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  1. Hey do y'all have some high-res versions of the released art for download? I'd really love to use it for a facebook header or my desktop background or something
  2. Maybe the movie(s) had been confirmed?
  3. Secret Santa 2k17

    Well I’m glad you didn’t get messed about! Good luck w everything; sounds like a busy time
  4. Secret Santa 2k17

    Oh no, that sucks I really enjoyed being part of a community that did it; I just have no idea how to set one up personally.
  5. Secret Santa 2k17

    Is anyone doing one for the Thumbs forums this year? #lazyweb
  6. Star Wars Episode 8

    What happens in those?
  7. Here in the UK, we call big Kit Kats Kit Kat Chunky.
  8. I needed this today; I'm very grateful to you all for posting.
  9. I think it's fucking rad and I love it, and it's in my headcanon now.
  10. Yay for a new episode! My girlfriend is bummed it’s arriving on a Sunday though, lol.
  11. Where's the new episode?? Is there a new schedule?
  12. Not naive, misunderstood! I like annie; I don’t like the idea that she all of a sudden doesn’t exist!