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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all! I've started a day early this jam in order to give myself a little more time. I'll be doing a good ol' fighting/platformer game, with my challenge being to do EVERY art asset in the game (except the music, maybe...). So prepare yourself for "Rollin' With The Pope" where you will crusade against the worst elements in Christendom: People who don't understand personal space Indie Game Pirates That guy who talks during the entire movie at the theater People who dip everything in Mayonnaise Anyone who plays loud videos without headphones in a public place My art If you have additional ideas for levels, I may plan on swapping some of them out. The earlier, the better! As far as the development goes, this is my plan: Three to four levels that each end in a boss fight You can collect hidden bibles in these levels which you can expend to do a super attack Themed enemies for each level. Pirates for the "Indie Game Pirates" level, Mayo monsters for the mayo level, screaming children for the loud videos level, etc. And to kick things off, a gif of the current art/main menu/stuff is attached! DEUS VULT!
  2. I wasn't going to jam this time around, but I couldn't stay away. I decided to do something small as I knew I had limited time, and if posting a dev log after the submission date doesn't give it away I am not done yet. So, I am going to post some of the assets I've done so far, as I continue to refactor my code over and over in an effort to make the most flexible, and scaleable thing I can. (Because apparently I think that's necessary right now) The main point is I want to build a random item generator, similar to the system popularized by Diablo. Here is my sprite sheet thus far. I've been restricting my color palette to 16 colors, and recreating some of the more interesting item types in Diablo. The Hair one was necessary so I could actually roll an item called "Plaited Haircut of the Whale". Mullets are funny, but perhaps I should actually make it plaited. Hmm.
  3. Hello! So this wizard jam me and @Synnah have decided to team up and work on an Unreal game together. Unreal both in terms of the engine we're using and our idea's basis in Norse mythology. We've been inspired by the recent God of War game as well as the prevalence of Marvel films which both draw heavily from Norse myth. Specifically there is a mechanic in the new God of War where you have ten seconds to move a *thing* between different nodes, which node the thing is currently in then has a specific effect on the level. For example opening a specific door. Which then closes again once the *thing* is removed. Here's a video if you've either played/watched GoW or don't care about spoilers. Our plan is to use this as a basis for a 2.5D platform puzzle game. We'll post more once we getting going but for now here's a wip logo.
  4. Ok, so here we go... This is my first attempt at making something that's not based off of a Tutorial on Gamemaker. The premise is that the main character is a time traveller whose magical book's pages have been stolen and strewn across history (and future, honestly getting a single level done will be a massive achievement lol), his job is to attempt to get them back. The main idea is that the book's pages make up special attacks which the player can use and collecting pages adds power to the attacks until it is a "complete" spell (totally ripping off Skyrim shouts here on this one...) The special attacks the character will shout are going to be made up of quotes from the thumbs crew (Could you repeat that? Diversifier) The game will be a 2D Action Platformer. Currently got the Following animations done: Idle Running Page Collectible (Can't make a decent looking GIF of this one...) Also the character can move and jump around, he can also shoot as I was originally intending to shoot where the mouse is pointed; however I'm not sure I want to bother with directional shooting as that might require more headaches with a rotating arm... I dunno, I might get inspired and do it though, although kind of like the idea of just having a "spell" book where each quote would have a cool-down etc.