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    Myself and some friends have started a website about board games and I thought fellow thumbs might like it. We're trying to make content that's a bit different to the average board game videos and articles, a bit more approachable especially to people who aren't super into the hobby, but also just fun and celebrating the joy of games not just the mechanics. This story is about a funny old game based on the british/oz soap Neighbours. Thumbs trivia, it's not mentioned in the article but that first game of Neighbours was played with Thumbs very own Spaff. e thing we've done (we've only been going a week). It's about why Monopoly is shit and you shouldn't play it..but if you have to here is how to ruin it. We've also done some short recommendations and very quick videos to get a gist of a game, like Survive Let us know what you think, do all the following on Twitter and subscribe on Youtube stuff plz.
  2. Just stumbled across an interview of Spector talking about Epic Mickey. He says he can't take credit for Oswald or the theme. It is a shame that Famous didn't get to make that beautiful oak tree. "I said I was interested; I'm a Disney fan from way back, I love cartoons, and it's the most recognizable icon on planet Earth. Who's stupid enough to say 'no, I'm not interested'? So I'm sitting there trying to stay cool. And then they said 'you know we have a concept. Would it be okay if we showed it to you? You don't have to use any of it.' So they showed me this pitch they had and it's genius! I mean there are some foundational elements that they came up with at Disney, that they said, 'you don't have to use it.' Why would I not? I mean, bringing Oswald back? I can't take credit for that. The idea of a world of forgotten and rejected characters? I can't take credit for that. They threw it at me, and I was happy to catch it. So I told them 'you have just given me an acorn and I am growing it into a beautiful oak tree and everybody else who thinks they’re going to grow that tree, they got another thing coming.'"