Idle Thumbs Special UK Report: "Live at the Eurogamer Expo"

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How come it's not on the same feed as the American ones? I thought it was one podcast!

They'll maintain separate feeds. We're also not entirely sure how the schedule is going to work or anything, but we're basically operating independently of each other.

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Replace www. with old. :)

hey, thanks man, it worked. BUT, just replacing www. with old. in the audio file link itself didn't help at first. it constantly displayed a 404 existence error. i had to go from the "beginning", typing "", then open the old archive and find the audio file. the audio file opened as a www. so i had to replace the www. with old. again and THEN it actually worked. internet's a

btw, this also works with the 1st UK podcast - "A Fireside Chat" and with the "Idle Thumbs Journal of Games".

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