the world in a VR helmet. Maybe it's just the bright summer days or something, but I've only played a couple missions in Bridge Crew and not really anything else in VR of late.
  12. I bought this while it was on sale, and am having a lot of fun. The one thing that I've had a hard time understanding is the concept of troop supply. The wiki has some information, but I'm still not 100% clear on it. Anyone have a more detailed information source?
  13. Yeah, that stuff got a lot worse through post-release changes. When it first came out, you could get a few of the top tier weapons without having to dive too much into the invasion stuff. I actually think it had a really good economy at release. You had to make some serious decisions about what toys you wanted and do just enough of the side quests to make them feel valuable, but not monotonous.
  14. I also bought Chronos, but haven't booted it up yet.