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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. Fortnite

    This comes out in like 6 weeks I'm tempted to just pre-order as it look really good, this years overwatch. Weirdly the standard edition is really cheap, £35 playstation digital. Which makes me think there be a lot of nickel and diming after the fact. The 4 more expensive editions bolt on exclusive weapons/outfits and gives you a bunch on xp boosts and piñatas (Which i assume is this game loot boxes) HOOOOOPEEEEFUULYY there's a decent single player experience??? à la Orcs must die. Although i haven't seen any mention of it :/ I just don't want to have to communicate with randoms. "Hey lets go this way, hey build a trap here" hmmmm. I had the same misgivings about Overwatch and still had a ton of fun with that game, but equal frustration at bad team mates. (I can't talk, i always play these games as a lone wolf and go off a do my own thing, stilol with the team and game objective in mind.) It'll be good if you can just get on with your own thing without needing to communicate too much. On screen props for when base is getting over run etc HOOOOOPEEEFFUUULLLYY this'll have cross platform play across PS4, xbox and PC, as that'll be better for making a game with people on here. I saw some article yesterday about Xbox going cross platform for online multilayer, perhaps that'll be the big thing this E3. Fingers crossed playstation won't be a party pooper. This feels like the ideal type of game to have full cross platform support nice website