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  1. Rollin' With The Pope

    I've gotten a lot of the basic gameplay ironed out! I keep making stupid debugging errors like trying to GetComponent from the gameobject of a collider, when the script I want is in its PARENT. Ugh. However, you can now jump, attack (blocking is tomorrow!), pick up items such as the floating Good Book, do damage and kill enemies. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly so far! The hardest part has been tackling the art with just a mouse, but I think I'm going to embrace the crappy look and go all out with it. Using UnityEvents has definitely made things a lot easier. I can configure certain enemies to increment score or drop items without needing to do anything in the code, which will probably be a lot of help later on. It's also decoupled a lot of the code, which means I can write little functions here or there and just tie them together however I please in the editor. If you're using Unity and you AREN'T using UnityEvents, GO USE THEM RIGHT NOW! I'll be doing some of the enemy AI tomorrow or the day after, and then the game world will get a lot more dangerous. Once the AI is started, I'll be doing a LOT more art, then testing out the first boss fight! I'm thinking it'll likely be the Indie Game Pirate boss. Attached below is a gif of the current state of the game, along with some terrifying pirate art I've done.
  2. [Released on Itch.io] Alexa, Destroy Me

    Maybe you can upload audio clips of the game? It would be pretty neat just to listen in on how the dev process is going, and what kind of shenanigans are had!
  3. Hey all! I've started a day early this jam in order to give myself a little more time. I'll be doing a good ol' fighting/platformer game, with my challenge being to do EVERY art asset in the game (except the music, maybe...). So prepare yourself for "Rollin' With The Pope" where you will crusade against the worst elements in Christendom: People who don't understand personal space Indie Game Pirates That guy who talks during the entire movie at the theater People who dip everything in Mayonnaise Anyone who plays loud videos without headphones in a public place My art If you have additional ideas for levels, I may plan on swapping some of them out. The earlier, the better! As far as the development goes, this is my plan: Three to four levels that each end in a boss fight You can collect hidden bibles in these levels which you can expend to do a super attack Themed enemies for each level. Pirates for the "Indie Game Pirates" level, Mayo monsters for the mayo level, screaming children for the loud videos level, etc. And to kick things off, a gif of the current art/main menu/stuff is attached! DEUS VULT!
  4. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the game for the most part! It definitely had more bugs in it than I was expecting, but I also didn't dedicate much time to playtesting the builds and catching my dumb mistakes. I'm fairly positive I could clean up the whole game in a day or so, but seeing that this was for a jam I don't feel quite right going back and changing it. I also totally spaghetti-fied nearly all the code in my rush to get everything smooshed into the game, and I'm a little hesitant to start poking around in that mess... If I had to do everything again, I would have spent WAY less time tweaking the physics and gravity, because they still turned out wonky, and I would have tried to keep everything separate and not as tangled. That would have definitely given more enough time to do the tidying up. A roadmap would have helped a lot too. All in all, this was a great experience, and I'm glad I got to release my first jam game with this awesome community!
  5. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    I went out of state to visit family, and everything kind of got turned upside down... I was supposed to get back home three days ago instead of this morning. But, I got all of the main Pizza Tonight features done, and I am a little too tired to continue trying to hack at it. In its current state, the game has a main menu which is shitty default Unity UI, the minigame, and just one level to do. Thankfully making more levels is easy, but writing in more code to do level transitions is just not something I have enough brainpower to do right now. >_< So, since the gamejam is closing down in just a few short hours, I'm going to be releasing the first (untested) build on itch. Hopefully everything isn't too buggy. Throughout the rest of the week I'll try to get in some bug fixes and I'm betting that I'll have some UI issues as well. The game jam was a whole lot of fun, and it's got me wanting to work on more projects in the future! (Although the next one will have a liiiittle more planning put into it) https://eastep.itch.io/pizza-tonight
  6. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    I got a lot of stuff done on the game yesterday and the day before, but I totally forgot to update the devlog! As of now, you enter the level on that car, crash into the scene, and then deliver however many pizzas you have. Each pizza needs to go to a different house, and you can see which one it is by selecting the pizza in the UI. The house you deliver it at turns yellow. You can spawn your pizza from the UI inventory to the world with space (and it also remembers where its going, which took a bit of writing and rewriting to get the bugs worked out), and the houses are climbable too. I have a little bit of text that displays when you've delivered all the pizza, but I haven't done a menu yet, so the game just keeps on going. The only things left to do is tweak the grabbing mechanic so you don't have to use the very front of a limb, but also get some space on the sides too. I'm also doing a minigame prior to the delivery that has you tossing ingredients into ovens. Toss in the good stuff, don't put in bad stuff. It'll increase the score you can get from your deliveries. And if I ever get around to the ninjas, they'll try to run into the player. If they do, your score will start to tick down. If it ticks down enough, one of your pizzas will pop out and they'll try to run off with it. So getting a decent score during the minigame will help with the ninja problem. I have levels being loaded in from prefabs, so I just need to design a few more, and then pretty up the terrain. White squares is pretty unattractive. :/ Finally, I need to do a pause menu in game, and a main menu. Hopefully I can have everything done before I leave town! If not, I might have to release the game in its current state, and revisit it after the jam is over...
  7. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    I spent most of the day today cleaning up a bunch of code, going for more Component based behavior. I finally got all of the clean up done, got a little bit of UI done, and made sure all of the physics testing was spot on for climbing over things! My hope for tomorrow is to pretty up the game a good bit so it doesn't look as dreadful as it does currently, and then I want to get started on placing the houses in the scene for throwing pizza into. If I can draw the art fast enough, I'm also going to try and include a baking (mini?) game prior to the level start. So what I'd love to get next is a couple suggestions for toppings and sauce! I also need some ideas for things to NOT put in the pizza, e.g. bones. Because it's boneless, bruv
  8. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    The project is looking gorgeous! One thing that's bugging me though is that the footfalls of the character don't quite match up with your movement, and it looks kinda like they're slipping along the ground... It's only during the run animation though, and all the others are really well done. Seeing the style you've used with the arches, I'm actually really interested in finding out what the robots will look like!
  9. Hey all! This is my first gamejam, though I've tinkered around with a few games previously. For this jam, I'm going with the episode name "Pizza Tonight!", and the game is going to be about a ragdoll-esque chef delivering his delicious pizza. I spent a few hours on it today and got a good number of mechanics done on it, which is very exciting! Gameplay: Climbable, physics based environment with obstacles (Think I Am Bread or Triachnid) Houses in different areas that need your sweet, sweet pizza... and a good throwing arm to get it there! Thieving pizza ninjas that want your boneless za! [DIDN'T MAKE THE DEADLINE]