Idle Thumbs Kickstarter Progresscast

Thank God this actually worked.

In 2012 Idle Thumbs ran a Kickstarter campaign, not just to bring back the Idle Thumbs podcast, but to try and turn Idle Thumbs into a small podcast network, with a studio, a new website, and the ability to exist for years to come. We documented that time in this podcast.


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July 12, 2012
The Sixteenth One

In this, the final Progresscast we talk about our plans for the site, the blog, our appearance at PAX and QuakeCon, and a bunch of video games; Jake has a spell; and we reminisce about the career of an American treasure.

Games Discussed: Spelunky, Microsoft Flight, Offspring Fling

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Did you know you can play a game of Civ V: Gods & Kings with a slow enough clock and a big enough map that it replaces real life? Also discussed: What happened to sim games as hardware got better: A lament for Super Black Bass, Sports Games versus eSports Games, combo breakers and sick half-nelsons.

Games Discussed: Civilization V: Gods & Kings, Super Black Bass, Killer Instinct, Madden NFL, uDraw

Chris has started progressing through Civilization V: Gods & Kings, and we discuss his progress in this Progresscast. There's some Kickstarter news in it, too.

Games Discussed: Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Two thousand years in the future, the world has collapsed into a nightmare of destruction and despair. Only Idle Thumbs remains. We won't take so long next time. In the meantime, wander through the wasteland with us as we discuss video games, the web, and progress.

Games Discussed: Dota 2, SSX, NBA Street, Super Black Bass, Sid Meier's Civilization II, Terrence Malick's Civilization II

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