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  1. Twin Peaks Rewatch 54: Wrap-up Mailbag Now that Twin Peaks The Return has concluded, we look to the true hero of the show—Deputy Chad—to provide a model of how we should close out the final episode of Twin Peaks Rewatch. So, like Chad, we've been rooting through all the mail that's come in lately and pocketing the most interesting letters, right under your noses! Join us for our final thoughts on Twin Peaks (for now!), along with a deep dive into the Twin Peaks Rewatch mailbag, full of questions, insights and ideas from all of you. Thanks again for spending this season of Twin Peaks with us! We hope to see all of you again. Every one of you. Keep the Twin Peaks conversation going, by talking with other listeners in the Twin Peaks Rewatch forum. We'll keep the forum open basically forever, so come by any time! Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  2. Important If True 29: Untethered From Reality Each week we do our best to take your deeply important questions, distill them down to their essence, and find the truth within. Or something we make up. But sometimes, once in a big moon, the truth hits too close to home, burns too hot, is too real. Sometimes something so unbelievably perfect happens, the universe itself tries to erase it. Before it can get there, we'll tell you all about it. Discussed: popcorn, the number you call that tells you what time it is, a regrettable news event, you know what it is, hoisting, the Important Cinematic Universe Project, reality untethered from time, reverse temporal recursion of cause and event, cursed image, strategically-located sunburns, difficulty of applying suntan lotion, explaining this stupid fucking podcast to somebody, nanotechnology, lewd inferences, inadvertently presenting as a gentleman thief, breaking into your own home, internal voices used for specific purposes, sounding like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, one-star review of LaGuardia Airport, taking a break, ten small sips, the purported health benefits of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, being seamlessly replaced by a robot, definition of robot, Pocket Drunken Robot, The Nick Breckon Podcast, closing your eyes in an attempt to control your reality, children's mental games, music video to Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar" by Michel Gondry, musical roads, employing musical roads to better serve our capitalist nightmare, eerie synchronicity of children's fantasies Send us your questions at questions@importantiftrue.com. If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Chris' Endorsement: Alex French Guy Cooking YouTube series Jake's Endorsement: pass Nick's Endorsement: Original Iron Chef episodes on YouTube Nick's Other Endorsement: watching the sunrise Sponsored by: Warby Parker eyeglasses and sunglasses free home try-on, Quip electric toothbrushes and brush head replacement plans Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  3. Haha or, by Hawk's measure, that could be equivalent to someone chanting "electricity."
  4. I remember reading that they actually changed it because they thought people had an aversion to a fried food restaurant.
  5. They're very hard in realtime if you also expect the player to be able to interrupt/interject at any time. If they are merely there to be observed that's one thing but if a player is also expected to have arbitrary agency over them, then brace yourself for authoring a hilarious amount of content and edge case protections.
  6. Sounds like the "dad who sees a traffic jam then takes the whole family on city streets for 3x longer to 'keep moving'" of video game strats.
  7. We flash back to it at some point early in the season.
  8. I don't know of many besides The Last Express, but it's a very strong example, even if its a singular one.
  9. I feel the same way - I don't really find a lot of value in attempting to find a perfect puzzle, but I enjoy reading other peoples attempts because even if I don't fully prescribe to their theories it opens up new doors in my thinking about the show. And yeah Windom Earle's ghost was all over season 3. I really think that in some ways Bad Coop was a second bite at the apple of Windom Earle. Earle was intended to be a foil/mirror/dark Cooper, he was just also stupid. The black and white chess pieces, etc etc etc. When Bad Coop busted out that Earle-esque briefcase computer it I was pretty destroyed. I liked the way all of the lore and insane plot machinations were handled with Bad Coop so much more than Earle, though; it's night and day when that stuff is filtered through David Lynch behind the camera (and when he and Frost are writing it instead of a rotating writers room).
  10. Idle Thumbs 311: Tactical Gamer Chair You sit down, strap yourself in, and wait for the feels. You turn a knob until the bass integrated into the back of the seat starts to thrum and buzz. "Ah, I can feel that for sure," you say aloud to no one. Your mouth turns down at the side, half a frown, as you look through your options. The hosts said they recorded this a while ago, but you think they might have been too kind. On the screen: A collection of lost games for an 8-bit console. A new video game console called the "Xbox One X." A... new... 2D Sonic the Hedgehog. Suddenly the thrum is not just in your back, but everywhere. The hum unbearable, you swat at your gamer harness, but the five point lock holds you strong. The hum is everything, everywhere. "What year is this?!" you scream out into the night street, before it all goes black. Discussed: UFO 50, Tacoma, Steve Gaynor's stupid websites, Xbox One X, Xbox One X box (1), Subsurface Circular, StarCraft Remastered, buying a house with the money you saved by not buying avocados and instead saving 20% on flowers you millennial idiot, sugar-free shit-inducing gummy bears, stuff moms hate, tactical gamer chair, Sonic Mania, Sonic depression, deformable terrain, Myth, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pyre, UI polish, game spectator views, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Salty Bet, MUGEN, Deceit (Steam game), Bungie, Battle.net, Japanese video games Sponsored by: Squarespace one-stop website creator with the offer code THUMBS, ProFlowers flower delivery with the offer code THUMBS Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  11. Thanks! I just read this theory that DOES attempt to connect every single thing together. It doesn't ring emotionally true to me, to what I got out of the season, but it was still an interesting read: http://www.waggish.org/2017/twin-peaks-finale/ (as I said at the end of the part 18 episode, it is rad and refreshing to have a television show on that can generate this much different thought, interpretation, writing. I love it.)
  12. Yep this is accurate as far as I can tell. I Google Street Viewed some city limits boundaries of Odessa Texas, and the number on the latest street view sign is the same as the 2010 population count. It was a fun theory all the same