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  1. At least with Lucas, I could understand the gradual decline in quality and vision as a would-be auteur running out of juice. Lucas wrote the drafts for all the prequel trilogies himself, at the very least. Scott just gets scripts written by four or six different people handed to him and, as I've heard it, lets his cinematographer and other creative leads do all the work for him. Lucas does the same, preferring to be "executive director" of a bunch of underlings from his chair in the back, but Scott seems to have it worse: total creative control and minimal interest in making a technically competent movie.
  2. "Spicy" can stay as long as Jake continues to express comical disgust at its existence. They're two sides of the same coin.
  3. I'm not recommending that you watch another movie from a director you dislike, but Enemy is far and away my favorite of Villeneuve's work. It's not really about nice people either, so... yeah. Super down on the existence of this movie, though. I just think of Harrison Ford's t-shirt and jeans costume and it makes me feel totally enervated.
  4. I'm not much for "kung fu" movies, but my cinephile friend and I discovered The Boxer's Omen four or five years ago and it remains one of the most interesting things I've watched with him. It just has such an extremely meticulous and intensely absurd sense of reality, it's impossible not to get sucked in a little. The Shaw Brothers are so hit and miss for me, but when they hit do they hit.
  5. I think one of the goals of GOG Galaxy was getting users to have larger libraries with GOG and have more inherent loyalty to GOG thereby. It hasn't really worked yet, I think, partially because loyalty to a digital games service seems to be an odd mix of library size, friend circle, friend features, and perceived company evilness. GOG seem like really nice people, but no one seems to use them use them, so... Valve's still the default, at least for me.
  6. I first got an electric toothbrush four years ago and it took me almost six months to figure out that I didn't need to return it for randomly and briefly losing power every half-minute or so. I looked and it only mentions the purpose for the pulsing deep in the tiny quadruple-folded manual, so I don't feel bad.
  7. I don't know about you not knowing, but over and over the McElroys (Griffin in particular) have asked people to be patient as they worked things out, especially with regards to The Adventure Zone. Under those circumstances, reacting with dismissiveness or hostility to more knowledgeable people giving them advice, even over Twitter, does seem like the textbook definition of arrogance. "We're not sure what works, but we're fine with messing up until we figure it out and we don't want anyone's help" was the refrain of TAZ during the entire time that I was listening to it. When they let Jonah Ray speak for several minutes on My Brother, My Brother, and Me about how great he thinks their Seeso series is, but can't be bothered to give the time of day to anyone non-famous who tries to address their admitted ignorance on certain matters, I don't think I'm being an outrageously entitled fan for shooting them some side-eye. This seems to be the problem with a lot of podcasts that suddenly make it big: I like My Favorite Murder a lot, but I hate it when I hear Karen bullshit on some topic about which she has no clue, knowing that she'll jokingly-but-not-jokingly flame people on Twitter for correcting her in the next episode, or when Georgia audibly gets near tears when the audience at a live show corrects her pronunciation of some random township. Like, it's an important life skill to handle being wrong with grace. I know that I've had to work on it hard. I don't think famous or successful people should get a free pass when I don't give myself one. Also, the full text of Justin's half-drunken brag was: Again, that seems to go way beyond brotherly pride to the textbook definition of arrogance, for me. Oh, Time Magazine hadn't heard of (or doesn't care about) your D&D podcast, so its opinion is bunk? I love Justin, but I'd feel embarrassed saying shit like that, even were I trashed.
  8. To piggyback off of that fundamental truth, Travis' new podcast The Kind Rewind is four episodes in and it's really good. It's just Travis and his wife Teresa watching old TV shows and movies, then talking about what they liked and didn't like, especially compared to what they thought as kids. They just finished going through the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now they're going to do ET: The Extraterrestrial and then the first season of Cheers. It's really warm and genuine, and Travis' passion for talking about media shines through even as he says some pretty dopey things and defends Xander waaaay more than Xander deserves to be defended. I'm rewatching Buffy right now and that made the past few episodes really enjoyable, but I like the vibe enough to follow them into stuff that I'm not rewatching and don't really care about.
  9. I'm now beginning to wonder if photic sneezing is also accompanied by a nonstandard brain configuration that makes photic sneezers take excessive pleasure in the act of sneezing...
  10. I do think that, whether or not there's arrogance in the mix, there's a general sense with entertainers that, once you've "made it," you've got this thing figured out and you don't need to lean into it because it's working out fine. There's no drive to excel more than they personally want to excel, which means that there's a lot of variable quality.
  11. We have a bunch of t-shirts with a "spirit animal" theme to them coming out next week at my work, and I've spent literal hours trying to keep as much appropriative content out of the copy as possible. The shirts themselves are a lost cause, because my boss thinks that the concept of a spirit animal is cute and fun and harmless, but I'm doing my best everywhere else.
  12. I've been following the news for the DLC and, while I'm concerned that it might make a wonderfully simple but involved game a bit too overcomplicated, I'm happy for more content. Renowned Explorers is a delight and I still boot it up from time to time to have a RPG/strategy-lite adventure that lasts almost exactly an hour.
  13. I mostly know Andy Daly because he voiced the One True King of Ooo on Adventure Time.
  14. My school district's gifted and talented program had a creative writing competition that I entered every year. My most successful entry was my sixth- or seventh-grade attempt, which was the plot to the pilot of Star Trek: Voyager stripped of all its sci-fi trappings and written in rhyming verse as a Greek-style tragedy, titled "The Few Intrepid." Even at the time of writing, I remember finding it painfully pompous and turgid, but I didn't have a concept of editing or revising at that point in my life, so I just turned in all eight single-spaced pages (I just checked, in my memory it was twenty-five or twenty-six pages at least) and they gave me the runner-up award, in what I presume was an effort to make me give up and go away. Oof.
  15. Yeah, that's Voices of a Distant Star. It has some nice moments, especially the genesis of Shinkai's twin fixations on long-distance communication and travel, but it's mostly interesting to me as one of anime's few truly auteur works. It was written, directed, animated, and voiced by Shinkai himself, all on his G4. It shows, in a bad way, but it's still worth watching. Actually, my hope is that the success of Your Name helps Shinkai's early stuff (She and Her Cat, Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days) become as available as Children who Chase Lost Voices and Garden of Words have always been.