The End of Mad Men

Watching Mad Men until there's nothing left

Matthew Weiner's outstanding 60s-era AMC drama is coming to an end. Let's bid it a fond farewell, as we watch and discuss the final seven episodes week by week. Send your questions and comments on each episode to [email protected] to join our conversation! We're still waiting on final iTunes approval, but in the meantime you can add our show to the podcast app of your choice by manually adding our RSS feed. Thanks!


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Episode 7:
Person to Person

May 20, 2015 The stories of Don Draper, his family, his co-workers at Sterling Cooper, and The End Of Mad Men podcast conclude.

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May 12, 2015 After a string of expansive omnibus episodes, Mad Men's focus tightens this week for a pointed dive into the depths of Don, Betty, and Pete. Join us in discussing Mad Men's penultimate episode, "The Milk and Honey Route."

May 5, 2015 Fire up the old organ and lace up your roller skates for one last ride around Sterling Cooper as we take a look at Mad Men's third-to-last episode, "Lost Horizon."

April 27, 2015 Sterling Cooper seems to be on its last legs, as we approach the series finale of Mad Men. But in spite of (or because of) the glum mood around the office, the crew is sharing some of their best moments in recent memory.

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