Rollin' With The Pope

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Hey all! I've started a day early this jam in order to give myself a little more time. I'll be doing a good ol' fighting/platformer game, with my challenge being to do EVERY art asset in the game (except the music, maybe...).

So prepare yourself for "Rollin' With The Pope" where you will crusade against the worst elements in Christendom:

  • People who don't understand personal space
  • Indie Game Pirates
  • That guy who talks during the entire movie at the theater
  • People who dip everything in Mayonnaise
  • Anyone who plays loud videos without headphones in a public place
  • My art

If you have additional ideas for levels, I may plan on swapping some of them out. The earlier, the better!


As far as the development goes, this is my plan:

  • Three to four levels that each end in a boss fight
  • You can collect hidden bibles in these levels which you can expend to do a super attack
  • Themed enemies for each level. Pirates for the "Indie Game Pirates" level, Mayo monsters for the mayo level, screaming children for the loud videos level, etc.


And to kick things off, a gif of the current art/main menu/stuff is attached!




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I've gotten a lot of the basic gameplay ironed out! I keep making stupid debugging errors like trying to GetComponent from the gameobject of a collider, when the script I want is in its PARENT. Ugh.

However, you can now jump, attack (blocking is tomorrow!), pick up items such as the floating Good Book, do damage and kill enemies. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly so far! The hardest part has been tackling the art with just a mouse, but I think I'm going to embrace the crappy look and go all out with it.

Using UnityEvents has definitely made things a lot easier. I can configure certain enemies to increment score or drop items without needing to do anything in the code, which will probably be a lot of help later on. It's also decoupled a lot of the code, which means I can write little functions here or there and just tie them together however I please in the editor. If you're using Unity and you AREN'T using UnityEvents, GO USE THEM RIGHT NOW!

I'll be doing some of the enemy AI tomorrow or the day after, and then the game world will get a lot more dangerous. Once the AI is started, I'll be doing a LOT more art, then testing out the first boss fight! I'm thinking it'll likely be the Indie Game Pirate boss.


Attached below is a gif of the current state of the game, along with some terrifying pirate art I've done.


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They see me rollin', they hatin', extollin' the grace of holy Mother Mary


Looking great! Can't wait so smite me some heretics :)

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