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  1. I did, i loved them! I was sad recently when i checked to see if any modern versions existed and found out that no, they don't. The reference point of Sim city / Civ is still useful because no one has heard of those games except you and me. I also played a crap ton of Settlers I & II, I'd say The Settlers battles Monkey Island 2 for the game i played most on my Amiga. I feel like Anno 1404 especially is a direct descendant of those early settlers games. p.s the artwork for this thread is remarkably similar to the thumbs utopia banner above it, but nowhere near as interesting. We discussed architecture of the future Anno games being a bit of let down in the cast. It's a real shame because people could easily be imagining a more interesting future architecturally and that banner is proof, snowmen and all.
  2. Brighton's Daddy Long Legs:
  3. You just described every single Monkey Island website from the 90's
  4. The monkey island site was pretty short-lived, so it was unlikely mine. I turned the focus to all LucasArts games and created instead. It's highly likely that the site in question was part of the mojo hosted sites network though, and maybe still is
  5. Oh man good find, kinda. I think i have some of the imagery somewhere, suffice to say it was pretty terrible. The main logo was made in MS paint. I did make some of my own GIFs though of the dancing monkeys and stuff, so you know, not all terrible
  6. it's got to be top partridge action.
  7. I don't remember being a crazy racist and punching anyone in the face, even though i wanted to obviously.
  8. UK Thumbs

    Depressing links o' the day "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone." - David Cameron David Cameron puts God back into politics The Telegraph’s Tactical Voting Tool Was Coded To Never Recommend The SNP David Cameron says there should be no "means of communication" which "we cannot read" But finally, the Save our Human Rights petition.
  9. I randomly stumbled upon the old gross 'logo' we were talking about whilst looking for other old things. Enjoy!
  10. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    me, bob, nick, and Alice will be there.. maybe glenn also.
  11. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Ysbreker - make a new thread? I and some other brighton based thumb types will be around
  12. Instant Messenger

    I use Adium, it's so fucking good, and totally visually customisable.. get a mac otherwise if iam stuck in windows i jut use gtalk and ignore all other things because ughhhhhhh trillian is like ICQ now. ahh remember ICQ?