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Idle Thumbs is a small podcast network whose podcasts span comedy, pop culture and entertainment, video games, and TV. We're the home of Important If True, taking questions about the absurd minutia of culture and technology; Idle Weekend, discussing video games and assorted pop culture; The Idle Book Club, a husband-and-wife book-a-month chat; Three Moves Ahead, the internet's premiere strategy game podcast; our namesake show Idle Thumbs, combining incisive video game observations and absurdity; and more!

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Important If True

Three friends try and figure everything out.

Idle Thumbs

A video game discussion podcast

Tone Control

Conversations with Game Developers

Twin Peaks Rewatch

We watch and discuss the complete Twin Peaks

Three Moves Ahead

A podcast about strategy & war games

The Idle Book Club

A book discussed every month

Idle Weekend

Video game & pop culture talk to cap off your week

Something True

Stories from the footnotes of history.


A Netrunner podcast

Designer Notes

A podcast about why we make games

Every Game in This City

A podcast about playing well together

The Cutdown

A podcast about making trailers

Retired Podcasts

Dota Today

A Lords Management Podcast

The End of Mad Men

Watching Mad Men until there's nothing left

True Detective Weekly

A weekly discussion of HBO's crime drama anthology

Esports Today

The latest in pro gaming, discussed and explained.

Playscape: Los Angeles

Get to know the L.A. game scene with Teddy Dief.

Idle Thumbs Kickstarter Progresscast

Thank God this actually worked.

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