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  1. Plug your shit - Yes, it has finally come to this.
  2. The threat of Watch Dogs

    I picked up one of the pre-order editions in Norway that came with extra stuff so I got more than one code. The first one had to be typed into Uplay to activate the game. There's an unlock content button on the game's page, but I can't use that for the other codes. I have to first launch the game and then hit the redeem code option in the main menu which opens the Uplay overlay and a window where I can type in the other codes. With hyphens. It's a ridiculous program.
  3. The threat of Watch Dogs

    Had to battle Uplay for ages before I could play it. Inputting serial numbers, suddenly it wants to sync non-existing saves to the cloud (didn't even ask me if I wanted to), then I have to input a serial number plus the hyphens because they can't be arsed to add the same formatting rules to every field, wait forever for it to check for updates, more waiting for it to log in.... Finally got to play and the first thing I noticed, it doesn't use the mouse sensitivity from Windows so I have to redo that. In the game, I got to a room with some people in it. The game went from 40-50 fps down to 2-3 fps, making it unplayable. Managed to get that past that and the game bugged out when running the tutorial to show me to how to hack the lights in the stadium. It was at that point I said "fuck it" and deleted the piece of shit from my computer. Perhaps I'll try it again in a year or so when they've hopefully brought out a few dozen patches and fixed the ulcer-inducing Uplay.
  4. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    It's about time we get to see more of Cyberpunk 2077. It's been over a year since the last update on their website.
  5. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    Took me two minutes to realize I had to click on the rocks the two guys were hacking away on. Not a great start.
  6. Mass Effect 3

    They're both like warnings on DVDs. A nuisance to get through before you can be entertained. Steam is a nuisance that comes with the promise if cheap games, though, so it's tolerable.
  7. Mass Effect 3

    Bah, the demo. First I downloaded it (2.1GB) and then it crashed every time I tried to run it. I clicked the "check files" option and it proceeded to download a 1.9GB patch. Origin's awesome.
  8. How...?! (Guitar Hero viral ad)

    I just mentioned I thought I found a similarity between the game mechanics of Fahrenheit's action sequences, which doesn't appeal to me right now, and Guitar Hero; and "pretend-musician" was a joke. You've heard of those, right? The next thing I know the fanboy brigade is all over me with condescending BS like "get educated". Fine, if the game mechanics are completely different, explain it instead of acting like arrogant bastards. This is my last post on here so please delete my account.
  9. How...?! (Guitar Hero viral ad)

    Why should I waste a bunch of money to try something I know I'll dislike in advance? Fuck off.
  10. Oh, get educated. That was a good trailer. Unlike the Fahrenheit copy Guitar Hero.
  11. How...?! (Guitar Hero viral ad)

    Yes, I don't like rythm based gamery. The horror!
  12. How...?! (Guitar Hero viral ad)

    Welllll, it just looks like a time-based Simon says to me and I had more than enough of that after completing Fahrenheit.
  13. How...?! (Guitar Hero viral ad)

    Heh, I didn't realize what the big deal was. I just saw some guy cycling along to some shit music. Guess I should check out one of these pretend-musician games someday...
  14. NCsoft

    "Excellent communicator – able to demonstrate empathy" - for when you fire someone!
  15. NXE impressions?

    Mass Effect will still have those ridiculously long lift travels made because of the long loading times though. I wish Bioware would release a patch for it where you could skip the rest of the lift travel once the new area has loaded...