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  1. The Lonely Island guys are another big example of online --> TV.
  2. Important If True 37: Uncharacteristically Cursed We're not sure what your friend told you when they handed you this podcast, but you might not want to press play. Not because it's bad or something (we're pretty proud of it actually), but because, let's just say, it's incredibly cursed. If you dare listen, it may not turn out well for you in the long term. That said, no risk is without its rewards. In this case, you can listen to us puzzle through some crucial questions of the ages, like: Is Walt Whitman alive? Who is the Ketchup King, and why do they remind us of a trip to work with dad? And, will a bittersweet Facebook video solve the mystery of who killed you? Find out quickly; if you got this far you probably don't have much time left. Discussed: Loving my coffee mug, hating Mondays, cursed videotapes, detailed newspaper coverage of Walt Whitman's decline, no hope for Walt Whitman, an unfavorable turn in the condition of Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman about the same, the Walt Whitman beat, generated Facebook videos of your memories, generated Facebook memories algorithmically predicting your future death, obscene food combinations, peanut butter/jelly/ketchup sandwiches, "I Am The Ketchup King (and the Ketchup King Likes You Very Much)," overwhelming sensory experiences destroying good things, The Year I Hated Ketchup, the nerdy version of teenage awkwardness manifesting itself in incredibly self-destructive ways, drinking vinegar, Vine, "Share Your Curse Online," inevitable future CW or BBC crime shows in which algorithmic Facebook video montages are crucial clues, Happy Valley (Netflix, BBC), seemingly normal things that may be death in disguise, the powerful and seductive fantasy of throwing your keys or phone into a storm drain, the horrifying reality of watching your keys fall into a tiny crack in the ground, The Aviator Send us your questions to questions@importantiftrue.com. If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Chris' Endorsement: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) (Amazon, iTunes) Chris' Subendorsement: Someone who thinks the framework for this endorsement is pathetic. Chris' Sub-Subendorsement: La Mer, performed by Julio Iglesias (YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes) Nick's Endorsement: Too Funny To Fail (Hulu) Jake's Endorsement: The Pacifica Taco Bell (Business Insider article about Pacifica Taco Bell) Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  3. Oh weird okay. I'm half way through.
  4. I'm confused by people saying the book declares the timeline has changed re: Laura's fate. Somewhere in the first half of the book it talks about Leland being arrested for the murder of his daughter. Doesn't that pretty specifically indicate the timeline did NOT change? Did I misread that passage?
  5. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    It was mostly the desert that felt really sparse to me. I'm in New Donk at this point and that density issue feels moot.
  6. It's almost all writing this time. It'd work perfectly well as a kindle book.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    Yeah I like it fine. I rarely get overhyped these days but I think I was definitely overhyped on this game. It's a good 3D Mario, I'm glad to get the Sunshine-style explorable worlds back, but it doesn't quite feel dense enough for me or something? (I just got to Lost Kingdom and that area is where things have started to pick up for me a bit, which is good). I think it ranks below Sunshine, Galaxy, an 3D World for me still though. Maybe that will change the farther in I get.
  8. Important If True 36: Never Say Goodbye Nothing is permanent, especially not these days. You look away for a second and look back, and the world around you has changed, subtly. A TV you swear wasn't there a moment before is yelling at you about something that doesn't exist yet. Your friend turns to you, his shirt changed to a logo you've never seen before, and you think you know what he's going to say - he's going to ask you important questions about the world around him, questions like "How can you best maintain the integrity of your aging brand? What REALLY happened at the end of The Usual Suspects? Is this podcast cursed?" - but as he opens his mouth you hear, in splintering clarity, "SEE THOR RAGNAROK THIS WEEKEND," and know you can't trust him ever again. Discussed: Happy Birthday Jake wooooo Happy Halloween!!!, Jake's curse, corn maze, terrible 20th Television production logo, La Cucaracha horn, SeamBI, SeamBI B2B, How I Met Your Mother, brand integrity, Taxi, definitely Mastercard's favorite play of the game, television without greenscreen, Ex Machina, The Usual Suspects, Beauty and the Beast, believing movies are more magical than they really are, a very gullible friend, running for high school student office, how Americans talk on the phone on TV, everything being terrible forever Send us your questions to questions@importantiftrue.com. If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Nick's Endorsement: Polar Feet Adults' Non-slip Fleece Socks Chris' Endorsement: Using Instapaper (or a similar read-it-later service) to always have something you've been meaning to read handy Jake's Endorsement: Using 3D face-mapping software Facerig to inject shreds of levity into your soul-sucking mandatory office video chat experience Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  9. I just got the Final Dossier last night and am about half way through. I'm not going to say much until I get done with the book, but what do you all think? Spoiler note: If you're spoiler-averse I recommend not reading this thread if you haven't read the book, as the book is nothing but page after page reveals of characters' fates.
  10. I know. Square VS granny is the most known version of that concept even though it's not technically the same as the bow you tie on a shoelace. I didn't mean to be dismissive of this excellent link btw. Sorry if I was.
  11. Idle Thumbs 313: Takeless Jake This episode is an artifact of a simpler time. Buried in the ground for mere days, when you excavate it now, you barely understand what is discussed. "Why aren't they talking about the new Mario game for half this episode?" you wonder, your brain unable to see what is right before you. Eventually, you settle in and enjoy what you have and are a better person for it, but only because you listen to the episode while playing Mario. Discussed: the past, Cuphead, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, video game curricula, [Half-Life 2:] Epistle 3, Marc Laidlaw, Mike Laidlaw, Laidlaw & Laidlaw, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  12. Stranger Things

    They will have to be realllly careful if they do that. The moment they tried to break out this year, it was like being dunked into an ice bucket filled with the worst of Heroes and Orphan Black.
  13. It's interesting but not entirely related to what I was talking about, which is to make sure your base knot and the bow are tied in opposite directions, so the overall shape is that of a square knot. You could do that fast tie like the gif and still get the base VS bow directions wrong.
  14. Stranger Things

    Its a little more dumb in this case since the character is quoting a movie that, in the show's timeline, hasn't come out yet. (I don't think that character is written or performed like they know they're quoting a movie, either, which makes it more forgivable for me if still a little dumb. It feels in line with the Jurassic Park power-on sequence later in the season - as an audience we know exactly what we're looking at and know that it's from a movie ten years later, but the characters have no idea they're inside of that.) Both seasons of Stranger Things I ended up liking and watching for the characters and their quirky human moments as they bounce off each other, while being frustrated by the pastiche filled plotting. The characters deserve a better plot than the one they're in. I agree that season two has a bit more of its own voice than season one, but I think that also means you notice it more when it falls into a reference hole. I was glad they challenged themselves to try something different, but most of those new characters felt totally flat, the world felt fake and unbelievable, even the look of the show (which is otherwise beautifully and precisely shot in my opinion) took a hit, their attempt at wet neon 80s coming across more like a Netflix Marvel show than something genuinely of that time like The Warriors or The Lost Boys. Ultimately I had a fun weekend watching the show, and liked it more than season one, but it had most all of the same shortcomings and that (coupled with my suspicion that we'll see more of those flat Chicago characters) makes me less excited for the third season.
  15. Whoa I missed this post backbin the summer. That rules! You did good work! The visual design of MST The Return was spot on. It felt a pinch more cohesive and directed than the original did, but not in a way that got in the way of the hand-built feeling of the construction. Have you shared any of your work now that the shows out there? Unrelated, this news made me really happy: https://mobile.twitter.com/BillCorbett/status/923577881950932994 When it was revealed by Bill a few years ago that none of the old cast/crew got residuals that was really dispiriting. I felt like I had to work a little bit harder to get psyched up and enjoy the show, to compensate for feeling bummed out that the old cast all felt screwed. So seeing that series of new posts indicating they're getting compensated, especially specifically seeing Joel called out by name, was both a comfort and relief.