About Idle Thumbs

In 2008, a small group of friends who worked in the game industry decided to record their regular conversations, bottle them up, and hurl them into the internet. Idle Thumbs, a podcast, was born. Years later, we still work in games and still record a weekly show where we share our excitement about our industry from a small studio in San Francisco.

While we were casting pods and making games on the West Coast, a collection of East Coast game writers were putting out Three Moves Ahead, a weekly strategy game podcast of incredible quality. So, in 2012, after an outpouring of goodwill from fans to Idle Thumbs' successful Kickstarter, Idle Thumbs asked Three Moves Ahead if they could host 3MA and the site you see today came to be.

Idle Thumbs isn't a review or news outlet or a media empire. We've often struggled to define what it is and the closest we can get is that it's a home to talk about our enthusiasm for the stuff we enjoy. So, welcome. Allow us to cast you a pod.

Our Shows

Incisive shows. Only the best.

The ultra-savvy media content that will propel this site into the future. Idle Thumbs discusses video games, Idle Weekend discusses video games and pop culture, and Three Moves Ahead dissects strategy games. The Idle Book Club is a monthly book podcast with a modern literature focus, and our in-depth interview shows Designer Notes and Tone Control consider the craft of game development. We add shows when our gut tells us to. And while every show has 100% autonomy of content and focus, if it's on the site it's because we believe it's fantastic.

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Think of it as settling in next to us on a park bench. Your eyes scan a distant treeline before stealing a glance our way. "What've you got there, amigo?" you may ask. Except if you send us an email, reply to us on Twitter or mail us something in the post, we'll be less inclined to assume your attention is amorous.

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Want to sponsor the Idle Thumbs Podcast? Contact our ad rep, The Midroll: hello@midroll.com or (800) 625-0806. For sponsorships of other shows, or other opportunities, write us: biz@idlethumbs.net.

Our Hosts

Speaking into microphones for the benefit of all.

Chris Remo

Chris is a musician and developer at Campo Santo who also composes soundtracks for indie games. He has previously worked for Double Fine Productions and Irrational Games. Idle Thumbs, The Idle Book Club, Twin Peaks Rewatch, The End of Mad Men, True Detective Weekly

Jake Rodkin

Jake had a long history in fake game journalism before migrating into a preposterously many-hatted role in game development. He is the Co-Founder of Campo Santo and COO of Mega McCheese. Idle Thumbs, Twin Peaks Rewatch, The End of Mad Men, True Detective Weekly

Sean Vanaman

Sean is a game designer and writer. He is the Co-Founder of Campo Santo, a San Francisco based video game developer. He has worked for Telltale Games and The Walt Disney Company. Dota Today, The End of Mad Men, True Detective Weekly

Troy Goodfellow

Troy founded Three Moves Ahead back in 2009. Three Moves Ahead

Danielle Riendeau

Danielle is the Managing Editor at Waypoint, Vice's extra cool.zone gaming site. She also teaches at the Berklee College of Music, runs a lot of miles, moonlights as a martial artist, makes itty-bitty games for fun and volunteers as an EMT in Brooklyn and Queens. Idle Weekend

Rob Zacny

Freelance writer and PC Gamer’s strategy columnist, who became a regular panelist on 3MA starting with a great pinch-hit appearance in Episode 42. Rob assumed hosting duties in early 2010. Three Moves Ahead, Esports Today, Idle Weekend

Nick Breckon

Congrats, Nick! Idle Thumbs, Dota Today

Teddy Dief

Teddy Dief is an independent game designer in Los Angeles, developing Hyper Light Drifter with Heart Machine, and Kyoto Wild as a solo endeavor. He is a co-founder of LA collective Glitch City and studio Rad Dragon. Playscape: Los Angeles

Steve Gaynor

Steve was the writer and designer of Gone Home and BioShock 2: Minerva's Den. He co-hosted Idle Thumbs in like 2009 and now hosts the bi-monthly Tone Control interview cast. Tone Control

Nels Anderson

Nels Anderson is a designer and programmer who was most recently the lead designer on Mark of the Ninja. He is probably the only game developer in Canada who was born and raised in Wyoming. Terminal7

Jesse Turner

Constantly creating monstrous minions, Jesse started working in games in 2006 at Threewave Software as an artist. He briefly tackled the world of cartoons in 2010 at Nerdcorps and now wields his artistic axe under the banner of Slick Entertainment. Terminal7

James Spafford

One of the co-founders of Idle Thumbs, as well as the founder of Mixnmojo. He is currently employed at Double Fine Productions.

Sarah Argodale

When not reading and podcasting about books for The Idle Book Club, Sarah works for an Oakland, California-based nonprofit. The Idle Book Club

Soren Johnson

Founder of Mohawk Games and lead designer of Civilization 4. Designer Notes

Adam Saltsman

Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman makes games in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his family. Designer Notes

With Special Guests

Check out these cool names with which we are tangentially affiliated.

Brad Muir

Project Lead of IRON BRIGADE, BRAZEN, and now MASSIVE CHALICE at Double Fine. Dota Today