Idle Thumbs

A weekly video game podcast.

Idle Thumbs is a weekly video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity. Between overly-enthusiastic dissections of their latest gaming experiences and baffling phonological explorations of Jeff Goldblum's name, the cast has managed to find a regular audience of dedicated readers. Scoop up the latest episode and hear us extol the virtues of whatever we've just played, attempt to answer reader mail, and get sidetracked about space.

Weekly, publishes Thursdays.

Episode 281:
The Marfing Barfo

September 22, 2016 Hey, over here. Yeah, it's me. My friends call me Wide Boy. You can call me Wide Boy 64. So where's that other goatscaver? What? It's just you? You uncle-terder. You wod head. You goat-jashiping crassmicker. Fine. Let's get going. Take this pill, put on this nice mask. Try to blend in. Look happy. And hey, clotwizard: if you get caught, you're dead. I'm not coming back for you. You marfing barfo.

Discussed: We Happy Few, NBA 2K17, Super Mario Run, Far Cry 2, Wide-Boy 64

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