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Nels Anderson of Campo Santo and Jesse Turner of Slick Entertainment have at least two things in common- making video games and playing a lot of Android: Netrunner, Fantasy Flight's superb living card game. Terminal7 is a podcast where they discuss Netrunner, sometimes in the context of video games, sometimes just in terms of strategy, design or anything else fascinating about the game.

Every two or three weeks, publishes Tuesdays.

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Episode 65:
The Opal Bites Back

June 13, 2017 In the third pack of the Red Sands cycle, we see Jinteki has bamboo wackiness, Weyland has shipping locked down, the Anarchs love to keep on punchin' and, apparently, you can never trust the cleaners on Mars.

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June 6, 2017 Nels and Jesse are back of a bit of a scheduling fiasco to discuss the cards from Terminal Directive as just general parts of the card pool. And, more importantly, they attempt to discover if one truly can be chosen from birth to become a provost.

April 27, 2017 Nels and Jesse have piled into the pub and made their way through the much-anticipated campaign expansion Terminal Directive (no relation). The first half of this cast is spoiler-free high-level impressions and in the second half, the spoiler gloves are cast aside and everything is fair game. Join us, figure out why those golems are killing people (maybe) and discover exactly how the game differs when you enter the "Steve State."

April 12, 2017 We make planetfall on Mars and discover that there are new cards even at Station One. One cha-ching new runner and one big-armed douche await, along with some very important pigeon facts. And because you so love pigeon facts, join Nels and Jesse as they discuss the second datapack in the Red Sands cycle.

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