Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

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Hi folks!

I'm going to be writing and illustrating an interactive story for this wizard jam.

Took a little bit to find myself again after finishing uni but now I'm working as an artist/illustrator and loving it.


I'm teaming up with Jordan Hartley on this, he's composing a lovely score to go along with the story!




Mailbag for a Tattered Nation, an interactive short story


This nation is torn, tattered, and bereft. Resources are scarce; hope, long forgotten.

This is it, all there is.


You find three letters in an old mailbag on the street. You haven't been warm in weeks, this is your chance.

Which letter do you want to burn? Whose unfinished story is it time for the world to move on from and forget?




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That's an interesting concept and the illustration already looks cool! The scope sounds reasonable, too :tup:

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I'm working on the second illustration and writing now but here's a speed paint of the first in the meantime!


Music: Life Uhh Finds a Way (Rough Mix) also by Jordan Hartley!



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