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  1. Important If True 46: Cut Your Hair This week we discover that no matter how far flung life's questions may seem, there may be a universal key that unlocks them all. For instance: How do you completely collapse the degrees of separation between you and viral HQ winners? Do you actually remember anything that happened on the childhood television shows you hold so dear? What do the multiple robocall personalities who continue to call you at home, make demands of you, get noticeably bored and then hang up on you, actually want? The answer to all of them is, inexplicably, that you should cut your hair. At least, that's what we've been led to believe. Discussed: "If You're Going to San Francisco (to Return to Your Old Barber But Want to Really Act Up the Fact That You Were In Canada) (Put Flowers In Your Hair)", unconventional Canadian sex/hair desires, HQtie of the year flipping out after winning $11.30 in HQ Trivia, The Elephant Show, Sesame Street, Nick Breckon wax housing Landis the hairdresser, the long arm of "Wax House, Baby", horror film podcast The Rants Macabre, pointlessly but insidiously altering the apparent history of short-lived children's cartoon Street Sharks, the mutual idiocy that is information aggregation on the internet, Street Sharks vandal copycat killer, ruining our own stupid childhoods, inexplicable robocalls, getting good advice over the phone, getting hung up on by a robot, those gross fungus toe ads for mortgage refinancing and stuff, the marketing matrix, The Marketing Matrix, I literally can't even explain the dumb internet shit we made up on this part of the podcast, Mellotron keyboard but instead of violin samples it has a bro telling you to cut your hair, Being John Malkovich but instead of being John Malkovich it has a bro telling you to cut your hair, "laff box" for creating televised laugh tracks live, our fractal gaslight reality, inappropriate diluting and genericizing of the phrase "Wax House, Baby" Send us your questions at questions@importantiftrue.com. If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Jake's Endorsement: The Director's Cut podcast from the Director's Guild of America Chris' Endorsement: Collecting all your paper-based ephemera and, amidst a nostalgia explosion, organizing it (for instance, into a file box like this with file folders like this) Nick's Endorsement: Reverse-searing your cheeseburger Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  2. That’s just the official term I think. It’s always been called that.
  3. I’m with you, but the people demanded this. Ever since nick went remote, people have asked why he doesn’t have a microphone and “it’s on the screen!” didn’t satisfy them. Maybe this abomination will.
  4. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    This is very good.
  5. Thanks! The two things we did right, I think, we’re giving Nick one of the existing studio microphones so the sound matches, and (even though it started as a little bit of a joke) putting his face on a monitor at human size/eye level in the studio so he doesn’t disappear from our perception when he’s not talking. It’s surprisjngly helpful to be able to see the subtle nonverbal cues that someone you’re in a room with is about to start talking, and having a Big Face On A Screen gets ya st least part way back there.
  6. Important If True 44: Stream Frasier Online Free It's a brand new year, time for fresh starts, time to throw those old cares away. Well, we know that's easier said than done, so we'll try and take care of a few big questions we know are on everyone's mind going into 2018. Questions like: What is your roommate storing in his conspicuous model ship? Where can I watch free episodes of my favorite TV show, Frasier? And, if someone could inject memories of a fantastic vacation directly into a person's brain, would they charge more to give you one with lots of sleep? The answers, or a close enough facsimile, are right here. Discussed: "2018: Timeless," making the most from Patreon's short-lived new payment plan, Elves Behavin' Badly, Elf on the Shelf, Mensch on a Bench, learning to subvert your Elves Behavin' Badly security system, taking patently bad advice to heart and acting on it, robbing a store by squirting lemon juice on your face to hide your identity, algorithmic biases in Santa's Workshop, extricating yourself from an apartment when roommates have claimed all your stuff as their own, the time Nick Breckon finally hung out with his roommate for a night, creating your own Total Recall vacation, accidentally injecting yourself with the wrong Total Recall movie, itching vs scratching, borrowing vs lending, extreme pedantry, the evolution of language, American English as a melting pot, New York Times dialect quiz, Lexicon Valley podcast Send us your questions at questions@importantiftrue.com. If you enjoyed this and would like to subscribe to an ad-free feed, please consider supporting Idle Thumbs by backing our Patreon. Chris' Endorsement: The New York Times Crossword Puzzle (Website, iOS App) Nick's Endorsement: Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program, which is less of a missed gem now than it was when we recorded. Jake's Endorsement: Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, a predictive-text-assisted new novel in the Harry Potter series, and Megan Nicole Dong's Large Pile of Ash illustrations. Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  7. Idle Weekend January 5, 2018: The Bomb Cyclone of Podcasts In the extreme(ly bad) weather, it’s important to note one thing: we all have to work together to survive. Hence, we recount our favorite games and movies with extreme weather, from the comfort of our snowed-in houses. Discussed: Max Payne, The Grey, The Long Dark, Kona, The Division, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nightwing, Grayson, In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  8. Star Wars Episode 8

    It’s crazy that in the rarest drop you can get from the alternate universe blind box machine, David Lynch directed Return of the Jedi.
  9. Idle Thumbs 315: Goty Over It With Idle Thumbs The year finally over, you drag your tired, ragged husk into your desk chair, flick on your monitor and reach for your mouse, but your hand slips and falls to your side, sleep finally overtaking you. Two days later you wake up, rub the gunk out of your eyes, drink a half gallon of water, and feel alive for the first time you can really remember. "Let's leave the past in the past," you say aloud as you flick through your podcast library, "show me something new, I've had enough of 2017." Your eyes scan the description for the latest Idle Thumbs, and after skimming over a familiar sounding description of someone falling asleep using a computer, you settle on the final sentence. Though you didn't think you would, you smile: "Join us for a loving look back through our favorite video games of 2017." Discussed: Welcome to 2018: Take what you can get, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Flappy Bird, Heat Signature, Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, West of Loathing, Thimbleweed Park, Oxygen Not Included, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, Gordon Freeman's Perfect Playthrough, video games academic curriculum, games you think won't be for you but end up loving, Civilization, Golf Story, Far Cry 2, Spelunky (2008), Spelunky (2012), Spelunky 2, Insufferable Pedantic Gamer With Chris Remo, the reason Sheik can't use Zelda's magic in Super Smash Bros, Star Wars, Weird Weird Popsenfarts GmbH Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  10. For sure, sorry I was soft with my use of that word. That said, because there aren’t any actual “town square”-type public spaces online which are purely defined by law and not by a corporate term of use, I think the burden put on the online “coffee shop/mall”-type ones you describe is higher than their offline counterparts.
  11. Part of the problem with the web is that, while the underlying systems that power the internet are publicly shared and documented, there is no such thing as “public space” on the WWW - it’s all on individual servers owned by private entities. Maybe be back in the days of Usenet - a collection of discussion forums with no single owner or hub, that ISPs mutually agreed to sync - there was a truly public space online, but now the closest we have is the online equivalent of a world made of nothing but coffee shops on the ground floors of office buildings. I dont mean to derail but “public space” has come up a few times in this forum thread and it’s worth remembering that, while technically possible or close-to-possible (eg Usenet), public space and town squares don’t actually exist on the web, or online apps, right now. All space on is private. (To be clear, I don’t think this is good, but it is also fundamental to how the WWW was structured - while the internet has always been conceptually public and some of its early formative pieces were public, the World Wide Web in particular, and the app ecosystem that followed it, has always been privately owned data on privately run servers - and don’t know how to get out of it. For the last few months it’s made me very attentive when people try to talk about “town square” or “public space” because what they almost always mean is “private property owners conceding more use of their space,” which IS good, but is definitely treating a symptom, not a cause. It’s not creating true public space. I don’t know if public space on the Web can even be defined. My brain always has to slide back to earlier pre-web decentralized models like Usenet where the content defined the space, and was separated at a design level from who owned the server you use to view it.)
  12. Idle Weekend December 31, 2017: Homelife, 2017 The Idle Weekenders bid this crappy year adieu with the help of friend and colleague Cameron Kunzelman. They talk home settings in games, from the cozy confines of Stardew Valley’s quaint town, to the too-millennial aspirations of later Sims, to the much wackier ways in which horror games set family life. Then, we talk some serious trash about White Christmas and other fabulous trashcan eclairs. Like Dark Matter. Discussed: Stardew Valley, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Quiet Year, Crusader Kings, Animal Crossing, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Resident Evil 7, Tacoma, Hyper Light Drifter, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, White Christmas, Dark Matter Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  13. That’s the real microphone nick uses to record! We tried placing a real mic in front of the screen but it doesn’t hold up to the different camera angles - nick is either blocked by it or it appears to be hovering in front of nothing.
  14. I almost started talking about that after realizing what I’d said, but didn’t want to sidetrack and then missed the window.