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  1. Spike VGA awards

    Went to their site; it hasn't been announced, or they forgot. But I did find this lovely typo:
  2. Spike VGA awards

    Nice, Tasha's (from Double Fine) review of the show:
  3. Double Fine: News sometime this month! New trailer. In hi-quality.
  4. Spike VGA awards

    (After watching the show...) That was really painful. I feel sick. The only part that I enjoyed was Brütal Legend.
  5. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    Did anyone notice that there is now a Psychopedia as the official Double Fine psychonauts page?
  6. Couple of facts (an Idle Thumbs exclusive!): 1) Jonathan Ackley (one of the leads for Curse of Monkey Island) worked on the Kim Possible cell phone game. I heard Larry Ahern might have been involved but I can't confirm it. 2) Yours truly worked on a piece of the Toy Story ride (Toy Story Mania!) that was talked in the podcast. Another company (the one I work for) did the game design/software for the ride, while Disney Imagineering did the rest. Pixar supervised the character animation. So yeah... go check it out!
  7. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    Here's what I suspect what happened: File-> Open contact.php File -> Find/Replace Find What: [ Comments ] Replace With: [ Vote ] [Replace] File -> Save As... vote.php
  8. So I played the level today.... it was bizarre...!
  9. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    Yep, it's coming:
  10. I also saw that Chris (remo) posted something on gamesetwatch, so we should we getting some folks from there too right? So... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF VIDEO GAMES JOURNALISM OF TOMORROW! (and distorted pop culture references) --- On the podcast length, here's my crazy proposal: make it ~45 minutes, drop (edit out?) some of the injokes and tangents. They're fun, though some of them are extremely obscure stuff that the forumites (like me) would get, and I feel it's more fun for you guys making the podcast than us. I think you guys are getting better with each episode, though, so don't feel like my feedback means that I hate you or anything.
  11. So, Fable 2

    I started playing it and it feels like Fable so far. I thought Peter Molyneux said all these things about how my life would change after I played it... but instead I got the same game I had 3 years ago! I haven't gotten too far anyway, but it's hard to play some more when it feels exactly like the original Fable, especially the same with old quirky problems the first one had.
  12. A Prince of Persia?

    I've been thinking a lot about new Prince of Persia, and the question of whether I like the franchise or the game itself. I'm a big fan of the original Prince of Persia as well as The Sands of Time (for completely different reasons), and I think the rest are just a travesty of the series. I see it as a comparison of the movie Jaws vs. its awful sequels. To me, a team got put together at the right place at the right time with the right direction and made a pretty good game that just happened to be The Sands of Time (since the original Prince was made by pretty much one dude...) Experiencing the whole POP world/series is not as important to me. Just because it has the name it doesn't mean that it will have the same emotional connection (like Jaws). It's not really me who wants to see the sequels... it seems like a group of business folk at Ubisoft are just trying to exploit the love for the first game, just with a new twist... but could the new team get the essence of the game that I like? Maybe, but probably not. Though perhaps they're rebooting because they're not carrying the legacy, anyway.
  13. Good episode... I kind of want to play that LBP level... If only I had a PS3 at home... After watching this episode, I'm starting to wonder how many domains point to idle thumbs now? Can we get a page whipped up with the list of all the urls? One thing though... maybe I'm the only person with super low attention span but after 45 minutes I just get tired and stop paying attention... maybe it's because I don't listen to it while doing else because I don't have an ipod or anything and I sit at home listening to the show on iTunes. Are podcasts typically this long?
  14. Double Fine: News sometime this month!

    I'm kind of surprised that the brutal legend website has not been taken down.... if it's not Blackactzardivision. But it does have a publisher, then, if they're previewing something at the Spike TV thing! Can anyone confirm or at least confirm rumors? Edit: Rusalka Chris Remo (Extremo), I'm looking at your direction...
  15. Fuck Metacritic

    This is what's really broken. I'm hoping that my venturing into rottentomatoes is irrelevant to film contracts or to manipulating most of the critics in the country to stop them from posting reviews, unless there's evidence out there that I'm not aware of. Sure, it doesn't matter whether the film sucks or not, most of the time it makes a ton of of money. I don't know why publishers are getting the idea that some sort of average review score correlates to their sales. Perhaps it's because the system is totally broken in the first place, as it has been discussed, and therefore average scoring for video games is broken. They don't really need to be saved. I just hope they're aware that these points are bogus, but it's uncertain. I'm not sure where teens are getting their scoop on games these days, whether it's the same place as the ones we do, or if it's still gamespot/ign/1up/etc. Regardless, my biggest concern is that because this is system has been broken for so long that publishers are now seriously exploiting it as Nachimir mentions. And it can only get worse; publishers only seem to be focused exploiting something until it crashes hard into the ground, and they continue to be the driving force of the console games industry. They might as well dig themselves into a hole, bringing us all along with them.