Idle Thumbs

A weekly video game podcast.

Idle Thumbs is a weekly video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity. Between overly-enthusiastic dissections of their latest gaming experiences and baffling phonological explorations of Jeff Goldblum's name, the cast has managed to find a regular audience of dedicated readers. Scoop up the latest episode and hear us extol the virtues of whatever we've just played, attempt to answer reader mail, and get sidetracked about space.

Weekly, publishes Wednesdays.

Episode 217:
To Have a Life

July 1, 2015 You strap on your VR headset and log on to the terminal. It's a Windows 95 system: you know this. You rifle through dozens of unsorted video clips revealing a fractured prophecy of inevitable robot domination. Sinister, shadowy figures dance and leap in the periphery of your vision. You glance down to admire your virtual arms. They're huge.

Things Discussed: Her Story, LEGO Jurassic World, Batman: Arkham Knight, Spider-Man 2: The Game, Fallout Shelter, Piloteer, Faceted Flight, Tales from the Borderlands, Sleep No More, DisneyQuest, Aladdin (SNES), Aladdin (Genesis), artificial intelligence

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